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Ben Emlyn-Jones is a blogger, writer, researcher and in his spare time is a hospital porter. In this interview Ben talks about the fact that he despises the mainstream media and that he is exposing media lies and manipulation on his online blog,, which stands for "Hospital Porters Against the New World Order". He also gives his very well reasoned assessment of "UFO Disclosure" and the politics behind it. Ben is a very articulate and well read individual who speaks with intelligence and reason on a wide range of issues. He has attended many UK truth conferences and regularly produces comprehensive video and written reviews of these events. We thoroughly recommend his blog website.
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Most people are not aware of the invisible control techniques being applied to humanity. These controls are not necessarily even known about by members of our government. Much of the control of the populaces minds lurks behind organisations we never see. Intelligence agencies with their psychological operations and control of the media. Tavistock Institute with it's control of art, music, drugs and hence the masses. Direct forms of mind controld being practiced by the CIA, NSA and other such dodgy groups. Psychotronics, hypnosis, drugs, the list goes on. Not to mention control of humanity through a contrived, fraudulent monetary system - keeping people enslaved in a prison they cannot see nor understand.
Show RefGuest NameTopics DiscussedTV B'cast Date
249Andrew JohnsonMoon Landings & NASA2017-11-18 >> Watch
247Johnson & KollerstromProtocols, Julian Assange the fake truth seeker.2017-10-21 >> Watch
246Richard D. HallMadeleine truth campaign, Bridgend "suicides"2017-10-07 >> Watch
245Neil SandersSocial Media Psychological Operations2017-09-23 >> Watch
242Dr. Nick KollerstromRecent terror attacks, how fake are they?2017-08-12 >> Watch
240Andrew JohnsonWikileaks and Julian Assange2017-07-15 >> Watch
239Richard D. Hall2017 UK Speaking Tour2017-07-01 >> Watch
237Film 2Madeleine : Why The Cover Up?2017-04-19 >> Watch
236Film 1Madeleine : Why The Cover Up?2017-04-19 >> Watch
235Peter HyattStatement analysis of Gerry & Kate McCann2016-11-25 >> Watch
233Richard D. HallPuppets, Middle East & 9/11 Video Analysis2016-10-21 >> Watch
232Richard D. HallCelts, Middle East Politics, ISIS2016-10-07 >> Watch
230Tony BennettDidcot Murders, Freedom of Speech2016-09-03 >> Watch
229Feature FilmInvestigation of the 2015 Didcot murders2016-08-26 >> Watch
228Barrie TrowerEffects of microwaves & microwave warfare2016-08-12 >> Watch
227Andrew JohnsonThe Mars Rover Hypothesis Update2016-07-29 >> Watch
226Andrew JohnsonAgenda 21, "sustainability" global fraud.2016-07-15 >> Watch
225Dr Nick KollerstromJo Cox, Paris attacks, Fabricated Terror, Auschwitz2016-07-01 >> Watch
223Richard D. HallMadeleine, EU, News, Subversion, LGBT, Hawking.2016-06-03 >> Watch
222Richard D. HallIf Madeleine died, when did she die?2016-03-29 >> Watch
220Neil SandersSocial Media behaviour, slacktivism & the CIA2016-01-12 >> Watch
219Neil SandersManipulation behind social media2016-01-05 >> Watch
211Carl JamesNASA Puppets, space travel & perception management2015-11-10 >> Watch
210Carl JamesStanley Kubrick & The Moon Landings2015-11-03 >> Watch
207Richard D. HallFake Terror & Extremism, MH370, Mar Rovers2015-06-07 >> Watch
206Richard D. HallMadeleine McCann & Media Subversion 2015-06-01 >> Watch
203RDH & Andrew J.Over unity energy devices research2015-03-21 >> Watch
201RDHWhat's the real purpose of DEBT?2015-03-07 >> Watch
200Neil SandersWhy are drugs criminalised?2015-03-02 >> Watch
193Johnson/GibsonMore evidence of a NASA's Mars Rover deception ?2015-01-16 >> Watch
192Johnson/GibsonEvidence of a NASA's Mars Rover deception ?2015-01-06 >> Watch
191Tony BennetISIL, Peppa Pig, Religion vs Evolution2014-11-12 >> Watch
189Richard D. HallWorld domination, modern slavery & more2014-09-28 >> Watch
188Richard D. HallThe most subversive shows on TV2014-09-22 >> Watch
187Richard D. HallMadeleine McCann & the establishment cover up2014-09-10 >> Watch
185Richard D. HallThe Madeleine McCann Mystery & Cover Up2014-08-08 >> Watch
183Richard D. HallImplants?, Derrick Bird did not kill 122014-05-30 >> Watch
182Tony BennettMedia subversion tac-tics, police corruption2014-05-22 >> Watch
179Tony BennettAppeal for missing persons, plus T.B. on the E.U.2014-05-03 >> Watch
178Richard D. Hall2014 Lecture - Perfidious Planet2014-04-26 >> Watch
168VariousRichplanet TV pulled from Sky 1912013-08-16 >> Watch
166Richard D. Hall2013 UK Tour: 9/11 cover up, media & money2013-08-02 >> Watch
159David McCannBBC "Madness in the Fast Lane" documentary2013-06-21 >> Watch
150Andrew JohnsonEvidence of life on Mars2013-04-19 >> Watch
149Ian R. CraneDangers associated with Fracking, 9112013-04-12 >> Watch
146Andrew JohnsonLooking at inconsistencies in the Apollo missions2013-03-22 >> Watch
145Andrew JohnsonApollo moon missions, did they go to the moon?2013-03-15 >> Watch
144RDHHorse psy-op, Saville psy-op, Horsham, Twins & UFOs!2013-03-08 >> Watch
139RDH + GuestsThe Crown, murder attempts & extreme bizzarreness2013-02-01 >> Watch
138Dr. Nick KollerstromState sponsored terrorism & Sandy Hook shootings2013-01-25 >> Watch
137Bill MaloneyInstitutional child abuse in the UK2013-01-18 >> Watch
136Neil SandersCIA media infiltration & mainstream propaganda2013-01-11 >> Watch
135Neil SandersWas Saville part of an MI5 child sex entrapment operation?2012-12-21 >> Watch
133Best of Richplanet 5Hidden power agendas and manipulation of the masses 2012-12-07 >> Watch
128Richard D. HallWas Raoul Moat a Programmed Killer?2012-11-02 >> Watch
125RDH's 2012 TourFake power politics, and a woeful corrupt media2012-10-12 >> Watch
123Andrew JohnsonDevices which may replace Earths fossil fuel technologies2012-09-28 >> Watch
121Jim KellyMI5 framing an innocent man & used as a patsy2012-09-14 >> Watch
100Ben Emlyn-JonesSacked for blogging on "controversial" subjects 2012-04-20 >> Watch
99Neil SandersPopular music, who is controlling it and why2012-04-13 >> Watch
98Neil SandersPsychostronic technology and mind control2012-04-06 >> Watch
81Ian R. CraneThe Monetary System & the debt based economy2011-12-09 >> Watch
80Norman ScarthLondon "riots", phone hacking "scandal", crooked judges2011-12-02 >> Watch
74Jemma KingPopular music, mind control & the Monarch programme2011-10-14 >> Watch
73Ian Crane/Neil SandersAgendas of the Global Elite2011-09-23 >> Watch
71Belinda McKenzieThe Monarchy, Hollie Greig, Family Courts2011-09-02 >> Watch
53James CasboltMind Control, MKUltra, Super Soldiers2011-05-13 >> Watch
51S. Campion & M. CockingWhat is the truth about "The Recession"2011-04-15 >> Watch
50Richard D. HallThe economic crisis, central banks & money2011-04-08 >> Watch
47Dave MarrowMkUltra, Mind Control & UK Victims, Super Soldiers2011-03-18 >> Watch
44Dr. Rauni KildeMaking the Starship "Studio" & Dr. Rauni Kilde (Pt2)2011-02-25 >> Watch
39Neil Sanders (3)Mind control programmes, "creating" celebrities2011-01-21 >> Watch
30Dr. Rauni KildeOut of body experiences, UFOs & mind control2010-11-12 >> Watch
28Ben Emlyn-JonesNew World Order, media manipulation, UFOs2010-10-29 >> Watch
27The Bridge PubAnimal mutilation, terrorism, UFOs, religion2010-10-21 >> Watch
23Ian R. CraneGulf of Mexico oil disaster & Peak Oil scam 2010-09-24 >> Watch
22Murphy, Toms & TurnbullEvolutionary theories, 1983 UFO case & Heapey Depot2010-09-17 >> Watch
21John UrwinCovert 1950s assasination team & hidden technology2010-09-10 >> Watch
20Andrew Johnson (3)Reporting on evidence of chem trails2010-09-03 >> Watch
18Neil Sanders 2Media mind control, Manchurian candidates2010-08-20 >> Watch
16Neil SandersMind control, MKULTRA, psychotronics, implants, hypnosis2010-08-06 >> Watch
5North East TruthThe truth movement. False flag terror & more2010-04-28 >> Watch
3Mark CockingSecret knowledge and the Central Banking scam2010-04-14 >> Watch
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