November 2008 Newsletter : TV Programme starts 15th November TV
A start date has been set for the screening of the 6 part TV series. You can watch a preview here >> Richard D. Hall on "On The Edge". Subjects covered in the series include, UFO Disclosure, Aliens, UFOs and the abduction phenomena. We travelled down to Milton Keynes in October to visit the Edge Media studios. They have a great setup there and all of the staff were very welcoming. The series is being screened on Sky Channel 200 - Edge Media TV.

Anyone know an Anthropologist?
Richplanet have been trying to find two professionals to take part in one of the TV programmes. We need a Biological Anthropologist and an expert in genetics. We want to interview these experts to examine different theories about mans origins. We have contacted many Universities, but have found that people in these fields are very scared of being interviewed on camera. What do they have to hide? If anyone knows a biological anthropologist and is happy to do a TV interview we would love to hear from them. Here is an example of the kind of response we have recieved ...
As a scientist I value my integrity and reputation highly. Taking part in this programme would be detrimental to both. I don't have any problems with believing in human evolution - there is a huge amount of evidence for this. I do have problems believing in UFOs and aliens, because there is no evidence that is worth any serious consideration. As Carl Sagan said 'Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence'. Why don't you make a programme debunking this UFO nonsense instead? Yours sincerely - Honorary Lecturer in Biomolecular Archaeology

Well spit your dummy out because you didn't get a lolly pop!

Hartlepool Presentation
Richard will be giving another presentation on the Alien and UFO subject at Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre on 17th December 2008. Details on the presentation can be found >> here.

talk SPORT & Released UFO documents
Richard appeared on Talk Sport on the Ian Collins show on 26th October with Nick Pope and discussed the newly released UK UFO files. I have had a good look at these files, and reading between the lines, I believe they definitely do not represent everything that is known by our MOD and government. The letters received by the MOD on the Rendlesham Forest incident are very comprehensive. The MODs replies are quite frankly pathetic and show they are hiding knowledge. The point I made on talk SPORT is that hundreds of these reports are investigated, and Nick Pope claims only 5% turn out unexplained. My wish is that the MOD indicate on each report which ones remain un-explained so we can throw all the others in the bin, or does this seem too obvious?

The Robert Hall Story
Alien abductee Robert Hall was abducted by aliens in 1940, we have interviewed many people who lived in the streets in the area. This journey has been amazing, and we have visited many interesting characters in search for witnesses. Don't miss the full story, which will be revealed in the up coming TV series. I can assure you, Robert Halls' testimony will blow your socks off.

Special Offers
We will soon be putting some special offers on the site exclusively for Newsletter subscribers. This will include free delivery on certain items, and reduced prices for ordering more than one item. We will email all newsletter subscribers with a link to these offers in the coming weeks. (Ideal for Christmas)

Project : Waffle
I am now a member of the NUJ and have applied for an identity card, which should get me into the prime ministers press conference. I am waiting for the card to arrive. Once I have this I will be putting steps in place to ask Gordon Brown if he has knowledge of the alien and UFO phenomenon. I intend to put the same questions to David Cameron. George Bush has not replied to my letter, so I had better re-draft one for Mr. Obama.

Richard D. Hall

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