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#3706 | Posted: 11 Oct 2017 12:43

A reply has been sent. Im not happy with it, but theyve taken the pee from me for long enough. Ive proven time & time again about lots of things, but they just totally ignore even when I give facts, figures, quotes, etc.

Heres your first reply.

He has no knowledge or understanding of non-thermal biological effects. Nor does he seem to have any understanding of how smart meters work. Tell him to have a look at although sadly it sounds like he has no interest in learning the truth.

Protect Your Family from EMF Pollution
Protect Your Family from EMF Pollution
#3707 | Posted: 11 Oct 2017 15:58
Lots of replies, but just giving links to same old, same old.

They arent willing to discuss anyone elses opinion. Not worth the bother.

Thanks for your input. Appreciated.

#3708 | Posted: 13 Oct 2017 19:14 | Edited by: nordsee220
It's like any subject; lots of uninformed opinions. I experience similar bigotry from anyone who doesn't like the look of a ham radio aerial from it's going to devalue their property to cancer. Same people don't see that their 230 Volt cable they run from their houses, over the public footpath and road suspended on a couple of hooks is a potential danger. Same people whose dogs crap all over the footpaths don't see the health risks nor the risk of rat infestation when they feed the shitehawks with loaves of bread or dump their half eaten kebab and chips on the footpath. Nor do they consider I don't want their effing mutt sniffing at my leg when they walk past me. Don't want to hear their car horn still works every time they drive off or arrive either nor do I want to walk in the middle of the road because they want to park on the footpath.

As for: "He has no knowledge or understanding of non-thermal biological effects. Nor does he seem to have any understanding of how smart meters work. Tell him to have a look at although sadly it sounds like he has no interest in learning the truth."

I was, in my day, a British Gas meter repair/calibrator before becoming a communications and instrumentation technician dealing with the installation and maintenance of radio, telemetry, microwave and vhf/uhf systems. I reckon I do know and whosoever wrote that little gem is very good as publishing his or her ignorance.

As for being a mere radio ham, perhaps he can explain third and higher order intermodulation distortion products or maybe ionospheric cross-modulation? No? Shit! I can!

For reference: A SMART meter works by counting the impulses of either multiple sine-waves and their amplitude in the case of electricity meters or, in the case of gas meters a pitot tube will (in inferential metering) permit the calculation of consumption by pressure differential and flow rate (venturi action) or by use of ultrasonic transducer technology the gas useage is calculated from the amplitude and frequency of the resultant signal produced. In the case of positive displacement metering, electromagnetic pulses are generated by the action of the flag arm driving the quadrant. In all cases, the resultant square or sine waves are coverted into amounts of fuel consumed and transmitted by UHF to the relevant receiving station. Because of the mass of meters a system of pcm/tdm (pulse code modulation and time division multiplexing) is employed to fit 'em all in the airspace/time slots available along with encryption to ascertain the identity of the meter.

Ask the knobhead who said what he did to do something really simple like tell me how to calculate the physical length of an electrical 1/4 wavelength radiator taking into effect a velocity factor of 0.66. Then ask why it's imperative to have Imax at the radiator feedpoint and Vmax at the tip.

Oh fuck it! Let's just go back to our caves.
#3709 | Posted: 13 Oct 2017 20:01 | Edited by: nordsee220

To read some of the garbage or hear some of the gobshite on the outerweb anyone without a clue could believe that anything with a frequency is a bad thing
People quote resonances like they're discussing something more magical and mysterious than three Beatles and a man who looks like Paul McCartney going for a day out on a bus.

What's a frequency? It's something that occurs in the same fashion at regular intervals.

The bus comes every 20 minutes so it has a frequency of 3 times per hour.

BBC Radio 2 transmits of a frequency of circa 89 million times per second.

I move my bowels four or five times a morning. A frequency of about two times per hour.

The computer you're using likely has a processor running at a frequency ITRO 2.6 billion times per second. If it has multiple cores, each will be operating at that frequency so you have four of the buggers!
Your RAM will probably operate at something like one and a half billion times per second. That's one fast as F*** sheep.

If you whistle for your dog you probably do so at about 1kHz, plus or minus.

Resonance is like a tuning fork. You take a tuning fork and tap it. It will vibrate (resonate) at a particular frequency. Stick another couple near to it, one the same "note" and a different "note" and the one the same will also resonate whereas the different one won't. The one that resonates is a parasitic resonator. It pinches some of the energy being transmitted through whatever medium there is (table top, air) by the fork that was tapped and vibrates in synchronisation with it.

But then there is the type of energy etc that is vibrating or has a frequency. Sound or radio waves for example.

We can hear a 15kHz sound wave so why can't we hear a 15kHz radio wave? After all, they have the same frequency. Answer: They're different stuff. Sound is vibrating molecules of a medium (like air) and radio waves are electromagnetic variations. Sound travels at about 700 mph and radio waves at 186,000 miles a second. They're different and without saying what the thing is we are talking about, just saying "frequency" means bog all.

So when people tell me the earth has a frequency of whatever, unless they tell me what the the hell they're talking about it means nothing. Do they mean the whole planet vibrates as a sub-audio or ultra VLF radio transmitter? They're completely different animals.
#3710 | Posted: 14 Oct 2017 03:52

Firstly, I apologise for involving you in this crap. Its obvious you know your subject - Ive never doubted you, & to be honest, I first got contact because of a link I posted, which, I did not understand & wanted an explanation. Ive always admitted Im Ms Non Tehnology but do have a decent knowledge of some subjects. I was looking for an answer to why I get big problems with my legs when I was using my laptop. I had a lot of answers, which sounded like they were decent & things just escalated to where we are now. I dont use my laptop anymore as its seen better days (bit like myself). When all of this "information"
came up, you were the only one I could think of who knew the answers to what they were

I waited to reply to you as I was embarrassed with the fact that I had involved you. I dont
like confrontation, & see it as everyone to their own! I apologise profusely for questioning you & wasting your time. I shall be withdrawing from that site immediately.

#3711 | Posted: 14 Oct 2017 12:32 | Edited by: nordsee220
Hi dk,

I'd be more inclined to look at posture when using your laptop than mystical waves!

As you probably know, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia syndrome in 1994. I was one of the first as such. It was only ratified at the Myopain conference in 1993.

I find that when using my laptop I suffer far more pains to the shoulders and hips than using my desktop. Both cause pains and are are wirelessly connected but with my desktop I tend to be sat in a more upright position so it hurts less.

Just last night I was talking to a fellow ham who lived in at his parents' house for a period. He said his mother would come into the "shack" (as we call our toys room) and complain that "the waves were hitting her in the face". She'd do this virtually every time he used his gear, even if just for receiving (ie not sending out any "waves").
So he tried an experiment. He sat, with the gear tuned off and muttering away as if he was on the radio. Sure enough, in came mother to complain about "the waves".
When he pointed out that the gear wasn't even switched on he received a bollocking from his dad for trying to make a fool of his mother.

Not much even I can add to that one except sometimes you just can't be right for being wrong!

As for SMART meters, I repeat that I am entirely opposed to them from the point of view of loss of privacy and secondly, the risk of hacking into them. I honestly believe that the "waves" issue is just another red-herring that can be easily disproved. They are the 9/11 thermite of the metering world.
#3712 | Posted: 14 Oct 2017 12:52 | Edited by: nordsee220

I perused an internet article where the strength of SMART meter signals was being discussed. One insisted that the level was so many dB (although he put it incorrectly as db). This signal was 20db and that was 30db and so-on.

Thing is, the deciBel is NOT a measurement of anything. It's a logarithmic ratio and you have to quantify the ratio against a constant.

In aerials for example, a Yagi array may have 15dBd gain. That means it will transmit or receive in a certain direction at a level +15dB relative to a dipole. The same Yagi may be expressed as having 18dBi gain. That is +18dB relative to an isotropic radiator.

A linear preamplifier may have its specification expressed as having 18dB gain. So where is the constant I was talking about? Well in that case, the constant is taken to be the input level. So the amplifier will out put a signal 18dB greater than its input.

What you cannot do though is express its output power in dB unless you know its input power. In that case, if the input power was 1mW (0dBm) you could say the output would be +18dB ref 1mW which is expressed as 18dBm or about 63mW.

Lost? It doesn't matter. Just don't go falling for the bollox that's everywhere on the web.

OK, that lot sounds like a load of techno trash but all I'm saying is that people like to spout off all manner of shoite, trying to sound as if they've researched something and have a good handle on it when in reality they know little more than Jack Shit.

Perhaps +1dBJS.
#3713 | Posted: 15 Oct 2017 01:18

Thanks for the explanation, but Im sad to say Im still in the dark with technology. It was my birthday last Tuesday & I was 74 - going on 106! Seriusly, my memory is a bit dim but I remember what I was taught years ago, just new stuff confuses me. This is the main reason I tend to post information written by known professionals. Id hate to hurt anyone.
I had tests as I was convinced I had start of dementia, but I was fine. Names are hard to remember though.

#3714 | Posted: 15 Oct 2017 02:03
I was sent this today

Ripyard Cuddling
(Jack Davitt)
It was built for the Romans, way back in the past;
They built it with stone, and they built it to last.
Quite a change for the locals from digging for coal,
And it kept a large number of men off the dole.
It was the Emperor Hadrian who started it aall
When he ordered the peasants to build him this waall.
Just what it was for there was neebody sure
And the reasons he gave were a little obscure.
"This waall," said the Emperor, rubbing his chin,
"Is to stop aall the Picts and the Scots gettin in;
Aa'm used to the Geordies, Aa knaa aall their tricks,
But Aa just cannit stomach the Scots and the Picts".
They started the Waall on the banks o the Tyne
And they tried very hard for to keep a strite line.
There wor thoosands of Geordies with shovels and picks
And the rate for the job was eleven and six.
The stones for the Waall came by bogie and barra;
They were cut from the quarries at Hebburn and Jarra.
They floated them ower the Tyne on a raft,
(Them owld fashioned Geordies could sortainly graft).
They travelled to Byker with nivver a spell
But they stopped for a pint when they reached the "Bluebell".
Then on across meadow and valley and dyke
With nivvor a murmur of trouble or strike.
Onwards they went, headin West aall the time,
Still trying their best for to keep a strite line.
In summer they struggled through bracken and heather
And they plodged in the clarts during inclement weather.
They laid the last stone on the second of June
and Hadrian said, "Lads, Aa'm ower the moon,
Aa would like you to knaa that Aa'm proud of ya aall,
And Aa thank ya aall kindly for buildin me waall".
A big celebration was held at Carlisle;
They had a grand neet and they done it in style.
The picks and the shovels were aall put away
And the workers were given an extra week's pay.
The Picts and the Scots wor a little bit vexed
And voices were raised and muscles were flexed.
But their yelling and shootin' did nee good at aall;
It takes more than taalkin' to get past a waall.
And that is the story, believe it or not,
Of how they defeated the Picts and the Scots;
How the Waall was constructed for one man's enjoyment
And the North-East was rescued from mass unemployment.
Ripyard Cuddling
(Jack Davitt)
#3715 | Posted: 17 Oct 2017 22:05 | Edited by: nordsee220
And the North-East was rescued from mass unemployment.

Funny you should post that within hours of Michael HasselTyne saying how well the north has done since he gave the order to close the pits.
I have friends in the villages that were mentioned: Thornley, Wheatley Hill, Haswell etc and let me make this absolutely clear:


To describe the villages as decimated is a gross under exaggeration.

Strangely though, I can understand that you can't mine coal and sell it for less than it costs to get out of the ground. It's the lies that the country has been told though, that the north has prospered since those days because of companies like Nissan.

It has not! FOR EVERY JOB CREATED WE LOST ANOTHER TWO. One step forward, two steps back.

Wheatley Hill lies adjacent to Thornley. Wheatley Hill has approximately 1600 dwellings. Thornley has about 1100. There are nearby villages like Ludworth and Haswell Plough and there is nothing, absolutely nothing there unless you count the Co-op funeral service as something to do.

The parish councils boast about the heritage centre - somewhere you can go on a wet afternoon and remember how it used to be fifty years ago when the pits were running at full steam ahead. For that little gem, the residents pay 101 per dwelling per year in parish council tax. More honestly, the parish council also fund the graveyard groundsman and the fences around the allotments. That's a shit load of benefit the village of Wheatley Hill gets for a budget of 160,000.

Most properties are Band A and the total council tax bill is over 1200 for band A.

I recently had dealings with someone in Kinver, Staffordshire - a beautiful village with shops, pubs, amenities. Their band A is set at about 900.

So 1200 plus to live in a desolate village with absolutelly bog all versus 900 for a nice village in proper England.

No, Mr Heseltine, the villages are not prospering. They're festering away, dying a slow, painful death and it's not feasible to do what Tebbit said, to get on their bikes and look for work because of this: THE SALE OF COUNCIL HOUSES.

Just HOW do you sell a house worth less in real terms than you paid for it and afford to move to somewhere more prosperous where basic housing costs three times as much or more? Who will buy your house in a Durham village where they've pulled down dozens of houses because nobody wants to live in them?

No, the Tories didn't kill the north east but they did rip its heart open and left it to bleed to death.

We don't even have a decent road here. The A1M is only a two lane dual carriageway with blue signs and once you're much north of Newcastle it isn't even a dual carriageway. And that is the main road that links the capitals of England and Scotland! Not that Labour did much better. We had Tony B Liar living less than 5 miles away and he couldn't get us a proper motorway yet Hull with Blair's second in command, Two Jags John, got a superb motorway, the M62 where the traffic appears to be only a fraction of that on the A1M Durham.

Northern Power House my arse.

More like Northern Poor House.
#3716 | Posted: 18 Oct 2017 01:09

I know what you mean. My Dad worked in the pits all of his life. I was still living at home during the Miners' strike & we lived in a colliery house with no bathroom, outside toilet, etc.
I got married at 21 & we lived in with my parents until I was 21, I got pregnant & when baby born all 3 of us slept in a box room, where we had 3/4 bed & a cot. Coal fire so upstairs was like an ice house. My Dad retired but diagnosed with Cancer. We had bought a new bungalow as I was pregnant again 3.1/2 years after first one. We had been on the Council Housing list for years & there was no other alternative. Husband was an apprentice in printing trade. Times were hard. Dad got a Council bungalow, but had only been there 6 months when he passed over. Mam lost her coal allowance & had to pay rent out of her pension!

#3717 | Posted: 18 Oct 2017 09:34
It was my birthday last Tuesday & I was 74

Belated birthday wishes dk, hope you had a nice gathering of the family.
#3718 | Posted: 18 Oct 2017 18:30
Yes, belated birthday wishes and nice to see you posting dk. And norders, isn't it bloody infuriating trying to share correct information with dolts. For example, I risk appearing as an insufferable know-it-all or get accused of lecturing people when I answer questions, partly because I have a powerful well modulated speaking voice. Should have been a radio announcer!
Best regards all.
#3719 | Posted: 19 Oct 2017 02:47

Thanks for the belated wishes, lol. It was a very quiet time, just my middle grandson, who lived with me since 2013 after a humongous family falling out, which was nothing to do with me, but not one of my daughters, or other two grandsons want any contact with me, as in their minds (& I quote) "shes a f***ing nutcase who believes in ridiculous things." They have short memories, but a lot of kids are like that suppose. We are doing fine on our own.


Thank you for your wishes too. Im not on here a lot, but often its when cant sleep.
Yes, its bloody infuriating trying to share correct information, especially when its to people youve helped. Im just a nutcase though !

I was once told by a very intelligent, knowledgeable person, if you share information with 20 people & just one takes notice & acts on it, we havent failed! Doesnt always feel that way though.
#3720 | Posted: 19 Oct 2017 02:50
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