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Neil Sanders Interview

Show No. 01

Neil Sanders originally contacted The Richplanet Starship to submit some of his music for the show. His music is predominantly about mind control and how it is used by secret groups to control the population. Having exchanged a few emails with Neil it quickly became clear he is extremely well read on this subject, so I thought his knowledge could help shed light on this sometimes taboo subject.

We discuss the secret MKULTRA mind control programme which was a continuation by the CIA of Nazi experiments into mind manipulation using a range of techniques. There are a number of methods being used to control our minds. Neil will be returning soon for a second interview about "media mind control".

Neil Sanders Interview

Show No. 02

Neil Sanders returns for another dicsussion about mind control. Just how much are our thoughts steered by the media? TV, advertisements, films, newspapers all have more influence over us than we realise. Neil contends that even the rebelious movements of the 1960's with the introduction of LSD were all carefully orchestrated by the CIA at the recommendation of The Tavistock Institute. What is a manchurian candidate? and how many murderers have been programmed to kill rather than the official accounts which generally suggest simple insanity as the explanation.

If you don't think you are being mind controlled then it probably means that you are.

Neil Sanders, on mind control of celebrities

Show No. 03

Neil Sanders has spent years reading about and researching the subject of secret government mind control projects. The CIA and others have used mind control and brainwashing techniques for espionage purposes and even for the prostitution of children. What many do not realise is that mind control techniques may have also been used to "create" certain celebrities before they were famous. The celebrity can then be directly controlled by a handler using mind control techniques and thus used as a tool of the elite. After all, certain celebrities unfortunately influence millions of young peoples minds, so it makes sense they would seek to control them. Neil compares alleged mind control victims of the past with certain modern day celebrities and concludes that some of today's household name celebrities are under direct mind control of their handlers.

Popular Music & Mind Control

Show No. 04

We hear people talking about so called "artists" such as Lady Gaga. Most have a very naive view of what these popular icons are really about and make passing comments about the pornographic nature of the videos. There is a school of thought that none of these artists have any control over their work and are victims of project Monarch. Monarch is a mind control project ran by the CIA which involves taking control of individuals minds by using hypnosis and trauma. By controlling these artists minds and ensuring they are then given maximum exposure in the media, means the sadistic group that has abused them are controlling the minds of millions of young people. The music makes listeners switch off to the world around them, thus making them more controllable. "Oh it's just harmless videos", well not quite ... If your kids are listening to this crap you need to be concerned.

Mind Control Using Psychotronics

Show No. 05

Neil Sanders returns to talk about psychotronics technology to control the brain. Experiments on humans have been known to include the insertion into the brain of over 100 tiny electronic implants. These implants are controlled remotely using electromagnetic waves and can alter the persons moods, cause actions and control behaviour. They can even send signals back to the controlling device with information about what the brain is experiencing. The NSA are known to have fitted these devices to large numbers of "vulnerable" people. It is likely they are using such technology as part of a programme to control certain individuals on the Earth via satellites. Just who has been fitted and is being directly controlled is not known, the more advanced implants are undetectable and cannot be removed. If you suspect you know someone who has been "fitted" please get in touch.

Neil Sanders talks about Control of Popular Music

Show No. 06

It's easy to say that music doesn't affect people, but the subconcious effects of music go un-noticed. It's not so much what music is "making young people do" but more what music is making young people not do, "think politically" for example and I am not talking about political parties because political parties no longer talk about politics. The revolutionaries of music are either stifled, compromised or simply killed because those who really control this world know just how powerful and edifying the effects of music and music icons can be. There's no way they are going to leave the genre of music to talented musical people because it is far too much of a powerful mind influencing tool. You don't agree? Then answer this: why did the CIA create and control Vibe magazine? - answers on a postcard.

Neil Sanders talks about the Jimmy Saville "scandal"

Show No. 07

The Jimmy Saville "scandal" demonstrates quite clearly that the media in the UK is fully controlled by criminals. Do they really expect people to believe that knowledge of his crimes only came to light recently? The fact he was not exposed until now, but not while he was alive shows the complicity of the media in these crimes. But we should ask the question, why would our corrupt media expose any of this at all? Neil Sanders compares these recent sex "scandals" with numerous other sex rings/scandals and suggests that the intelligence agencies may have been controlling Saville. When did Phillip Schofield "grow a pair"? this is an expression I was not aware of until today. Meaning the whole Phillip Schofield confrontation of David Cameron was probably a planned contrived event with a hidden agenda. Believe nothing on mainstream, it is all lies and diversion.

Neil Sanders talks about the control of mainstream media

Show No. 08

Just how much of mainstream media is controlled by intelligence agencies? This claim is usually brushed off by the naive fools who work for mainstream media. But they are chosen purposefully to be the kind of person incapable of looking past their nose. It is ironic that our media is full of people who could not unravel a toffee pat never mind a complex conspiracy, but this is not by accident, it is by design. If you want to work in mainstream media, get yourself a lobotomy, an amnesic block and have your charisma removed and you might just get hired. Neil Sanders cites various commentators who have worked for mainstream one of whom exposes the fact there are more journalists working for the Pentagon than in any other publishing organisation. One only has to look at the content of the UK's newspapers to realise the same is probably true here.

Swedish Twins

Show No. 09

A BBC documentary called "Madness in the Fast Lane" covered an event which just so happened to be captured by a BBC film crew on the M6 motorway. Two Sweedish twins who had been apprehended by police, suddenly seemed to run out into on coming traffic for no apparent reason. A few days later, one of the twins allegedly stabbed and killed Glen Hollinshead. But again, the BBC's woeful inept story telling fails to tell the truth in their shambles of a documentary. This is all exposed in David McCann and Sharon McKellars new book "A Madness Shared by Two", which provides a much more accurate account of the facts. The book clearly demonstrates these women were probably under special observation BEFORE the motorway incident. But for what reason? Well, you won't find answers from the BBC - because they couldn't lie straight in bed.

Neil Sanders "On Drugs"

Show No. 10

Neil Sanders returns to talk about recreational drugs. He argues that the traditionally accepted view that governments have made certain drugs illegal because they are looking after their citizens is a myth. He contends making certain substances illegal has been used to great effect to control society in various ways. He explains that the CIA and the DEA promote illegal drug use and run much of the drug trade. Once certain communities are "hooked" they can then if they wish crack down and criminalise large swathes of people. Neil cites various reasons for this strategy, namely, getting people into prison so they can be used for slave labour, or cracking down on certain political parties or influential people. Could there be other reasons why the government have criminalised certain drugs, such as preventing people finding paths to enlightenment?

Social Media Engineering

Show No. 11

Neil Sanders returns to the show to talk about social media. Most people's internet use has changed over the last ten years with more and more time being spent using social media. Neil Sanders compares behavioural tendancies on social media sites with psychological experiments and mind adherence strategies explored in the 1960's. He explains that the conditions created during a Facebook session are very similar. Neil doubts that this is an accident and explains that the types of behaviour people are corralled into exhibiting is both damaging and probably deliberate. Is your Facebook profile more popular than the real you? Then you might be in a continuous loop of reward seeking and narcissism resulting in smiling depression. Have you ever stopped to think who the hell REALLY set all this up and why?

Online Slacktivism

Show No. 12

Neil Sanders returns to continue his rant about social media. Do people behave differently on social media than they would person to person? Has the environment of social media been deliberately designed to encourage the sort of behaviour we see on social media? Is social media a very good way to both contain and monitor all forms of activism ? (or should I say slacktivism). Are you a social media slacktivist? With social media becoming more and more popular, especially with the younger generations - have we sleep walked into the mouth of a social engineering monster being ran by the security services? - Neil Sanders gives his views and advice. It seemed that the internet was going to be an information revolution - which it undoubtedly has been for some, but is the internet being used by the majority for their own benefit or their own downfall?

Wikileaks : Made by the N.S.A.

Show No. 13

In conspiracy circles Wikileaks generates much excitement. But not at Richplanet. Whenever you hear the words "Assange" or "Wikileaks" in relation to some new "leak", there are the questions you ought to be asking yourself : What is the ulterior motive for this leak and am I being taken for a ride here? In today's programme, for the first time anywhere I reveal just how much of a handled entity Julian Assange is. Assange is not an independent activist, but is chauffeured around by establishment handlers. He is not a wanted criminal, he is not being given asylum, he is not a whistleblower, he is not an advocate of freedom of information. He is an intelligence created tool being used to front one of the biggest psy-ops currently in operation on this planet. Wikileaks is funded and supported by globalists who are using it for a number of agendas.

It seems fairly unanimous to those with a critically thinking brain that Julian Assange is a fraud. All the clues are there that he is a puppet of U.S. intelligence masquerading as a champion of truth, and subtly propped up by mainstream media with their fake cynicism. I am sure there will be more evidence brought to light in future to make Julian Assange a bigger laughing stock than he already is.

Social Media Psy Ops

Show No. 14

Richard speaks to Neil Sanders about online skulduggery by some very rich people and some very powerful secret organisations. The manipulation is being done using Facebook and Twitter, but is not limited to social media websites. The vast majority of people are totally unaware of what is going on. Fundamentally there are two aspects. The first is acquiring your personal data. The second is manipulating your opinions, actions and emotions by using this data or using other psychological tricks. Social Media, it seems may have been used to manipulate both the outcome of Brexit and the outcome of the U.S. election. Much emphasis in our media is placed on the dangers of social media due to ordinary people mis-using the internet. But little is being exposed about the rich and powerful mis-using the internet, who have access to far more sophisticated techniques than you or I.

Madeleine Campaign & Bridgend Suicides

Show No. 15

On today's show Richard launches a new campaign aimed at raising public awareness about the true facts of the Madeleine McCann case. The Richplanet series of films about Madeleine have been well received and gained a large audience online. However, there is still a huge gulf in public knowledge outside the sphere of the internet about this case. Most people who only read newspapers and watch mainstream television have been brainwashed by the baseless stories which have been continually manufactured over the last ten years. It is time to take the information to these people. You can help with this message, please watch the video for more details. In part two of the show Richard presents his research into the "Bridgend Suicides", prepare to be slightly shocked. And finally in part three we visit the beautiful country of Ireland.

10 Years of Richplanet

Show No. 16

Today's show is the last in the current series. In 2018, Richard will be presenting another UK speaking tour, starting on 19th April 2018 and details can be found on the website. A new series of internet shows may be launched in the second part of 2018. In part one of today's show a new piece of evidence from the Madeleine McCann case is presented, and an appeal is launched to try to find out more information. The evidence might shed light on what really happened to Madeleine. In the rest of the show Andrew Johnson becomes the interviewer and asks about the history of Richplanet. What was the inspiration behind Richplanet? Over the last 10 years Richplanet has evolved, and is now a very evidence based operation. Learning how to filter out dis-information has been an important factor in Richard's path over the last decade. Details of the 2018 tour will follow.

Spying on the Spooks

Show No. 17

Richard is joined by author and researcher Dr Larry O'Hara who runs the magazine Notes from the Borderland. Over the years they have investigated and researched para-political issues with a very critical eye. It's not widely known that UK fringe political activity has been and continues to be heavily infiltrated by UK intelligence agencies. The purpose of such infiltration is difficult to pin down, and O'Hara seeks to expose it and explain it. His work is not an all encompassing publication seeking to cover every political issue, but instead hones in on specific cases and gets deeper into each case than any other investigative outfit. NFB are very critical of mainstream newspapers, and of Searchlight magazine which NFB has demonstrated comprehensively is an intelligence front. NFB are also critical of conspiracy theorists! NFB have clashed with conspiracy theorists on occasions and refer to the UK 9/11 and 7/7 truth movements as cults. Richplanet is not in agreement on every issue covered by NFB, but Richard could not let that get in the way of bringing some very valuable and insightful research to wider public attention.

Phone Hacking Psy Op

Show No. 18

This is an additional half hour show which attempts to shed light on the phone hacking so called scandal. In 2011, the way the issue broke in the mainstream media showed obvious signs it was a carefully planned smoke screen, the main purpose being something other than exposing phone hacking. Phone hacking is a crime that the police should be investigating and charging people with whenever it occurs. In the past the police largely ignored it, and even joined in with the hackers, often sharing information. But the government enquiry was not an attempt to bring changes in the police. It was a pantomime with celebrities playing their parts (most unwittingly) in staging a diversion for something else. I have recently received requests from people asking me to consider certain "evidence" which is linked to phone hacking which prompted me to investigate the issue further and try and get to the crux of the hacking psychological operation. I feel this video does just that.

Wikileaks & Brexit Battle

Show No. 19

In part 1 Richard delves into the Wikileaks Sweden episode, when Julian Assange had it off with two different Swedish women in the space of a few days. Did he commit rape? - The smutty details are presented. Also, how was this episode used to launch Julian Assange's nine year long UK pantomime appearance which followed. It's very depressing that most alternative media channels believe Julian Assange and believe Wikileaks goals are exactly what Assange has told everyone. In part two, the battle for Brexit is discussed further. It seems there is more to be uncovered about the real motivations of those on both sides of the Brexit argument. Time will tell.

The Tragic Street Preachers

Show No. 20

In February 1995, the public were told that Richey Edwards of the Welsh rock band The Manic Street Preachers had gone missing. In today's show Richard explores the claim that he is "missing" and attempts to piece together the evidence. It becomes clear that he is probably not missing and has never been missing. With the help of Richey Edwards former best friend, we explore the circumstances of the claimed disappearance, and the seedy world of the music industry. How did Richey Edwards get his band signed when he could not even play the guitar? Why would a PR company put money into a band that had hardly played any gigs and sounded like a Clash copy band? Why were four 21 year olds given a record deal? and why after receiving the deal, did they start singing about self harm, pain, apathy, disease, slavery, despair, prostitution and wanting to die? The Manic Street Preachers are a tragedy on many levels, and if you are a fan I suggest you carefully read the lyrics of their early songs and ask yourself what are the songs really about. What was the real reason Edwards was made to become "no longer visible to a public audience"? Richard D. Hall investigates.

Disaster Trolls

Show No. 21

In August 2022 I was approached by BBC Panorama in relation to my research into the 2017 Manchester Arena attack. In the video I share my responses to a number of accusations I received.

Media & Mind Control

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