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#16 | Posted: 30 Dec 2008 11:50 | Edited by: RICHPLANET.NET

Interesting thought.

The base covered in the video in the TV programme is alleged to be in NewMexico at a place called Dulce. It is believed that this base was vastly expanded in the sixties. I heard that if you check siezmic records of earth tremmors there in the late sixties, there were many tremmors, but no evidence that these were earth quakes. Some beleive that these tremmors were explosives being used to hollow out that base.

As Schneider explained in the video, the "conflict" with the aliens started in the late seventies. Allegedly, the Americans before that time were sharing the base and co-operating with the aliens (to a degree), some levels were "alien only", some "human only" and some were shared. However on one of the lower levels, there was a conflict for control of one of the areas. There was a kind of stale mate 2 miles below the earth.

This is where Schneider came in (in the video). He was told by the US governement to start drilling for another base, (but they did not tell him that he was drilling on top of an existing base). They needed the engineers to get access to the part where the conflict was, and so did not tell the engineering staff that the real reason for the new base was to gain access to where the conflict was. This is why - once the the hole was sunk and they went down, there was a shoot out in which 66 troops were killed.

The information is sketchy, but after that time in 1979, there was little or no co-operation with the aliens and I don't know wheter there has been any since. Although I know they have had at least 2 aliens in captivity since that time (small gray aliens), but whether they were co-operating on a large scale I don't know.

So with regards to the Nuclear missile testing. I wonder what year underground testing took place?, because this would be important as I beleive the conflict(s) were after the late 70's.
Dave Hall
#17 | Posted: 6 Jan 2009 22:40
As this is the miscellaneous section, I would like to mention something that in my mind is very relevant.
I have allways been interested in the Ancient Astronaut Theory.
After reading Von Danekin's books. Chariots of the Gods, and Was God an Astronaut. I know that he was debunked, but it fired my mind to learn more.
In my mine, after 20 years of study, I realize that we have been "Helped" in the passed.
The building of the Pyramids being one of the main reasons.
This is not the place perhaps, to go into all the reasons I think that we have been visited in the passed, enough to say that we could not build the pyramids today, with the machines we have, let alone 4000 years ago.
I just wanted to mention something I tried some years ago.
I read a book called Pyramid Power, and it mentioned an experiment that you could try.
You had to build a model of the Great Pyramid to scale, which I did, it was only about 6ins high. You then orentated it to a North~South axis, which I did with the aid of a compass.
Now this is the intersting bit, when you had had a shave, you placed your razor under the pyramid, and left it overnight.
The idea was that the pyramid power would re~sharpen the razor.
I know it sounds daft, but let me tell you that I use a simple Bic razor for 18 months, and it was as sharp as it was on the first day.
So, what do we make of this~~~~
Did the Egyptians have the knowledge of pyramid power. Did they discover it themselves??
Or were they helped by a higher intelligence.
Who perhaps rode in a Chariot of the Gods.
I know this theory is open to lots of debunking. But if you research, and try and understand, I am sure that eventually the link will come to light.
Perhaps sooner than we think.
#18 | Posted: 7 Jan 2009 00:29 | Edited by: RICHPLANET.NET
There is no doubt in my mind that the Earth was inhabited by an advanced race at least 10,000 years ago, and that this race built the pyramids. They were not built by the Egyptians spoken of in our history. They were definitely not "tombs". I believe they are some kind of machine and perform a function of some kind. One theory is that they are some kind of balancing system for the Earth (as you would put a weight on a car wheel to balance it), not only balancing in terms of gravitation, but magnetically. Perhaps they were some kind of beacon (like an interstallar light house or communication device). The other possibility that I consider is that they are performing the same function as the "Tesla Tower". The Towers that Tesla developed in the 40's were intended to transmit electrical energy through the Earths ionospehere from one part of the globe to another. The Tesla Tower has 2 things in common with the Pyramid: 1. It needed to be anchored firmly to the ground and, 2. One of the towers had flat pyramid shaped surfaces. One final thought, in about 1000AD there was a massive earthquake at Giza and the outer cladding of the pyramids was shaken off. Before that time they were coated in solid stone and the surfaces were perfectly smooth, and the joins were perfect. These would have made perfect reflective surfaces for visible light or radio or electromagnetic waves. If it was a Tesla Tower, then the smooth surface would possibly be to prevent electric discharge, due to a high energy field.

I also beleive that aliens (and our shadow governments) know the answers to all these questions.

It is amazing you said what you said about building a model pyramid. Because after reading a book recently, I considered making model pyramids myself of the 2 or 3 at Giza and place them all in the same orientation as Giza. Also make the surface out of mirror. Then start firing a laser pen or radio waves at them and see what happens. I am getting carried away now. I also think there could have been something "Additional" on the very top that is not there now.

Food for thought!, Richard
#19 | Posted: 7 Jan 2009 12:02 | Edited by: CTRILEY
Aliens built the pyramids. Not wishing to offend but they didn't, nor did aliens build stonehenge. Many Egyptologists will tell you that the knowledge used to build stonehenge was used to build the pyramids.

Due to the cultural genocide by the invading Romans nothing survives of Britain's pre-Roman culture and traditions. So real history, myths and traditions relating to Stonehenge and other structures were lost. However, the megalithic culture began in Ireland and although it has been invaded numerous times, each invader added to the culture rather destroying the previous. Unlike their conitinental cousins the Irish Celts did write things down, which were nicely preserved by Christian scribes. As a consequnce Ireland's culture, traditions, mythology and cosmology survives more or less intact. Thus, not only is it known why the were built; but who built them (which tribes); but what happened to those tribes, the tribes, clans and septs which they became. Right down to their present day survivors. Thus using these sources, along with archaeology, comparative histories, etc., I'll explain how the knowledge was passed on.

Around 3,000 New Grange in Ireland was built, starting the meglithic culture. It's purpose according to Celtic cosmology was an act of symbolic magic in which the light of the sky father would penetrate the womb of mother Earth to make the land fertile. This was constructed before a tribe called the Nemedian's migrated from Ireland and into Europe, taking with them the knowledge of how to build the megalithic structures (such as stonehenge built around 2,000 BC). Who passed it onto others, who used and modified the techniques and designs. Passing the knowledge onto others. One branch of this tribe settled in what is now Britain and became the ancestors of the ancient Britons. The rest continued on, spreading throughout Europe until finally reaching Thrace, in what is now Greece. Historically, ancient Greece and its predecessor traded with and learnt from Egypt, which is how the knowledge was passed on from those how built the megaliths to those who built the pyramids. Who only used those relevant parts.

The Nemedians gave birth to numerous offshoots tribes. One of which were was the Formorians, a member of which was a man named Bolg. He was the founder of a tribe (the Fir Bolg or "men of Bolg") which intermarried with Egyptians and migrated northward and eventually returned back to Ireland shortly after the ancestors of the Greeks had invaded the area. This is supported not just by Irish mythology, comparative history, but by the fact that the Formorians are recorded as being of North African descent, whilst Irish druidry which is created to the Formorians contains clearly Egyptian influences.

Another tribe descended from the Nemedians was the Danaan. Between 2500 and 2,000 BC they migrated northward through Bulgaria, to settle in that part of Romania known as Transylvania. Which historically became the nest from which the Celts came. Remainders of this same tribe stayed in Thrace and became the Danaan's mentioned within Homer's Iliad and in accounts by the Egyptians. In Transylvania they multiplied, going from a tribe called the Danaan, to be known collectively as the Tuatha De Danaan (Tuatha De Dannan in Middle and Modern Irish) which in Modern Irish means "People of the Goddess Danu", but which in Old Irish translates as "Tribes of the God whose Mother is Danu". But who are often referred to as the Tuatha De and referred to as the "Children of Don" within Britian.

One member of the Tuatha De had a son called Gaedhal Glas (Gael the Green, founder of the Gael Celts, who descendants used green as their emblam which is why to this day Irish Gaels are still associated with the colour green). A number of his descendents migrated eastward into Scythia to become the Celto-Scythians (ancestors of the Milesian Gaels). Others tribes descended from him went westward arriving in Ireland as the Tuatha De Danaan around 1014 BC. This is why the Gaels first arrive in Ireland during the Urnfield period, but who didn't become noticeable until the Halstat, while the Milesian Gaels didn't arrive until the 4th Century BC. The arrival of the Tuatha De is recorded with Cath Maige Tuired "The Battle Of Moytura", in which it states:

"The Tuatha De came with a great fleet to Ireland to take it by force from the Fir Bolg. Upon reaching Cocu Belgatan, they at once burnt their boats so that they would not think of fleeing to them. The smoke and the mist which came from the ships filled the land and the air which near them. For that reason it has been thought they arrived in clouds of mist."

Using shorthened versions of this account which ignore references to ships, those who believe in ancient astronauts use them as evidence that the Tuatha De were aliens (but the only references to little green men you'll find within Irish culture are to Leprechauns). But they weren't, as they are the physical ancestors of the Irish, who through various tribes claim descent from one of the tribes which collectivelly formed the Tuatha De Danaan. Who in turn claim descent from Brian (better known in Britain as Bran the Blessed), who was the eldest son of the Goddess Danu (hence "Tribes of the God whose Mother is Danu"). In the 10th Century Christians scholars couldn't get their head around the complexities (due to lack of availble information), so they simply classed the Tuatha De Danaan as the ancient gods of the Irish, even though they were all human. Because the incoming Celtic culture was more land based, it replaced the more sky based religions still being practiced. Which is why the megalithic culture ends around 1000 BC with their arrival, but continued to be used. Around 600 BC the Greeks encounter these tribes. Finding their name difficult to pronounce and give them the nickname of "Celt", derived from Keilt or kilt, the type of skirt they wore.

These facts are never mentioned by supporters of the ancient astronuant theory partly due to ignorance of their existence. But mainly because its takes a lot of work to get the information which allow you to join the dots, reading Old, Middle and Late Irish texts, etc. Whilst to understand Celtic cosmology, requires years of study and trying to obtain access to texts from private and educational achieves. Including those held by Trinitry College Dublin, The Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Royal Irish Academy and the Irish Texts Society. As well as an understanding of Classical literature, ancient history and Egyptology. Whilst trying to seperate real information from the tripe produced by New Age Druids. No offence but the real evidence not only shows that they megalithic structures and the pyramids were of human construction and not alien. However this doesn't negate the possibility of alien influence elsewhere.
#20 | Posted: 7 Jan 2009 13:49

I did not suggest anywhere in my post that the Pyramids were built by aliens. I said they were built by an advanced race at least 10,000 years ago.

How do you explain the structures built in Peru, Bolivia and Mexico?, that were also clearly built by advanced races, who seemingly had similarities to the Egyptian structures.
#21 | Posted: 7 Jan 2009 14:47 | Edited by: CTRILEY
Sorry. Anyhow in answer to your question. The Americas were well known before Columbus took the credit. There's the tale of Prince Madoc, Eric the Red, St Brendan, to name a few. In fact during the Middle Ages they were the basis for an early version of the cod war. However, a lot people don't know that the resin used to harden bandages used on mummies contains chemicals found within tobacoo and cocco leaves, which at the time only grew in the Americas. If this wasn't due to contamination, then the Egyptians knew about the Americas but kept stum about it because they could swap a shipload of tat for gold.

Equally, since the evidence shows that these New and Old world cultures developed seperately, then these structures are identical because prior to the Egyptians figuring out how to cut stone true, the only way to build such a structure was as a pyamid composed of smaller levels, built on top of the other. If both cultures did have contact why didn't they give them knowledge of pyramid building, but not of the wheel which predates the pyramids?

Have you ever read "From the Ashes of Angels" by Andrew Collins its good. Within it he refers to an advanced race whose names translates as the "Sons of God". But due to his knowledge he is unaware that the similar knowledge credited to them was also credited to a people whose names translates as "The Men of God", which was an early name for the generation of Gods born of Brain/Barn the Blessed, the ancestors of the many European races including the Celts. His mother Danu, though seen as a Celtic deity was the original mother-Goddess for all Indo-European races. Its amazing how everyone and everything shares so many common origins.
#22 | Posted: 7 Jan 2009 14:52
I think in all of these "legends", what ancients refer to as a God, may well have been in some cases an extra-terrestrial.

Nobody can dispute that this is a serious possibility.
#23 | Posted: 7 Jan 2009 15:04 | Edited by: CTRILEY
Perhaps in some. But less us not forget errors in retelling, events taken out of context or blown out of proportion to turn the small into the big, non-events into epics, migrations into invasions and minor heroes into mythological gaints. Peoples in ability to understand the langauge of symbolism. For example:

Elves were a toten Clan in which ever member wore a head dress which gave them the appearence of having cat like ears, to reflect their claims of descent from the nature spirit of a cat.

Centours, refer to people's first sighting of men on horse.

Cyclops's originated on Cyprus which is filled with thousands of caves, which in many have been found the remains of mammoths, which when pieced together incorrectly do look like a giant one eyed man.

If a creature is pictured a having wings (angels, Griffins, dragons, etc.) they refer not to creatures who actually have wings, but are references to them being symbolically connected with the sky father (ie. the Sun).

As you know there are those who've taken these out of context such as Erich Von Daniken using them as evidence of genetic alteration by aliens.

Equally, 10,000 years ago much of Western Europe was still dealing the end of the last Ice Age. When people started to settle in Britain and Ireland they were basically massive forests. The Nemedians in Ireland and during their migrations had to destroy vast areas of land just to provide land to life on. That's even before New Grange was built. When the Tuatha De arrived in 1014 BC they had destroy entire forests just provide land to grow food.

W.B.Emery's work on Archaic Egypt shows that 10,000 years ago Egypt was dominated by the ancestors of the Kurds. Their greatest achievement were advances in agriculture. They migrated due to changes in environment cased by the advancing desert, only to be replaced by those Middle Eastern races descended from those peoples who populated the Mesopotamian plain around 6900 BC. Even at the coming of Menes Egypt's stone structures were still crude with most buildings made of wood. The real advances came thousands of years later when they Egyptians figured how to cut stone true and when they had greater contact with other races, such as those I've previously described.

The context in which people use "advanced" often falls into the natural usage of thinking in terms of more advanced than us, not in terms of those at the time. For example the Tuatha De were considered as great wizards, magicians and scientists, who could prolong life and had the knowledge to perform cesarean sections. But the truth is their magic, their science lay in the fact that durning the Bronze age the were the ones in western Europe who knew the secret of Bronze. Whilst their power to prolong life came not from magic crystals, advanced medicine or electronic technology, but from the fact that they knew but didn't know why, that if a wound is kept clean, wrapped in a clean bandage put on by someone with clean hands, the wound didn't get infected and the patient lived longer. They learnt how to perform cesarean sections not through advanaged medical knowledge or science. But because according the annals a heavily pregnant woman whilst walking with friends fell into a shallow river, broke her neck on the rocks underneath and died. A nearby soldier had a sudden idea to cut her open in the hope that it would save the child. There a many examples I could provide.

I don't wish to cause offence to anyone, I'm sorry if I have. I believe that were are and have been visited by aliens and references to them may exist within some but not all cultures. But you have to check and recheck. But when you're dealing with the past be careful, because you could destroy the credibility of real evidence, including your own. But given too much credit too ET takes away from the human races own achivements and reduces our own worlds cultural heritage.
#24 | Posted: 7 Jan 2009 23:43 | Edited by: CTRILEY
Reading my comments and yours has caused me to wonder. Are you aware of why the megalithics were built where they were? These have to do with the Celtic concept of what is termed "Dragon Force", which simply put is a form energy is believed to rise from the earth to the surface at specific points (where the megaliths are built). I'm a bit rusty on this matter, but I think this why there is electrical energy at these places when the sun rises each day.

If these structure were built to invoke this same energy, they could have nothing to do with some advanced race 10,000 years and be a more recent discovery. With respect, the intent for which may not be for the manner which your line of thought has taken you.
#25 | Posted: 8 Jan 2009 01:17
If you consider the "ascent of man" in different cultures, usually there are incremental advancements in their methods throughout the ages. Evidence can usually be found for slightly improved methods of construction, etc etc through the centuries.

With the ancient cultures in Egypt, South America, Sumeria, Indus Valley etc this is not the case. It is as if they popped up out of no-where with advanced architecture, construction techniques, law, agriculture, astronomy without any incremental history.

The question is where did these civilisations get their education from?
#26 | Posted: 8 Jan 2009 13:41 | Edited by: CTRILEY
Whilst working on my PC an interesting news report appeared:

I'd check out local garages for any strange looking people wanting a quick repair.
#27 | Posted: 10 Jan 2009 11:49
From my brief (so far) study into ufology, here are some of the main points I`ve learned so far.
1. There are 57 varieties of E.T.s
2. Humans carry 22 alien genes.
3. 99% of the human race are too preoccupied to bother about anything alien.
4. When the mainstream media report anything alien, it`s always with ridicule coupled with the theme from the Twilight Zone.
5. There are at least 3 terrestrial bases on earth that contain man-made saucers (Antarctica, Brazil and Tibet)
6. Andromedians and Pleiadians seem to be the most pleasant species.
7. Pyrimids have something to do with ufology (not sure yet).
8. Something will happen in 2012.
9. The earth is the only planet to use currency.
10. If I met an alien, I wouldn`t be scared unless it was reptillian.

I could go on a bit longer but it would be too long a list .

I`m sure there will be a few comments about these comments.
Thanks for reading, I wish alot more would !
#28 | Posted: 10 Jan 2009 17:22 | Edited by: CTRILEY
With respect, I'm not trying to be funny or anything. It maybe just a birth defect. But have you or anyone else seen an alien looks perfectly human but when it comes to the ear, the ear hole is the wrong place (an inch forward of the ear).

I ask because prior to being laid off due to the credit crunch I worked in a warehouse loading and unloading lorries, anyhow there was a man who sometimes came who had ears just like that. He was a nice bloke and things like that you don't mention, lest not wanting to offend. Its probably just a birth defect, but I've never seen anyone with ears like that before or since. Any thoughts?
#29 | Posted: 10 Jan 2009 17:49
Hmm, I haven't heard that one before. The "human" looking aliens (Nordics), are said to have very distinctive eyes, very intense blue. They are also said to be attractive (usually blonde or red haired).

People who claim to have an alien implant often state it is in their ear.

Most "alien" looking aliens (greys & reptilian), just have a small orifice for the ear with no actual ear.
#30 | Posted: 10 Jan 2009 22:04 | Edited by: CTRILEY
Its probably just a birth defect and the guys probably human, but it is rather strange to see.

Equally telecaster says there are 57 ET types, where can I found out what they are?
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