December 2008 Newsletter : Special Offers for Richplanet Members

Special Offers
We have created a members area for special offers. Free delivery on products and reduced prices if you order more than one product. To access the members area, click on Members Area at the top of the site,
The username and password are :-
Username : member
Password : area51
This will take you to an area where prices are reduced. All orders are dispatched next day, first class - so there is plenty of time for Christmas present orders.

The TV Programme is under way. On Saturday 29th November the second programme was screened. There have been a few minor problems with the broadcasting, adverts appearing in the wrong place etc, Edge Media TV are sorting this out. If you missed the first two shows they are being repeated on Wednesdays at 3:00pm (Sky Channel 200). Next Saturdays programme is about the Alien abduction phenomena. The following week is about Aliens and the week after is an hour long documentary about abductee Robert Hall.

Obama - Disclosure President?
Last month saw the election of a new American president. Will Obama become known as "The Disclosure" president. There are three reasons why this could happen. First he is a Democrat, second he has no baggage and therefore would not be blamed for any cover up which has gone on in the past and third he has chosen John Podesta as his transition team manager. Podesta is known to be in favour of UFO Disclosure.

Hartlepool Presentation
Richard will be giving another presentation on the Alien and UFO subject at Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre on 17th December 2008. Details on the presentation can be found >> here. At the weekend we went around Hartlepool putting posters up, and even though posters had been sent to the library, strangely there were non displayed. It seemed that the woman in charge did not believe in the subject and had strayed beyond her responsibility as a librarian and chose not to put the posters up. Imagine if she did this for politicians, religious groups or other clubs. I was not pleased. It is this type of closed mind which helps the cover up of the facts about this subject continue. One day it will be taught in schools alongside History and Georgraphy.

Paddy Macdee Interview
On Thursday 27th Richard was interviewed by North East legend Paddy Macdee. You can listen to the interview by following the link from the website or clicking >> here. We were surprised at how long the interview lasted, Paddy hardly played a song during the time we were in the studio. I love the phrase Paddy used to describe skeptics, "You do realise some people will think you're barking".

Richard D. Hall

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