July 2008 Newsletter : Ricplanet speak to reliable UFO witness

Richplanet speaks to Guernsey UFO witness : Ray Bowyer
I spoke to Ray Bowyer last week. He is an airline captain who witnessed a half mile wide yellow object out of the font of his cockpit last year. He appeared on the Richard and Judy show about a year ago and his incident is to be featured on the UFO series currently on Channel 5 (Thursdays 8:00pm). He told me that four pulses had been detected from the ground based radar, and if it could be proven that these pulses were from the same radar “sweep” that this means the object was solid and was over half a mile wide! He said that a team from Sheffield University had been looking into the Radar Data. He is a genuine chap and seemed to me to be a little frustrated that the MOD had not investigated his case, and instead he had to go to Sheffield Uni to get someone to look into it. Their 200 page report which is due out soon has no conclusions as to what it was.

Richplanet throw down gauntlet to TALK Sport
I have thrown down the gauntlet to Radio 5 talk sport. One of the presenters made a cutting remark about UFO people, something like they are all crazy. Richplanet has offered to take talk sport on in a debate live on air. Keep your eyes on the Richplanet website for News of whether we get an interview. Should be a lively debate if we can get on. I will wipe the floor with them!

Bristol UFO Sighting
The sighting in Wales over the Bristol channel in June was a bit weird. Police officers in a helicopter had to swerve in order to avoid a UFO which flew at them at speed. Strangely I have not read anywhere a description of what this craft looked like. Seems a bit fishy that one, you would have thought that a description of the size and shape of the craft would have been given by these offices, but I can’t find it anywhere.

New Richplanet DVD
Finally the Richplanet DVD is now available >> Details are available here

Richard D. Hall