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#31 | Posted: 28 Nov 2010 06:23
latest copy of worldwide archaelogical sites, some in UK. dk

Hello dreamkatcher
Welcome to this edition of the Megalithic Portal News Summary.

Announcing the Megalithic Portal photo competiton winners for September 2010
Subject: Photography
I'm pleased to announce the winners of the September 2010 photo competition. As the top two were very close, and one of our winners is too modest to accept his prize we have extended to four winners this month.
Joint 1st Prize: The Captain (Martyn) with Down Tor
Joint 1st Prize: Hamish Fenton with Mam Tor
2nd Prize: Martin L with D50 Noordsleen
3rd Prize: Chester1960 with Five Wells
View the photos and more Highly Commended entries:

Archaeology under threat - 'Perfect storm' of proposed cuts throws field into ch
Subject: Sites under Threat
UK archaeologists are facing a wave of cuts that they say will lead to a loss of skills and take the teaching of the subject "back to the 1950s". To cut the national budget deficit, the UK government has launched an austerity programme that will see research funding stay static for the next four years. But archaeology is expected to be hit particularly hard, because the subject depends on a combination of public institutions run by several different government departments that are all seeing simultaneous budget reductions.

Dolmen Mare des Faïsses
Subject: Megaliths in France
Burial Chamber (Dolmen) in Languedoc:Hérault. On the D17e6 about 2.4 km. before the crossing with the A107e4 (coming from the south) find a path on the left side.

Tullebølle Jættestue
Subject: Megaliths in Scandinavia
Jættestue (Passage Grave) in Svendborg
Note: November snow hits Denmark!

Subject: Other Archaeology
Ancient Village or Settlement in Iraq.Ancient city dating to 3rd Milenium BCE and earlier and one of the most important cities of ancient Mesopotamia. The site today is marked by a broad area of ruins just east of the Euphrates River, about 90 km south of Baghdad, Iraq.
Note: Ancient tablets reveal mathematical achievements of ancient Babylonians, and listen to their language online. See the latest comments.

Subject: Recent Discoveries
Ancient Settlement in Serbia. A settlement dating from 5500 BCE and inhabited for about 800 years before being abandoned.
Note: World's oldest Copper Age settlement found

Carse Standing Stones
Subject: Megaliths in Scotland
Standing Stones in Argyll. Situated in level fields SW of Carse House at the head of Loch Stornoway, there are three standing stones, this pair and a single stone 110m to the WNW

Protonuraghi - the oldest nuragic constructions of Bronze Age Sardinia
Subject: Megaliths in Italy
Protonuraghi (or protonuraghes in Sardinian spelling), known also as corridor-style nuraghi, are one of the most mysterious constructions in nuragic architecture of prehistoric Sardinia. They differ from classic tholos-style nuraghi in many ways – they are usually constructed on a rectangular base, but sometimes they can be a totally irregular shape.

ArchaeoNews: Archaeology News on the iPhone
Subject: Online Resources
ArchaeoNews is the first mobile application that brings news about the ancient world to the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Using this app you can read all the news published on the Stone Pages website and access their MP3 podcasts, a half hour weekly archaeology news show.

Glastonbury Tor
Subject: Megaliths in England
Glastonbury Tor is a hill at Glastonbury, Somerset, England, which features the roofless St. Michael's Tower. The site is managed by the National Trust.
Note: Two thousand trees are being planted on the bottom slopes of Glastonbury Tor, in a hark back to the area's traditional roots.

Tainter Cave
Subject: North America
Cave in Crawford County, Wisconsin.Nearly 100 drawings and carvings of birds, animals and humans. Much of the cave art is in the dark zone of the cave, where artifacts (ceramics, torches, a shoe) have also been found. One figure has been directly dated to 600 AD, while artifacts represent periods dated from 500 - 1500 AD.
Note: Evidence of Effigy Mound Culture Decline in Pictographs? "It's suggestive of desperation..."

Beer Lubricated the Rise of Civilization, Study Suggests
Subject: Other Archaeology
Some archaeologists say that Stone Age farmers were domesticating cereals not so much to fill their stomachs but to lighten their heads, by turning the grains into beer. That has been their take for more than 50 years, and now one archaeologist says the evidence is getting stronger.
Note: May beer have helped lead to the rise of civilization?

Thanks for being a subscriber, that was the Megalithic Portal News Summary Please consider joining our Independent non-profit society for just £10 (approx $16) for the year.

Cheers until next time,
#32 | Posted: 28 Nov 2010 06:35
A side-note here:

The first house in Britain was found at Howick, near Alnwick, or so we thought. This just in.

LONDON, Aug. 11, 2010
11,000-Year-Old House Hailed as Britain's Oldest
Circular Structure Believed to Predate Stonehenge by 6,000 Years; Built When Britain Was Still Connected to Mainland Europe

* This drawing released by Manchester University Wednesday Aug. 11, 2010 shows an impression of a waterside home of nomad hunters dating back about 11,00 years after archaeologists said Wednesday they had uncovered the site of Britain's oldest house.

This drawing released by Manchester University Wednesday Aug. 11, 2010 shows an impression of a waterside home of nomad hunters dating back about 11,00 years after archaeologists said Wednesday they had uncovered the site of Britain's oldest house. (AP Photo/Manchester University)

(AP) Archaeologists have uncovered the site of Britain's oldest house, the waterside home of nomad hunters dating back about 11,000 years.

The dwelling, which has lake views, a thatched roof and very original features, predates the country's famous Stonehenge monument by around 6,000 years and was built at a time when Britain was still connected to continental Europe.

Teams from the University of York and the University of Manchester working at the site believe the circular shaped home was built in about 8,500 B.C. next to an ancient lake at Star Carr, near Scarborough, in northeastern England.

"This is a sensational discovery and tells us so much about the people who lived at this time," Nicky Milner from the University of York said Wednesday. "From this excavation, we gain a vivid picture of how these people lived."

Discoveries made at the site suggest the house was about 11 feet, 6 inches wide, constructed of timber posts and likely had a roof of thatched reeds. The site was probably inhabited for between 200 and 500 years, and there were possibly several homes built at the site.

Archaeologists have also uncovered a 11,000-year-old tree trunk, with its bark still intact, and found traces of a wooden jetty-like platform on the bank of the ancient lake that could be the first evidence of carpentry in Europe.

The house is about 500 to 1,000 years older than a building in Howick, northern England, previously thought to have been the country's oldest home.

"This changes our ideas of the lives of the first settlers to move back into Britain after the end of the last Ice Age. We used to think they moved around a lot and left little evidence. Now we know they built large structures and were very attached to particular places in the landscape," said Chantal Conneller, an archaeologist at the University of Manchester.

Artifacts found at the site - which include part of an oar, arrow tips and deer skulls - offer clues to the lives of the settlers. It's thought they kept domestic dogs, hunted deer, wild boar and elk, fished on the lake and had rituals that involved the use of headdresses fashioned from animal skulls.

Science minister David Willetts said the building was an important discovery.

"It brings out the similarities and differences between modern life and the ancient past in a fascinating way, and will change our perceptions for ever," he said.

The Star Carr site, which dates back to 9,000 B.C., was first discovered in 1947. Archaeologists began work to uncover the house about two years ago.

More From SciTech

* Hunters May Have Killed Off Mammoths
#33 | Posted: 10 Dec 2010 20:12
Ralph Ellis - Egyptian Exodus - King Jesus: from Kam (Egypt) to Camelot pt1

RALPH ELLIS gave this talk at the Beyond Knowledge Conference 2008 in Liverpool. Ralph is a tremendous researcher and author and speaker, and a very nice gentlemen to boot(please don't kick Ralph as he's a tall dude!).

Ralph's website:-

Books by Ralph Ellis:-

King Jesus, from Kam (Egypt) to Camelot,
Cleopatra to Christ / Scota, Egyptian Queen of the Scots,
Eden in Egypt,
Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs,
Tempest & Exodus,
Solomon, Falcon of Sheba,
Thoth, Architect of the Universe,
K2, Quest of the Gods.


#34 | Posted: 11 Dec 2010 05:57
So much ancient history forgotten or not looked at as it doesnt affect peoples' lives/lifestyle today. If they checked, theyd find out a lot more. Lots of information waiting to be read.

My youngest daughter lives on a hill farm, as most of you know, but it is covered in ancient sites, which are strongly protected by the authorities. There is very little to see there, a quarry, some raised land, etc. but it is classed as "ancient sites." They arent allowed to alter anything without permission & are stood over whilst the work is being carried out.

Id love to delve deeply into what exactly went on there, as its nearly into the Scotland/England border country. Id not like to go on foot in the dark, its bad enough in the daylight by car. Big rough terrain hills, deep gullies. With all of this snow, its very hard going at the minute.

With modern machinery its still hard work, nothing like a lowland farm. Most of the machinery been frozen up, as well as 4 x 4's for the past 2 wks. Not easy feeding animals on foot with snow up to the top of your legs. They have my sympathy.

#35 | Posted: 11 Dec 2010 11:40
Once again, ancient history destroyed for gain.... there are places where sites are fenced off to allow them to stay put. Why cant this be done in all cases? dk

Welcome to this edition of the Megalithic Portal News Summary.

Did Climate Change Drive Prehistoric Culture Change?
Subject: North America
A new study finds a strong correlation between changing climate and changing culture in the prehistoric United States.Archaeologists divide the prehistory of North America into three broad cultural phases: the Paleoindian, Archaic, and Woodland periods. They are characterized by an increasing trend toward sedentary lifestyles and shifts in the kinds of plants and animals people lived on, as well as changes in the kinds of tools and other artifacts they used.

Ventarron - Temple of the Captured Deer
Subject: South America
Ancient Temple in Lambayeque Department, Peru.Cerro Ventarron is a natural hill containing multiple adobe ceremonial sites that were built and used over several millennium. Artwork found in one 4000 year old adobe "pyramid" is believed to be the oldest example of a painted mural in the New World.
Note: Ancient Lambayeque civilizations domesticated cats 3500 years ago?

Banks Chambered Tomb
Subject: Megaliths in Scotland
Likely Chambered Tomb in Orkney. Two weeks to save 5,000-year-old tomb in Orkney. Archaeologists are involved in a race against time to investigate what may be a 5,000-year-old burial complex in Orkney. The site containing human remains was uncovered by a local man while using a mechanical digger for landscaping his garden at Banks on the island of South Ronaldsay.
Note: Neolithic tomb found in garden 'extremely significant', with multiple burials

Subject: Other Archaeology
Ancient Village or Settlement in India.A Harappan culture city situated in the Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary, although during monsoon years, the site may be completely surrounded by water. Discovered in the 1960's, the main occupation has been dated from 2650 BC to 2100 BC.
Note: Dholavira was the lake city of the great Indus Valley civilization

Incapirca Waminan
Subject: South America
Ancient Temple in Peru. An Inca Ushnu, a ceremonial platform structure.
Note: Discovery of sacred ancestor stones has archaeologists 'dancing a jig'.

Monte Bubbonia
Subject: Megaliths in Italy
Travelling from Gela to Catania, taking the road SS. 117, follow the directions to Piazza Armerina; nine kilometres on there is a cross-roads and to the left the old road to Mazzarino. The road sign shows Itinerarium Antoninii, an old road map from the time of the Roman Empire, documented importance of which is pointed out on an opportune tourist chart. The entrance to the mount is just three kilometres further on.
Note: Archaeologist Salvatore Piccolo takes a close look at four important dolmens in Sicily in this exclusive feature article for us

2,300-Year-old Maya ruins destroyed for pastureland
Subject: Sites under Threat
An ancient Mayan residential complex some 2,300 years old was destroyed by heavy machinery in the southeastern Mexican state of Yucutan to clear the land for pasture on a private ranch, officials told Efe.
Note: "... the loss is total and irreparable,"

Bowda Stone Circle
Subject: Megaliths in England
Information from Pastscape states, "Possible stone circle, may be a group of natural earthfast boulders." I had never heard of this until I saw this, so I thought I'd better go and have a look.

Santarém Settlements
Subject: South America
Ancient Village or Settlement in Brazil.The remains of approximately 90 pre-Columbian settlements in the area south of Santarém on the Amazon River. The most striking physical features include large round excavated depressions (which may be storage ponds) and plots of enhanced fertile soil.
Note: Swedish-Brazilian research team made important new discoveries concerning pre-Columbian settlements in the Amazon. See Comment.

Tenochtitlan - Templo Mayor
Subject: Central America
Ancient Temple in Mexico City Federal District, Mexico.When the Spanish conquistadors under Cortez conquered the capitol city of the Aztecs, Tenochtitlan, in 1519 this temple pyramid was the center of the great city. Three years later the conquerors, under Cortez, began to raze the city and topple the twin temples found at the peak of Templo Mayor.
Note: Summary of an ArchNews Feature on the Blood Rituals that Took Place at the Templo Mayor. See comments.

El Teul Archaeological Zone
Subject: Central America
Ancient Settlement in Zacatecas.Occupied by Caxcan culture for less than 2 centuries (1350/1400-1531 AD), the settlement on the Cerro de Teul was their most important ceremonial center.

Note: Sculpture of Decapitated MesoAmerican Ball Player found at Site Being Readied for Public Opening. See comment.

San Agustin Parque Arqueologico
Subject: South America
Archaeological park of San Agustin is one of the most important and most famous concentrations of prehistoric monuments in South America. San Agustin civilization flourished from 6th century BC to 12th century AD, forming magnificent culture remains of which we can see in San Agustin and in over 30 sites around the town.
#36 | Posted: 23 Dec 2010 01:54
Reply, Updated: 22/12/2010 21:33
Fossil link to unknown human group

The upper molar tooth was found in a Siberian cave
A 30,000-year-old fossil finger bone found in a Siberian cave belonged to a previously unknown strain of human, scientists say.

The surprising discovery came after researchers analysed unusually well-preserved DNA from the bone.

The findings, reported in the journal Nature, confirmed that the specimen came from a young girl who was neither "modern human" nor Neanderthal.

Instead she belonged to a separate, now extinct, branch of the human family tree scientists have named Denisovians, after Denisova Cave in southern Siberia where the fossil was found.

A molar tooth recovered from the cave is also believed to be from a Denisovian individual.

It looks different from the teeth of modern humans and Neanderthals, and more closely resembles those of much older human ancestors such as Homo erectus.

The finds alter the story of human evolution, suggesting the Neanderthals had an Asian sister group that broke away on their own evolutionary path before dying out.

Most scientists believe ancestors of the Neanderthals left Africa between 300,000 and 400,000 years ago to establish themselves in Europe and Eurasia.

Meanwhile, the direct ancestors of modern humans, Homo sapiens, remained and evolved in Africa.

They headed out of Africa 70,000 to 80,000 years ago and for a time co-existed with the soon-to-be-extinct Neanderthals.
#37 | Posted: 23 Dec 2010 02:02
ttp:// th-Us

#38 | Posted: 25 Dec 2010 22:32
This presentation shows eye opening evidence with reference to the existance of the annunaki and contact with previous civilisations through artifacts found.
#39 | Posted: 26 Dec 2010 15:40
IMO no evidence should be totally discounted until proven to be fake.

#40 | Posted: 26 Dec 2010 22:08
Presuming the artifacts are not fake would lead to some amazing conclusions regarding the history of early civilisations contary to school taught or bible story.
Intelligent intervention is not offered as a choice in the creation / evolution discussion.
#41 | Posted: 27 Dec 2010 08:04
I totally agree as I dont think what is taught in school is very true, according to the stories my grandsons tell me theyve been told.

#42 | Posted: 10 Feb 2011 05:45
I watched this at 3am today. It might interest some of you. dk

A History of Ancient Britain - Series 1 - Episode 1 pisode_1/

Watch in HD

Neil Oliver begins the epic story of how Britain and its people came to be. This episode, a look at the struggle for survival in the brutal world of Ice Age Britain.

Neil Oliver travels back to ice age Britain as he begins the epic story of how our land and its people came to be over thousands of years of ancient history. This week sees a struggle for survival in a brutal world of climate change and environmental catastrope.
#43 | Posted: 10 Feb 2011 09:57
Thanks for these posts dreamcatcher. I love ancient history.
#44 | Posted: 10 Feb 2011 10:29
This presentation shows eye opening evidence with reference to the existance of the annunaki and contact with previous civilisations through artifacts found.

Watced this a while ago,fascinating. If you go to the red ice web site there are some very informative links.
#45 | Posted: 10 Feb 2011 13:07
My posts are being deleted as I am sending.

Try these From-Swine-Flu-Have-Coexisting-Bacterial-Infections.aspx
Subject: How the Elite Are Tampering With the Temporal Lobes of Our Brains To Put Us Into Trace States And What We Can Do About This!

IAHF List: I recently sent you this in which I showed you an alert I sent out locally to "PREP" (Point Roberts Emergency Preparedness Group) in which I expressed concern about present economic trends suggesting that it would make sense for local people to have a dialogue to consider possible courses of action to protect ourselves in the event of possible bank failures and martial law.

Due to the level in which people have been systematically mesmerized, manipulated, dumbed down, and put into a trance like state, so far I haven't had a single email or phone call about my alert from anyone in my local area.

Perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised by this, but none the less, I was- that is until yesterday when I heard a TREMENDOUS Alex Jones show in which his guest was a guy named Alan Watt who is the most impressive expert I've ever heard regarding the long history and specific tactics of the New World Order to control our minds and to engage in social engineering to further their genocide agenda by targetting a specific part of our brains intended to lull us to sleep: the Temoporal Lobe.

I was so impressed by this show, that today I went back, and listened to it again- while taking notes. After taking notes, I went back and google searched some of the books mentioned so I could give you the urls, and then located additional supplemental information that ties in with what they were saying to help us all understand this better.

Please see my notes (below) and below them you'll find the links you can go to to hear this show yourself (well worth the time!!) In my notes you'll see several ideas we can all use to help penetrate the systematically altered minds of those around us so that more people will be able to "break free of the Matrix" and take the sort of steps we must all take to protect ourselves.


Alan Watt was a guest on the Alex Jones show yesterday, and he shed considerable light on the REASON it is so hard to reach people around us with information such as what I've been sending out to the IAHF list.

He says the reason is that a systematic effort has been underway for decades to put us all under electronic mind control by destroying the part of the brain that deals with self preservation- the temporal lobe, and he documents the intention to do this by citing books written by people such as Betrand Russell. (Russell was an operative for British Intelligence and who wrote a book called The Impact of Science and Technology in which he said that the ruling elite would use scientific methods to cut down world population, 1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1218071492&sr=1-1

Watt also discussed a guy named Arthur Koestler, (another British Intelligence agent) who wrote a book called The Ghost in the Machine and what he wrote about was the ruling elite's plan to destroy our individuality by systematically destroying the temporal lobe of the brain to turn us all into compliant zombies who could be easily manipulated. e=UTF8&s=books&qid=1218071417&sr=1-2

Zbiginew Brezniski also wrote about this in a book called Between Two Ages which was about Technotronics. In it he elaborates on the sort of Technotronic Prison Camp he envisioned the USA being turned into as all of our privacy is stripped away by all powerful Big Brother. The evil philosophy of the Rockefeller created Trilateral Commission is revealed in this book

Watt and Jones talked about how cell phones damage the temporal lobe, and so do video games (which have even triggered grand mal seizures in some people which are temporal lobe seizures). They talked about how TV is being used for this purpose, and how DARPA is now targetting us all using ELF waves from GWEN towers in order to turn us into zombies. [See Mind Control With Silent Sounds and Super Computers:

They talked about how vaccines are being used to restructure the temporal lobe of the brain, and I'm sure chemtrails are being used for this purpose too. They talked about massive social engineering going on via TV- discussing the difference in a pub from when before they all had TVs when it was much easier to connect with people via conversations to now where they're blasting loudly with TVs making it harder for people to have conversations. They talked about the social engineering designed to destroy and break up families and to get the sexes and generations divided and the purpose is so Big Brother can isolate us in order to more easily control our minds and keep us from being able to realize whats going on around us.

Alex Jones says that on CNN broadcasts we're actually looking at 6 screens with the deepest screen and the flickering feed only being picked up by our subconcious mind, , and the ticker scrolling along at the bottom are all designed to put us into a more suggestible alpha state of consciousness- more of an unconscious mode in which we automatically accept what we're being told because the censor part of our brain (temporal lobe) is shut down (!!!)

The ticker scrolling at the bottom of the page is similar to a hypnotist using a pendulum that we follow with our eyes as we're lulled into a hypnotic state. According to Alex, the Military says they'll be "inserting us into the Pods by 2025" where we'd be living in a state of "virtual reality" as they would kill our physical bodies.

Watt says the Pentagon has a duplicate of each of us, a clone of us, in a Cray Supercomputer and soon we won't know if we're waking up in the real world or the virtual world.

We're losing our humanity by living in the virtual world of cell phones, email texting,etc. Alex Jones talked about being in a restaurant recently in which he observed a family at the nearby table. No one was talking with each other. One parent was talking on a cell phone, the other was sending text messages, one kid was playing a hand held video game, while the other was staring blankly off into space like a zombie- but the family was fragmented, not communicating, and that is by design.

The Reece Commission's purpose was to find ways to blend the American system into the Soviet System in which mind control techniques had been very heavily studied especially with school children. (The Reece Commission of the US Congress searched for and found systematic communist effort to influence the major tax exempt Foundations whose purpose was to work toward merging the USA with the Soviet Union to bring about a global totalitarian state

Alan Watt said that one common denominator he's seen pertaining to people who seem to be able to remain the most free of this programming is that they tend to have allergies which he theorizes helps protect the brain by keeping certain toxins from being able to enter the brain.

Alex Jones sees people on the inside of the Defense establishment leaking information out because they don't like any of this even though these people are under increased surveillance.


Jones strongly advises home schooling to keep the state from being able to program your kids, not watching TV, not using cell phones, not playing video g
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