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#91 | Posted: 17 Nov 2010 23:20
An interesting video, information backed by Norman Baker, MP. dk
#92 | Posted: 17 Nov 2010 23:49
#93 | Posted: 18 Nov 2010 00:24
Chemtrails, a Little Update (Nov. 16, 2010)

Subject: Chem Trails
From: Annie F
Date: Tue, November 16, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

re: Noticing More Blue Skies of Late? A Field Report from the Etheric Resistance (May 10, 2010)

I just happen to read you message about psychic warriors destroying chem plane bases on the moon and Mars and thought it was bizarre. However, spraying here in the Charlotte, NC area has been practically nil since May 2010. They get up a trail or two every once in a while. A week or two ago they actually managed a"good" day with multiple planes and grid work. However, we're back to practically nil once again. So whatever you're doing, please don't stop!

How does one become a physic warrior?

Annie F


Hi Annie,

Glad to get your report. Actually, I've gotten a number of e-mails that corroborate the same idea. In general, many people had noticed a big decrease in chemtrails from Spring through Summer in 2010. Something of a pickup in spraying here and there in early Fall and then back to low activity for the past few weeks.

The information that I relayed came from the Etheric Resistance team. It's not exactly the same thing as psychic warfare. "Psychic warriors" is something developed by the CIA and military a few decades ago. The individuals I'm referring to have the ability to enter the "void" or the "ether" and navigate in that plane, which means that they can go anywhere in time and space, including outer space. They are not working with their physical bodies, however.

They can partly materialize into the third dimension and effect change on the physical plane. While the Resistance team can effect things in 3D, the bad guys who would like to stop them, can't, because the Team is not there in 3D physicality; it only looks that way to the people they encounter.

I wouldn't have put up the information if it wasn't true because there's no point in telling Tall Tales. What strikes you as 'bizarre' is due to a lack of information on your end. What we are told is reality by mainstream society is only a small fraction of known reality. The bulk of the info known to Illuminati insiders and their cohorts is not to be shared with the general public, thus your difficult-to-believe reaction.

You are kept in the dark about such things as moon bases or bases on Mars, or government built UFO technology, time tunnels and time machines, age regression machines, or their 75 year "treaty" with negative aliens like the reptilians and the grays (which is renewed every ten years: E.g. 1934, 1944, 1954, etc.). TV and radio is a 24/7 propaganda blitz intended to keep you preoccupied with minutia, scandal, and sensational diversions while the Illuminated Zionist satanists go forward with their takeover agenda.

At this stage, I'm only reporting about 1% of the information being relayed, but I will expand in the near future. We don't want to assist the Dark Side in any way by tipping them off to anything that is in the works or being planned. There will be plenty of time for revealing more info when the mission is accomplished.

I already reported big hits on the chemtrail operations in March, May and April of 2010. More will be done on chemtrails in the future. Currently, other work is being attended to.

I keep reminding people on my web site that the NWO IS BEING DISMANTLED behind the scenes. It takes time to build Rome, but it's happening. The more people who join the fight, the faster the NWO will go down. Ordinary people can assist and ADD POWER to the process by THINKING POSITIVE THOUGHTS of defeating and terminating the NWO schemers and schemes on a daily basis. POSITIVE thinking adds ENERGY to the defense system and will speed up the defeat of the NWO.

Actively DOING SOMETHING on the local level, like taking back your police department into the human race (de-militarize them and get rid of TASERS) or defeating and going after NWO sell-out politicians, can add a TREMENDOUS amount of energy to the Resistance system. Look at the HUGE effect that John Tyner, the guy who resisted the TSA thugs at the San Diego airport a few days ago had upon the ENTIRE nation by posting his cell phone recordings on YouTube.

For those with the inclination to get involved directly in the Etheric Resistance, carefully study the guide written by Jack London and learn how to enter the void:

How to Fight Monsters and Win by Jack London (A Guidebook to Defeating Human, Alien, and Demonic Oppressors) July 4, 2009)

This is an important guide written by someone who KNOWS what he's talking about.

Chemtrails can't stick long enough in my area to form into lines or grids. You can achieve the same results by improving the local atmosphere via 'gifting' cell phone towers with muffin size orgone generators and setting up a few chembusters in your area.

Goodbye Chemtrails, Hello Blue Skies

Kind Regards,Ken
#94 | Posted: 18 Nov 2010 07:55 | Edited by: Starseed
A Chinese farmer has claimed that he had sex with an alien.

She was three metres tall, had 12 fingers and braided leg hair - and she wanted to make love with him, Meng Zhaoguo said.

So the farmer from Heilongjiang and the robust extra-terrestrial seductress had intimate moments - while levitating - for about 40 minutes, claims Meng, who is the protagonist of what is perhaps China's best-known alien abduction report.

Meng said he met other extraterrestrials after that.

"The aliens showed me a piece of crystal through which I saw forests, icebergs and fossil fuels on the Earth.

"They told me about the current situation facing Earth's resources and warned me about the importance of environmental protection," he said.

The aliens also told him that the offspring of him and the female extraterrestrial would appear 60 years from when they had sex.
#95 | Posted: 19 Nov 2010 02:51
New entry on Documentory Wire re: Chemtrails
#96 | Posted: 19 Nov 2010 07:50 | Edited by: Starseed
New entry on Documentory Wire re: Chemtrails

Few problems popped up with that film IOH:

The documentary film "What in the World are They Spraying", by Michael J. Murphy, attempts to promote the Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory (which states that long lasting contrails are actually the result of secret government spray operations), and proposes a possible explanation: that the trails part of a geoengineering project involving injecting large amounts of aluminum into the atmosphere to block the suns rays.

The basic premise of the film is:
Normal Contrails fade away quickly
Scientists have talked about geoengineering using aluminum sprayed from planes
Since 1999, trails have been observed to persist for a long time
Tests in various locations at ground level have found different levels of aluminum
Monsanto has genetically engineered aluminum resistent crops
The government denies any spraying or geoengineering is going on
THEREFORE: The trails are aluminum being sprayed as part of a secret government geoengineering project.

Normal contrails can persist and spread

That reasoning is somewhat suspect even if you accept all the points. But where it really falls down is that it's based on a false assumption – that "normal" contrails quickly fade away. In reality, normal contrails can persist for hours, and spread out to cover the sky. Whether they do this or not is entirely dependent on the atmospheric conditions that the plane is flying through, so it depends on the weather, and on the altitude of the plane. This is something that has been observed since 1921. Just look at any book on the weather.

The aluminum tests are scientifically unsound

So the film is based on a false premise, and builds upon it to an inevitable false conclusion. But what about the aluminum tests? You can find the tests referenced in the film here:

The first aluminum result is from the pond, discussed at the start of part 3, and it's 375,000 ug/l. What they don't mention is that it's from pond sediment, sludge. So essentially it's not testing water, but is instead testing the amount of aluminum in soil. So that's 375 mg/kg for sediment that has settled in a pond over several years. That's actually quite low. Aluminum concentration ...

Discussing ≠ Doing

Finally, what of the government discussions of geoengineering, and their denials that anything is going on? Exactly. What of it? They discuss geoengineering because it's something that people might actually want to do in the future, so we'd better talk about it now, so we can figure out what problems might occur. The concerns about health effects and effects on the environment are perfectly valid concerns, but they are not evidence that a spraying program is currently underway.
#97 | Posted: 19 Nov 2010 08:14
Thanks IOH. Id already seen that one, plus many others, but there were some interesting posts on that site as well. ( ml).

There are many such problems affecting us here in the UK, GM crops being one of them. Both of my daughters have Degrees in Agriculture & both still work in the industry, & some of the things they tell me is hard to believe. I know it to be true about the problems with milk, how it is full of antibiotics, etc, & how the dairy farmers have been forced to find other ways to live, etc. plus the fate of Indian farmers who have comitted suicide in their thousands because they are forced to buy GM seeds by Big Pharma.

Chemtrails will always be a "no-go" area for those who dont/dont want to believe, & I was one of the most skeptic for quite some time. My eyes have been opened.

As I usually say, check the facts & make your own mind up. Its personal choice.

#98 | Posted: 19 Nov 2010 22:31
#99 | Posted: 19 Nov 2010 22:51
#100 | Posted: 21 Nov 2010 12:47
#101 | Posted: 21 Nov 2010 13:38
#660 | Posted: 6 Nov 2010 14:43
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I posted this 3 days ago, but nobody commented. I have a CD of this system, which was part of my course work. dk

#636 | Posted: 3 Nov 2010 15:14
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Not quite the same, but subliminal messaging, received from a spiritual group. They admit it is a type of hypnosis, & this is to explain to people who dont understand how this works. dk

Watch these. Some things explained. dk

Read some of the comments on this one ALPHA THETA
#102 | Posted: 21 Nov 2010 23:17
This photo is from January 29th 2009, at approximately 3-4PM over Corvallis, Oregon.


#103 | Posted: 21 Nov 2010 23:20 | Edited by: Starseed
#104 | Posted: 25 Nov 2010 04:28
The Wireless Revolution is Here... and It's Killing Us!

November 23, 2010 by Dr. Mark Wiley
The Wireless Revolution is Here... and It's Killing Us!

For many, the idea of there being such a thing as harmful electromagnetic frequency (EMF) smog has never crossed their minds. If you cannot see it, it does not exist, right?

Well, no. This smog is all around us: everyday, everywhere we go. It originates from the frequencies of cell towers, Wi-Fi in cafes, cell and cordless phones, High-Definition televisions, laptop computers, microwaves and especially in our vehicles. EMFs are making us ill and killing us slowly by breaking down the very structure of our cells. There is no escaping it.

Here's what Martin Blank, Ph.D., of Columbia University has to say about it: "Cells in the body react to low level EMFs and produce a biochemical stress response. Our safety standards are inadequate. People need to sit up and pay attention."

Where the prevention and correction of ill health is concerned, I have always been a proponent of the idea that "the cure is found in the prevention." Moreover, when we are feeling ill or in pain, the best route is to take the natural, holistic and least invasive path toward removal of symptoms and toward a cure. In other words, don't mask the symptoms; correct the imbalance that is at the root of the issue. Yet, when the root cause of the imbalance is the unseen electromagnetic frequencies attacking us in every direction, how can a correction of the cause happen?

Before embarking on that answer, I'd like to make the argument that such a problem exists and let you know how bad the experts think it really is. According to the internationally acclaimed Bioinitiative Report: A Rationale for a Biologically-Based Public Exposure Standards for Electromagnetic Fields, we live in an invisible fog of EMFs. This is not something new. In fact, 2,000 peer-reviewed studies show that EMFs expose us to serious health risks including breast cancer, Alzheimer's disease, immune system and neurodegenerative disorders, disruption of brain function and cancer.

As it turns out, extremely weak electromagnetic signals, some 1,000 times smaller than formerly estimated, can have serious physiological consequences. As the European Parliament concluded in 2008, "The limits on exposure to electromagnetic fields which have been set for the general public are obsolete."

We are immersed in a sea of EMF radiation­­. It comes from cordless phones and base stations, cell phones and towers, electrical appliances, computers, fluorescent lighting, Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi installations and more than 2,000 satellites for GPS and TV and radio communications.

If we don't act now to resolve this and legislate new standards, warns the Bioinitiative Report, outdoor WiMax transmitters with ranges of up to two square miles may turn the core of North America into one huge EMF hot spot, making an untold number of people sick... or worse.

Medical epidemiologist Samuel Milham, M.D., M.P.H., has this to say about it:

"New research is suggesting that nearly all of the human plagues which emerged in the 20th century, including leukemia in children, female breast cancer, malignant melanomas, immune system disorders, asthma and others, can be tied in some way to our use of electricity."

Here's a breakdown of the negative health effects of prolonged EMF exposure. That is, exposure over a scant two milligauss...

* Interferes with our body's intracellular communications and cell membrane function.
* Reduces hemoglobin surface area and interferes with blood's ability to carry oxygen and nutrients into our cells and take the waste products out.
* Activates proto-oncogenes (which can cause cancer).
* Increases permeability of the blood-brain barrier and affects intra-cerebral pressure, which some believe seems to bring on Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, autism, multiple sclerosis and other neurodegenerative disorders.
* Causes DNA breaks and chromosome aberrations.
* Increases free radical production.
* Causes cell stress and premature aging.
* Causes changes in brain function, including memory loss, learning impairment, headaches and fatigue.
* Reduces melatonin secretion. Melatonin is responsible for sleep patterns and helps protect the body against cancer, among other things.
* Causes many microorganisms living in the human body to generate increased levels of their own toxins, affecting people's health in a myriad of ways.

In a nutshell, each of our cells is surrounded by something called a phospholipid bi-layer membrane, commonly known as the cell membrane. Embedded in the cell membrane are numerous proteins that act as receptors for various molecules, including enzymes. These receptors translate the positive/negative signals on the cell's exterior into its interior, and these signals then trigger various biological processes.

What happens when we're affected by external electromagnetic fields is that the high-speed positive/negative polarity switching within these fields, from hundreds to millions of times per second, interferes with our cells' internal signaling process. Basically, it confuses them and they become paralyzed.

"Cells in the body react to EMFs," says Blank. "The DNA recognizes electromagnetic fields at very low levels of exposure and produces a biochemical stress response. The scientific evidence tells us that our safety standards are inadequate. We should sit up and pay attention."

Related to this, a number of experiments have shown that magnetic fields can affect calcium ions, in particular, which are present across the cell membrane. Calcium ions regulate many important functions of the cell; thus, the interaction between calcium ions and magnetic fields may be an important mechanism of reaction relating to electromagnetic fields. Could this be why so many people, women in particular, are being affected by osteoporosis?

To cite an occupational study by Johns Hopkins: The incidence of brain tumors among 4,500 telephone company line cable splicers was almost twice as high as that of office workers, and their leukemia rate was seven times as high. Also, an increased risk ratio of 10 was found for brain cancer among East Texas Utility workers. Scary stuff!

"It is important that all of us restrict our use of cell phones, limit exposure to background levels of Wi-Fi, and that government and industry discovers ways in which to allow use of wireless devices without such elevated risk of serious disease. We need to communicate to decision-makers that 'business as usual' is unacceptable." That is no small statement, considering it comes from David Carpenter, M.D., professor of Environmental Health Sciences at the State University of New York in Albany, NY.

So if the root cause of many of our health issues, or at least the worsening of them, is unavoidable EMF radiation, what can we do about it? That's a difficult question, and short of moving out of metropolitan areas and going back to old-school phones and wired keyboards and mice, a solution is found in the strengthening of our cellular structures.

A product recently permitted into the United States claims it can do this in only eight minutes, two to three times a day. It's called the MRS2000, and is a German-engineered medical device that uses pulsed, healthy EMFs to counter the debilitating effects of today's EMF smog and help bring people to optimal health.

It turns out (much like the discovery of both good and bad cholesterol), that certain EMFs are actually good for us. In fact, we can't live without them. As a result, much research has gone into refining pulsed EMF therapy and the results are impressive.

Paul Rosch, M.D., of New York Medical College, went on record to say, "While EMFs are responsible for quite a bit of damage, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Pulsed electromagnetic (PEMF) therapies have been shown to be beneficial for stress related disorders, for anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, depression and more. They also may be safer and more effective than drugs."

Thousands of clinical studies are proving its value, and PEMF therapy is beginning to get the recognition it deserves. While experts may not all agree on what EMF exposure levels cause what health issues, the dearth of evidence out there suggests we would be foolish not to apply the precautionary principle and reduce our exposure. Using the MRS2000 is a big step in the right direction.

I recently borrowed this device from James Grapek of LifeEnergyRx. After using it I felt so good that I ended up purchasing one for my family. To learn more about EMF radiation and the MRS2000, visit

–Dr. Mark Wiley
#105 | Posted: 25 Nov 2010 09:31
It was a very clear day Yesterday, clear blue sky, it was perfect conditions for ALL of the different contrails to form up there.

There were dozens of the 'on' off 'on' off ones.
Lots of the single spreading start and stop ones.
Lots of the 'crossing' 'on' 'off' ones (forming the traditional 'chemtrailers' grids)

I took several - lots - of photos yesterday. To add to my mounting collection of easily explainable CONTRAILS.

As the atmospheric conditions were just perfect to produce a blue sky littered with the whole array of different Contrails, that I`m sure, many of the ignorant fearmongers looking up would have been only too ready to try to explain as something 'sinister'.

Makes me laugh.
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