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#271 | Posted: 19 Dec 2010 02:44
Thank you for the link! I remmember it from my polytechnic days , but not my spelling. I have used this equation many times as a lowly employee, which astounded top/company engineers directors, stating to existing and prospective clients that this ( resultant quote was from a very minded individual in the field of statistical analysis ). This was from coating protective substances on walls, to positively 'predicting' anaerobic gasses released without adequate ventilation of landfill sites. ITS A FAB EQUATION.
Unfortunately, I have lost my printer! PLEASE,PLEASE, ( my ex - wife has also burnt all my Poly/uni. files and my certs. plus photo's ), if you have this above with a basic example ie.coverage of a 1m2 of water(relative masses I can garner ), please e-mail me on
Many thanks and I hope to see/meet you at some future event/conference etc.
Merry XMASS- but a Prosperous new year.
#272 | Posted: 19 Dec 2010 09:06 | Edited by: ImOverHere
bloxsomeNever used statistics at work, normally Thermo-dynamics, fluidics and lot on strength of materials. Named as inventor on patent for self cooling bearing housing for mining applications. Now that I have got out of the rat race it is really nice to have my head back to myself and spend my time thinking about model railways and studying what ever interests me without any formal pressure. I do miss my days on the drawing board though working in ink on tracing paper. This is now a dying art due to CAD. I've got an AO board at home and do house plans and planning applications for people.
Closest I ever came to your line was methane capture from landfill sites but I was involved with the mechanics of capture for combustion to provide heat, not the chemical mathamatics of the formation process.
I must try and get to some event or conference but I live way out in the wilds in Scotland so the back problem that forced me to pack up work stops me driving long distances.
Have a good Xmas
#273 | Posted: 19 Dec 2010 11:18

I too remember those years. Im probably about your age, judging from your posts.

quote:"years ago , we used to chuck and spread our ashes on the roads, but mostly on the pavements ,so we could get to the shop"

My youngest daughter who works as a shepherd on a hill farm in north Northumberland saves ashes from their fire & only this week is spreading them on the track to her 200yo farm cottage to be able to access a road to work, & to spread on farm track to be able to get access to fields to feed cattle, sheep & horses, not forgetting the collies.
I was born & bred in a mining village, my Dad was a shot-firer/deputy at local pit, working on piece work, as were his 5 brothers. He worked there from 14 years old until he retired. My Grandfather was a farm labourer, & when my Father was 12 he was ill with meningitis. He had to go stay with his Uncle on the farm, as his parents couldnt afford to give him the food he needed for his recovery.

When I was young we lived in an upstairs flat in a street of 120 houses, where everybody knew everybody else's business. If you didnt work, there was no food on the table! No income support, etc, no hand-outs, nothing. We had 2 rooms, a living room & a bedroom, no electric lights, just gas mantles, no water apart from across two back lanes, & the toilet was there too - past the communal wash-house. We lived there until I was 16, & Dad got a Colliery house, with electricity, a bathroom, & I had my own bedroom.

My Dad scrimped & saved to send me to a private school, & my first job was as Secretary to the General Manager of the North Eastern Co-op. I was just turned 15. spending most of my time in Board Meetings. Even though we werent rich by a long way, we always had good food, were clean & warm.

I lived the life of Catherine Cookson books, except my Dad didnt batter my Mother, didnt go out get drunk, he worked, played in Brass Band (his only real pleasure) & provided for his family.

[b]quote: "who manualy hewn it from one half a mile underground and several miles from the nearest dangle to the surface, to be absolutely correct"

I OFTEN went to the Drift with my Dad on weekend shifts, checking pumps, etc. so I know the conditions the men worked in. I also used to feed the pit ponies, who got out once a year if they were lucky!!!

I have nothing but admiration for the coal miners, have experienced their community spirit, & was always told "you work hard, provide for your own, & dont ever expect anyone else to support you." In my married life, I had 5 years I didnt work to provide for my girls, & that was when they were very young. I worked to suit times they were at school, & made sure they never went without. I never expected anyone else to look after me, & still dont, have always been independent, & will be to my dying day. A hard life makes you all the more able to cope.

Ive been married twice, once for 23 yrs. & the last one 7 yrs, (he died). Neither of them ever provided for me or my girls. I never needed them to. The first one was the meanest person Ive ever met. He is still the same. Always bragging about how much money he has, & last week someone wiped his bank account clean. (no, not me! ). Maybe now he'll know what its like to have to manage with nothing. He's watched his daughters do without all of their lives. The 2nd one drank/smoked/took drugs & died at 54yrs old. Left me with debt & a funeral to pay for.

All in all, marriage doesnt suit me, but at least I learned how to make ends meet.

In between marriages I had a security company, & I used to patrol on building sites, same as the men (with only my dog for company)> Ive stood up to men on numerous occasions, been beaten up by four men at once, been shot at, driven myself to hospital after one beating & found out I had 6 fractures. I had broken hip, pelvis, pubic bone (& YES, it does hurt a woman), my forearm was broken, as was my elbow & shoulder. My ribs were black because of kickings, & my back was badly damaged. I was back at work withon 6 DAYS, but did mobile checks.

My hard life didnt do me any harm, just gave me more respect for the people who expected to do a days' work for a days' pay. Both of my daughters do the same. Im proud of them.

quote: "most have never picked up anything heavier than a pencil inside your particular group of conversationalists."

As Ive said, BOTH of my daughters work doing manual work on farms. BOTH have degrees in Agriculture, genetics, etc. Lots of men couldnt cope with the jobs they do. Ive WATCHED my youngest daughter throwing heavy bales, taking a tup from a man because HE couldnt hold it, seen her battling a cow whilst giving birth, trying to help her, being butted & bruised all over, coming home with frost-bite down her legs from lying in snow helping a ewe to lamb. Its not all fun & good weather. Some women CAN do a hard job & cope.

Among my conversationalists there are farmers, policemen. firemen, 2 scientists, many people who are "activists" (both sexes), etc.

You sent the above post addressed to me. I dont think I really deserved that rant, do you?

#274 | Posted: 19 Dec 2010 11:31
Just for the sake of it............ weve got snow again. Started during the night.

It was -3 at 8am when I was clearing my car, hopefully to go to shops, but by 8.45am it was -6, so I changed my mind, came in & had breakfast.

Forecast to be sunny tomorrow, so Ill go shopping then, as not desperate. Blizzards due Wednesday onwards. They've just gotten a week out with the forecast.

Happy shovelling.

#275 | Posted: 22 Dec 2010 08:40

22 December 2010

Search: Cumbria earthquake
Headline Photo
A small earthquake measuring 3.6 on the Richter scale has shaken Cumbria, geologists said

Buildings wobbled and the ground rumbled after an earthquake measuring 3.5 on the Richter scale shook Cumbria and neighbouring counties.

Residents were woken up and sent scurrying outside when the tremor struck just before 11pm in Coniston, lasting for up to a minute.

It was felt in places across the county and as far away as Lancashire, south-west Scotland, Northumberland and the Isle of Man. No damage or injuries have yet been reported.
Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter RSS

A spokesman for Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service said: "We can confirm that following the earth tremor that occurred in Cumbria that we have received numerous calls from members of the public but at the present time we are not attending any incidents which are related to the earth tremor."

Peter Kelly, owner of the Yewdale Hotel in Coniston, said: "We felt the earthquake. It probably lasted about 30 seconds. It was quite noticeable. We were just closing up the bar with a few residents in and we just felt like a bang and then a rumbling but we couldn't decide what it was."

Hotelier Alan Robertson, who was in his 30-bed hotel in Eskdale, near Whitehaven, described how the entire building shook.

"I was watching TV and there was this sort of really loud rumble. Then the entire building shook," he said. "I ran out of the front door, only to be confronted by my guests running out of their part of the house. We couldn't believe it."

Data from the British Geological Survey (BGS) showed the location of the quake at Coniston, with a depth of 8.9 miles. The rumble was also flagged up by the US Geological Survey.

BGS Head of Seismology Dr Brian Baptie said: "We get an earthquake of this size somewhere in the UK roughly every 12-18 months. Damage is very unlikely. An earthquake of this size and depth might be felt up to 80-100 km away. The earthquake has probably made windows and doors rattle and small objects might have been displaced."

Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary said the force also had reports of people feeling a tremor in Dalbeattie.
#276 | Posted: 23 Dec 2010 02:20
This is too long to post, but has some really interesting information.

It covers the weather, climate control, gulf stream, & a really good pic of a frozen wave !
There are graphs, pics, etc.

Please read. Answers a lot of what we have been discussing.

#277 | Posted: 23 Dec 2010 02:26
#278 | Posted: 27 Dec 2010 08:46
#279 | Posted: 28 Dec 2010 13:43
Just received. Make your own mind up. dk

Much thanks to a_truth_solider
this is the most complete account of the BP destruction of the Gulf of Mexico
and the ramifications

The BP Gulf of Mexico Destruction
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
As uncovered by A Truth Soldier December 25th 2010 Here is another gift
of truth to the world. http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/> So are your ready to learn and
discover what has been done by British Petroleum and the resulting
perpetual destruction of all life in the Gulf of Mexico and possibly far
beyond? Altering of the worlds weather patterns by stopping the flow of
the Gulf streams warm waters up the Atlantic seaboard and onto Europe.
Which is why you are witnessing the cooling of the northern hemisphere
and the freezing of Europe and the continental USA.
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/64193f394cc 6b439_custom_ 665xauto/>
After you read this and investigate all the links I will provide to the
videos, documents and Internet sites, you will understand my question.
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/692soe2b05r q0001/>
So here goes. I will explain to you in plain simple language what has
happened and I will also mention other Truth Soldiers enlightened
theories as to why anyone could possibly do all this destruction for
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/692sofkn05r q0001/>
I would like to mention that I do not believe that there is any shortage
of oil on this planet. What there is is a shortage of easily and cheaply
retrievable oil.
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/28372_ 1015020064854043 6_765260435_ 13037172_ 6089872_n/>
I will tell you a short story about the Russian discovery that the core
of the earth is filled with oil and that this oil over time squeezes up
into the imperfections in the earths crust and fills voids and hollows.
The voids and hollows is where most of the earths oil has been retrieved
from. But the oil companies have emptied most of these economical voids.
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/mass- dolphin-zanzibar -oil/>
There are many other huge oil reserves such as off Alaska and the
Faulkland islands of south America. And yes deep under the Gulf of
Mexico Remember when the British fought a war for that seemingly
worthless piece of land? That is because there is a 1500 miles long
protrusion of land just under the surface of the water that holds huge
reserves of oil.
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/g33_ 23692825/>
The oil companies needed to convince everyone that there is a shortage
of oil so they could bring the costs to the consumers up. So that this
increase in profits would provide them the funds to process the oil in
places that are far from their markets. These places need huge and very
costly infrastructures to process the oil and the added costs of the
long distance to ship to the far away markets.
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/692soik705r q0001/>
But the Russians went in a different direction. They went down. I
learned of this years ago when I read an article about mercenaries that
went to a new India oil well that the Russians were hired to drill for
India. The mercenaries killed everyone involved, destroyed the oil rig
and threatened to do the same to anyone that spoke of this well or tried
to drill another one. What the Russians discovered, pioneered and
perfected was extremely deep oil well drilling. The Russians long ago
discovered that wells drilled fifteen miles into the core of the earth
never run out of oil and that indeed the core of the earth is made of
oil. [Just a note. The Russians have experienced deep well blow outs.
They capped these by using nuclear detonations deep underground. These
detonations literally melted and fused the earths crust and stopped the
run away oil wells.]
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/692sok3f05r q0001/>
The other insane NWO oil companies had never before attempted a deep
will until the Gulf of Mexico disaster.
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/30622_ 1015019741805543 6_765260435_ 12933626_ 4784894_n/>
So now I will tell you what happened, why it happened, what BP has done
to make the situation even worst. BP does not have the technology or
know how that the Russians developed. But BP executive were criminally
greedy as usual for members of the Zionist NWO corrupoprations.
(Corporations + corruption) So what did BP do. They took huge risks into
the unknown. They as usual put money and profits above everything else.
And they always achieved this by burying the truth. And employed their
mercenaries to kill any truthers any time they felt like it. So I am
about the unbury the evil truth for you as to what they did.
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/692sq22i05r q0001/>
BP contracted (hired) the most expensive and technologically advanced
deep sea oil drilling platform the world had ever built. The so called
($300,000,000) Deepwater Horizon oil rig had a perfect safety record and
the best crew in the world. BP hired Deepwater Horizon to drill a well
one mile down below the surface of the water and then more then a mile
below the surface of the ocean floor into a known huge oil reserve. BP
knew and criminally did not care that they were drilling into a known
tectonic fault line. Known as the Mississippi fault line that follows
all the way up the Mississippi through north America.
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/692spnfe05r q0001/>
Further to what I explained earlier about oil from the core of the earth
is the reason why there is so much oil below the Gulf of Mexico and is
because of the crevices, cracks and imperfections in the earths crust
due to the fault line. So BP drilled the first of two wells at that
location. BP was doing what they had no previous experience or knowledge
about. That is drilling a really deep well under the weight of one mile
of fluid ocean. The Russians long ago knew the obvious dangers of doing
this. The danger being, what would you do if you had a run away well one
mile below the sea surface. A depth that no human can go to. Not even in
a submarine. Deepsea drilling is the most stupid and criminally insane
greedy thing to do.
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/30622_ 1015019741834043 6_765260435_ 12933658_ 4270962_n/>
So what happened you might be asking yourself by now. Here is what
happened and it will shock you when you learn about the genetically
created micro organisms that have been unleashed on this planet by BP.
So you need to know some basics about deep well drilling and how they
get that oil to the surface. It is not pumped up as no pumps on earth
could do that. Many think that the oil is under extraordinary pressure
and that when the well is drilled the oil will come gushing up to the
surface under its own pressure. Well that was not the situation under
the Gulf of Mexico. That oil was not under any pressures. It just sat
there. So BP knew this from many other wells they have drilled in their
history. What they do is drill the well all the way down into the huge
oil filled hollow that is called an oil reserve. Until that day they had
always pumped down natural and organic bacteria like organisms that
would react and grow off of its consumption of the oil. This would then
cause a reaction that would bring up the pressure to about 1500 pounds
per square inch as expected and make it possible to retrieve the now
pressurized oil. So now BP did not care what pressurizing a huge oil
reserve at a fault line might do.
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/deepwater_ horizon-buring_ and_going_ down_-_018_ _medium-475x357/>
BPs criminal negligence did not stop there. Keep reading it gets much
much worse. What BP did is they unleashed a DNA Genetically engineered
micro organism that never existed on this planet before. Again BP cared
not what this could do to this planet if it ever got into the wild
natural world and the diverse ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico. BP only
cared about money and profits.
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/018688928de 0cdd3662085137ee d60b9/>
So now this newly created micro organism did the unknown. It grew and
grew as it consumed the oil. This organism grew so quickly that it
dangerously pressurized the oil reserve to approximately 80,000lbs. Per
square inch. This caused the first oil well to literally blow apart. The
super high pressures went up and cracked the well casing pipe and blew
through all the blowout preventers No man made engineering can control
such high pressures.
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/692spqkf05r q0001/>
I will soon tell you more about what else these high pressures did and
are still doing. So now the well drilling process had stopped. So BP
ordered that a second well be drilled and the oil rig workers refused to
do this as the first well blow out had destroyed all the safety systems.
The oil rig workers were very concerned as to why all the safety systems
had failed. I assume the oil rig workers did not know that BP had
injected a genetically created organism into the well. So typical of the
corporate mind. The BP executive cared a
#280 | Posted: 28 Dec 2010 13:45
about nothing but profits.
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/4622119599_ 449da3a7ba_ o_medium- 401x600/>
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/4622119645_ 782b82f9d1_ o_medium- 401x600/> So
three days before the second well blew up the oil rig. BP executives had
landed on the oil rig and they were having a very loud shouting dispute
with the oil rig bosses. BP complained that the well was six months
behind schedule and that this delay was costing BP huge losses. The rig
workers did not want to continue on with all the failed and unrepaired
damaged safety systems. But the oil rig workers were forced to continue
and three days later when the rig reached the now extremely pressurized
oil reserve. The super high pressures and the methane that the micro
organisms where creating, came tearing up the pipe and went up and blew
the top off the oil rig. This happened because the scentless methane
gases got sucked into all the generators that were running on board. The
huge generators sped up so fast that they began to blow the electrical
systems. The resulting sparks ignited the scentless methane gas and the
whole oil rig burned and sank.
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/deepwater_ horizon-buring_ and_going_ down_-_020_ _medium-475x357/>
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/deepwater_ horizon-buring_ and_going_ down_-_016_ _medium-475x357/>
Meanwhile the first oil well was still leaking and now untold to the
general public there were now two oil wells leaking. Oh it just keeps
getting worse..please read on.
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/c463810ac0f 97121_custom_ 665xauto/>
The first damaged well was very minor compared to what happened with the
second one. So now the whole world knew something was very wrong. As
usual the criminally insane began their cover up and disinformation
program. NWO Corporate executives think the public are nothing but dumb
sheeple and that they never deserve to know the truth at anytime.
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/3cb10e8799d 53bb9_custom_ 665xauto/>
Now I will tell you more about what the huge pressures were doing below
the surface of the earth. You can verify this by watching the videos I
will provide the links to below. Videos from the unmanned submersibles
showing that the earths crust had been cracked in every direction out to
thirty miles or more. The videos clearly showed that the the earths
surface was heaving open and closed and that oil and everything else
from below the earth was now uncontrollably leaking out from the cracks.
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/bf6a4358bfe 631b6_custom_ 665xauto/>
But do realize that the genetically created organisms were also being
released into the ecosystem to cause unknown permanent and perpetual
damages. So what does BP do when they were forced to show the world the
undersea live video feeds? They showed the world their attempts to stop
the very minor leak at the first well. The world was not shown the real
damaged second well.
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/136- 3-20101109- wellhead- a-bad/>
As the world was watching the video feeds the oil and everything else
was spreading and destroying everything it its path in the Gulf of
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/attachment/ 4788499/>

<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\

You can have a look at the many photos I will provide links to and see
the huge destruction and the killing of all wildlife under and above the
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/c6a15b03b7f aca13_custom_ 665xauto/>
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/dd2f031b76a 7fa40_custom_ 665xauto/>

So now that the oil and damage was being viewed by people all over the
world. The BP executives got really scared and decided to commit another
even worst crime against this planet. Are you ready for this? It is
going to shock you even more.
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/47621128748 74095_custom_ 665xauto/>
So as Obama was now threatening all reporters will jail if they
continued to report any news about the destruction of the environment.
BP unleashes its army of aircraft and boats to flood the ocean and the
atmosphere with yet another genetically created organism.
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/692solea05r q0001/>
This was called corexit and it was an organism that eats all carbon
based life forms. This means anything that is alive, plants, animals,
natural micro organisms and even people. The purpose for this none stop
spraying was to hide the oil from view and to keep it and [150]
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/gulf- oil-dispersant- spray-150x150/> all the dead wildlife from
showing up. The corexit causes all life forms to sink to the bottom of
the sea and also the oil. The corexit is a genetically created
artificial life form that will keep growing until it has consumed and
killed everything. It will surely spread all over the oceans.
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/f0a46edbc62 d5faa_custom_ 665xauto/>
But wait it gets worse again. Reports have come in that corexit gets
picked up by the rains and has been discovered as far away as 3000 miles
north in Ontario Canada. [473] [600]
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/27963_ 123485254355730_ 100000827679626_ 112566_6141486_ n/>
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/35072_ 145208902158917_ 100000094242692_ 408517_3656154_ n/>
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/38064_ 145209555492185_ 100000094242692_ 408533_5145740_ n/>

You can watch many private videos on Youtube showing the damage that the
rains are doing to plants and trees. It is feared that the corexit will
find its way into all fresh water lakes and rivers. Then killing all
life forms along the way. So now all reporting pertaining to the Gulf
disaster is banned. But all along the gulf coast people and wildlife are
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/swim/> [792]
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
It was reported on Pakalert press that Obama announced to world leaders
that the potential exists for millions of deaths due to the BP disaster.
Just today it has been announced that the oil has been discovered. It is
at least a foot deep and covers thousands of square miles under the sea.
The future implications of this man made disaster will never end.
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/brutish- pollutium/>
Now scientist have said that the gulf stream has stopped flowing north.
Which is why Europe and central USA are experiencing unseen before rains
and snow storms. With never before recorded cold temperatures. I can
attest to the scary weather. I live in Nova scotia Canada which is
located on the east coast on the Atlantic Ocean above the USA and the
Gulf of Mexico. For the past three months we have been getting storm
after storm, each with very heavy rain falls and constant non stop
hurricane force winds of 100 to 130 kilometers per hour. Therefore many
scientists are saying it has the potential to start another ice age.
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/bpworld/> [479]
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/eatwhatyouk ill/>
I learned all of the above thanks to truthers..I hope that now you
understand how important it is that we all put truth back to where in
belongs. At the front of all human activity for truth is absolute and it
is an action. So become an activist in the world wide truth
revolution.. do not be a coward and do not make me feel like I am the
only sane person remaining on this planet.
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/bptorture20 10/>
I feel that I live on a planet run by the insane. Insanity is absolutely
the opposite of truth... Are you insane or do you seek the truth?
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/37239_ 141419042537903_ 100000094242692_ 387421_6485608_ n/>
The world wide truth revolution needs you to join and become A Truth
Soldier. http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/a-truth- soldier/
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/a-truth- soldier/> When
the seeds of truth are sown. The grassroots truth revolution Will
blossom from the enlightenment Gulf Mexico Disaster
<http://www.facebook .com/album. php?aid=23323& id=1478491319092 88> 134
photos http://www.facebook .com/album. php?aid=23323& id=1478491319092 88
<http://www.facebook .com/album. php?aid=23323& id=1478491319092 88> Gulf
Mexico Disaster Album 2
<http://www.facebook .com/album. php?aid=23329& id=1478491319092 88> 128
photos http://www.facebook .com/album. php?aid=23329& id=1478491319092 88
#281 | Posted: 28 Dec 2010 13:48
<http://www.facebook .com/album. php?aid=23329& id=1478491319092 88>
<http://www.facebook .com/album. php?aid=23334& id=1478491319092 88>
<http://www.facebook .com/editphoto. php?aid=23334& id=1478491319092 88>
Gulf Mexico Oil Disaster Album 3
<http://www.facebook .com/album. php?aid=23334& id=1478491319092 88> 167
photos Go here and look in the Gulf of Mexico folder for all the files
to the articles about the Gulf of Mexico. You will also find links to
many amazing videos. You will need a free yahoo mail account to join
this group and have access to the files and links.
http://groups. group/TheTruthSo ldiersClubHealth
<../../../.. /TheTruthSoldier sClubHealth> Washington's Blog: The Oil
Slick BP Tried To Hide Has Been Discovered
http://ca.groups. group/TheTruthSo ldiersClubHealth /message/ 1835
<http://ca.groups. group/TheTruthSo ldiersClubHealth /message/ 183\
5> www.globalresearch. ca/index. php?context= va&aid=22487
<http://en.wordpress .com/types- of-blogs/> Go here to my play list of
Gulf of Mexico important videos.
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< com/user/ danieltowsey# grid/user/ 144E94F3729B582E>
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/37891_ 143916478954826_ 100000094242692_ 402137_8144320_ n/>
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/37891_ 143916488954825_ 100000094242692_ 402140_5618223_ n/>
The BP Gulf of Mexico Destruction. pdf
<http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2010/ 12/27/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-dest\
ruction/the- bp-gulf-of- mexico-destructi on/>
#282 | Posted: 3 Jan 2011 20:03
My Spanish is not great but it seems like birds are droping dead from the sky in south america too. WTF!!
dark star
#283 | Posted: 3 Jan 2011 20:22
My Spanish is not great but it seems like birds are droping dead from the sky in south america too. WTF!!

Do you have a theory ?
#284 | Posted: 3 Jan 2011 20:25
100,000 DrumFish found dead in same place as 5000 Redwinged Blackbirds fall from the sky on NYE.
#285 | Posted: 3 Jan 2011 20:27
hmm,birds dropping from the sky is never a good sign.Don't they have an inbuilt navigation system built around the earths magnetic field? This is all sounding 2012 to me..hopefully not as we are all screwed then lol.
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