October 2008 Newsletter : Richplanet to Launch TV Programme

Edge Media TV (Sky Channel 200) to Screen new RICHPLANET Production
Richplanet have been approached by Edge Media television. EMTV broadcast in the UK on Sky channel 200, and are a platform for people to share alternative and suppressed viewpoints, and aims to air programming that is educational, thought provoking, intelligent and enlightening. The first programme will be about UFO Disclosure, further programmes will be about Politics of UFOs, Aliens, and a documentary about a Gateshead man who experienced alien Greys in 1940's. >> Edge Media Television

Aliens and UFOs - Presentation
Richard D. Hall gave a presentation at Caedmon Hall in Gateshead on 25th September. The event was very successful. We have been inundated with UFO articles, photographs and stories since the event and when time allows will be putting the information up on the website. One man gave us photographs he took a few years ago of a UFO that have never been published, and a woman gave us pictures that her children drew of a triangular UFO that the whole family witnessed. All of this material will be posted to the website in the coming weeks. Another "Aliens and UFOs" presentation will be held at Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre on 17th December 2008. This is a superb venue for the event, the theatre has its own bar and I'm sure there'll be a few stories being told at half time! >> More Details Here

The Robert Hall Story
Richplanet was recently contacted by contactee, Robert Hall aged 73. His story starts in 1940, when he witnessed aliens in his street and was then abducted. We have been researching his story and will be featuring this in one of the Edge Media TV Programmes. The story involves an alien which was actually killed by Roberts Uncle, then hidden for 3 months before being taken away by the army.

Special Offers
We will soon be putting some special offers on the site exclusively for Newsletter subscribers. This will include free delivery on certain items, and reduced prices for ordering more than one item. We will email all newsletter subscribers with a link to these offers in the coming weeks. (Ideal for Christmas)

Project : Waffle
This is still in operation. Richard is waiting for confirmation of National Union of Journalists Membership before making further steps to talking to Mr. Brown (if he still has his job).

Richard D. Hall

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