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#346 | Posted: 9 Nov 2009 00:06
He's gone public, so why not? Nothing to lose. Interesting. DK
#347 | Posted: 9 Nov 2009 16:55

Call for West Lothian UFO monument

Alien buffs want the site of a notorious sighting in Livingston to be marked with a statue.

09 November 2009 13:48 PM


UFO enthusiasts are calling for a monument to be erected in West Lothian, home to one of the UK's most notorious sightings.

The spotting, in Livingston, led to Britain's only criminal case to arise from an apparent alien encounter.

Now, the Scottish Earth Mysteries Research (SEMR) group has started a campaign to have the location officially recognised.

The group's UFO buffs reckon the monument would become a popular tourist attraction and would be a fitting tribute to the man who had the so-called "extraterrestrial" encounter.

Bob Taylor died in 2007, aged 88. In November 1979, the forestry worker parked his truck at Livingston's Dechmont Law and left to walk his dog.

He claimed that he saw a large, spherical object, around 20 foot wide. Two smaller spheres then dropped from the craft, rolled towards him and attached themselves to his trousers.

The next thing Mr Taylor said he remembered was waking up with a pounding head, a sore throat and a bitter taste in his mouth. He said he calculated later that he had been unconscious for 20 minutes.

Police treated the incident as assault, but said the case left them baffled.

SEMR members say the case is most believable because Mr Taylor had never been interested in UFOs prior to his encounter and was thus unlikely to have made the experience up.

They plan to mark the 30th anniversary of the sighing at the site on Monday.
#348 | Posted: 9 Nov 2009 18:52
6 months after disclosure the world would be still the same.
Because everybody will be gobsmacked !
It will take time to sink in....maybe years.
How long before the shock wears off ?
Thinking about it, judging by the people I see walking the
streets, nothing would change !

Hi Telecaster. I totally agree with you. The apathetic members of the public will remain comatose and say "that's interesting, i wonder when the dvd is coming out". Personally i can't see a Disclosure happening unless The illuminati can foresee a dramatic increase in requests for anti-depressants and dollar signs in the eyes of The Pharma Elite! I.A.
#349 | Posted: 10 Nov 2009 16:41
Am I being a bit suspicious, but this man is 52, worked as an Orthopaedic Technician for 35 yrs. Made him 17 when he started.?? Id have thought some training was required to do that job !!

Maybe Im wrong?

#350 | Posted: 10 Nov 2009 18:27 | Edited by: Starseed
"The next thing Mr Taylor said he remembered was waking up with a pounding head, a sore throat and a bitter taste in his mouth. He said he calculated later that he had been unconscious for 20 minutes."

Dodgy sense of humour but I read this and instantly thought:
"Well at least he didn`t complain about having a sore arse" ;-)

#351 | Posted: 11 Nov 2009 23:20
When E.T. phones the pope

By Marc Kaufman
Sunday, November 8, 2009

ROME -- A little more than a half-mile from the Vatican, in a square called
Campo de' Fiori, stands a large statue of a brooding monk. Few of the
shoppers and tourists wandering through the fruit-and-vegetable market below
may know his story; he is Giordano Bruno, a Renaissance philosopher, writer
and free-thinker who was burned at the stake by the Inquisition in 1600.
Among his many heresies was his belief in a "plurality of worlds" -- in
extraterrestrial life, in aliens.

Though it's a bit late for Bruno, he might take satisfaction in knowing that
this week the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Sciences is holding its first
major conference on astrobiology, the new science that seeks to find life
elsewhere in the cosmos and to understand how it began on Earth. Convened on
private Vatican grounds in the elegant Casina Pio IV, formerly the pope's
villa, the unlikely gathering of prominent scientists and religious leaders
shows that some of the most tradition-bound faiths are seriously
contemplating the possibility that life exists in myriad forms beyond this
planet. Astrobiology has arrived, and religious and social institutions --
even the Vatican -- are taking note.

Father Jose Funes, a Jesuit astronomer, director of the centuries-old
Vatican Observatory and a driving force behind the conference, suggested in
an interview last year that the possibility of "brother extraterrestrials"
poses no problem for Catholic theology. "As a multiplicity of creatures
exists on Earth, so there could be other beings, also intelligent, created
by God," Funes explained. "This does not conflict with our faith because we
cannot put limits on the creative freedom of God."

Yet, as Bruno might attest, the notion of life beyond Earth does not easily
coexist with the "truths" that many people hold dear. Just as the Copernican
revolution forced us to understand that Earth is not the center of the
universe, the logic of astrobiologists points in a similarly unsettling
direction: to the likelihood that we are not alone, and perhaps that we are
not even the most advanced creatures in the universe. This may not "conflict
with our faith," but it may conflict with the stories we tell about who and
what we are.

The Vatican's five-day conference is chaired by the religious leader of the
highly regarded Academy, Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo. Scientists (many of
them nonbelievers) are offering presentations on subjects as varied as how
life might have begun on Earth; what newly found "extremophile" microbes
living in harsh places on our planet might tell us about possible life on
others; and how life forms might be detected in our solar system, or how
their bio-signatures might be found on and around the many distant

Having overcome the giggle factor of most things extraterrestrial,
astrobiologists are telling a scientific story to an audience that may
someday use it to defend -- or enhance -- its faith.

The Catholic Church isn't the only institution preparing itself for what
could be a world-changing event. For instance, NASA's National Astrobiology
Institute, established in 1998, sponsored a meeting of scientists,
ethicists, religious leaders and philosophers in February to brainstorm
about the societal implications of astrobiology, and it is preparing a
semiofficial "road map" of sensitive issues we'd need to address should the
presence of life elsewhere be established.

Initial extraterrestrial discoveries -- which many scientists believe are on
the horizon, if not yet in reach -- are likely to be of microbial life just
below the parched surface of Mars, in the waters of Jupiter's moon Europa
under its thick crust of ice or in the liquid plumes of Saturn's moon
Enceladus. Though it will be easy to dismiss extraterrestrial microbes as
unthreatening to anyone's worldview, cosmologists and astrobiologists
generally contend that the existence of two separate geneses in one solar
system would enormously increase the probability that life is commonplace in
the universe. And as we know, under the right conditions microbes can evolve
over eons to become dinosaurs, hummingbirds and us.

The possibility of extraterrestrial life is not much of an issue for Eastern
religions, which tend to be less Earth-centric. Islam also has little
problem with extraterrestrials because the Koran speaks explicitly of life
beyond Earth, as do some newer Christian groups such as Mormons. It is in
mainstream Western religious traditions, in which humans and God are
central, where astrobiology poses the biggest challenge.

"I think the discovery of a second genesis would be of enormous spiritual
significance," says Paul Davies, a theoretical physicist and cosmologist
from Arizona State University who is speaking at the Vatican conference. He
believes the potential challenge to Christianity in particular "is being
downplayed" by religious leaders.

"The real threat would come from the discovery of extraterrestrial
intelligence, because if there are beings elsewhere in the universe, then
Christians, they're in this horrible bind. They believe that God became
incarnate in the form of Jesus Christ in order to save humankind, not
dolphins or chimpanzees or little green men on other planets."

Davies explained the tensions within the Catholic Church: "If you look back
at the history of Christian debate on this, it divides into two camps. There
are those that believe that it is human destiny to bring salvation to the
aliens, and those who believe in multiple incarnations," he said,
referencing the belief that Christ could have appeared on other planets at
other times. "The multiple incarnations is a heresy in Catholicism." (As
Giordano Bruno learned.)

Many Protestant scholars agree with Funes, saying that the discovery of
extraterrestrial life would not pose a major challenge to their faith or
theology, especially if it was not intelligent or morally aware. But on the
evangelical side, there is a deep concern, one reminiscent of the battles
over evolution. "My theological perspective is that E.T. life would actually
make a mockery of the very reason Christ came to die for our sins, for our
redemption," Gary Bates, head of Atlanta-based Creation Ministries
International, told me recently in a critique of the Vatican conference.
Bates believes that "the entire focus of creation is mankind on this Earth"
and that intelligent, morally aware extraterrestrial life would undermine
that view and belief in the incarnation, resurrection and redemption drama
so central to the faith. "It is a huge problem that many Christians have not
really thought about," he said.

The big question involves intelligent life. Astronomers say there are
something like 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in the known universe,
and more planets are discovered orbiting some of them all the time. (On one
day last month, the European Space Agency announced the discovery of 32 new
extra-solar planets.) It is increasingly difficult to assume that our sun
and planet are the only ones capable of supporting complex and evolved life
-- the kind of life that Christians might assume would be in need of
salvation. Questions inevitably follow: Are Christianity and, to some
extent, other religions only stories about life on Earth? And if they are
not "universal" in a cosmic sense, does that diminish their significance?

Thus the conference on astrobiology at the Vatican -- an institution that
got Copernicus, Galileo and other men of science wrong and doesn't want to
do that again. In the words of Pierre Lena, a French astrophysicist and
member of the Pontifical Academy who pressed for the astrobiology
conference: "Astrobiology is a mature science that says very interesting
things that could change the vision humanity has of itself. The church
cannot be indifferent to that."

Funes, an earnest priest-scientist with a wry sense of humor, seemed a bit
nonplussed last week about the worldwide attention that his "brother
extraterrestrials" comments from last year and the astrobiology conference
have drawn. Speaking to me from the new Vatican Observatory headquarters
outside Rome -- the church also operates a telescope in Arizona -- he didn't
retract his statements or express regret about them, and said he has not
been chastised by higher-ups at the Vatican.

But he did emphasize that he was not speaking officially for the church,
even though his 2008 interview ran on the front page of the official Vatican
newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano. The church, he said, has no official
position on extraterrestrial life or on theological issues it might raise.
Just as some people write science fiction, Funes said with a mischievous
smile, he is attracted to "theological fiction" -- what might become
important religiously if life beyond Earth is discovered someday.

"There's no need for the church to speak on this point now," he said. "But
yes, that could certainly change."

Marc Kaufman, a science and space reporter for The Washington Post, is on
leave writing a book about astrobiology.

#352 | Posted: 12 Nov 2009 09:13
"There's no need for the church to speak on this point now," he said. "But
yes, that could certainly change."

Hi dk
That article is very interesting. I am gonna look up the word "genesis". I believe The Church are hiding something from us!
#353 | Posted: 13 Nov 2009 07:02
................ & always have done !!
Seth Haniel
#354 | Posted: 13 Nov 2009 12:18
There was a Plaque in place in the clearing in Dechmont woods marking the event - but it has been stolen by souvineer hunters -just leaving the stone on which it was attached - .

#355 | Posted: 14 Nov 2009 15:32
Seth Haniel

might have been ET wanting to prove to his mates that he/she had been to earth? :)
#356 | Posted: 14 Nov 2009 15:33
Reply dsfoundon1965paufosighting.html

Posted on Wed, Nov. 11, 2009

NASA: No records found on 1965 Pa. UFO sighting

The Associated Press

PITTSBURGH - The leader of a group that seeks to bring more credibility to the subject of UFOs isn't happy with NASA.

Leslie Kean leads the all-volunteer group called the Coalition for Freedom of Information. The group is trying to get NASA's records for a 1965 event about 30 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

News reports from the time had witnesses describing a "fireball" in the sky, then a large, metallic object that landed in the woods.

To settle a lawsuit from Kean's group, NASA agreed to search some of its records. The space agency says it can't find any records.

Agency scientists have repeatedly denied any manmade craft landed or crashed. Yet NASA spokesman David Steitz told The Associated Press in 2005 that the object appeared to be a Russian satellite. Attempts to get comment from NASA's press office on Veterans Day were unsuccessful.


On the Net:
#357 | Posted: 14 Nov 2009 18:47
Reply deo-documentary-Out-of-the-Blue

Watch best UFO video documentary: Out of the Blue
November 11, 5:51 PMUS Intelligence ExaminerFred Burks

By far the best documentary on UFOs available with the best UFO video footage is the astounding Sci-Fi Channel documentary Out of the Blue.

In addition to the captivating UFO footage, this excellent documentary includes revealing interviews with astronauts, generals, admirals, professors, and other highly respected individuals, all of whom have had direct experience involving UFOs and the UFO cover-up.

Reasons for the intense secrecy around this subject are discussed, as well as implications for our world. Don't miss this riveting 90-minute UFO video available for free viewing at the link below. - UFO Video Documentary Out of the Blue

The statements of many of the high-level witnesses interviewed in this stunning documentary are summarized in eye-opening summaries at the links below. Read the testimony of military personnel who witnessed UFOs disarming nuclear warheads.

Follow the links also to the New York Times article in which a former CIA chief states, "Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about the UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense. To hide the facts, the Air Force has silenced its personnel." Links for verification are provided. - Two-page witness summary of UFO cover-up - Ten-page witness summary of UFO cover-up

For other UFO videos and reliable information on the UFO phenomenon, see: - UFO Information Center

Though many believe UFO visitation to Earth to be impossible, consider exploring these materials with an open mind. Is it beyond comprehension that intelligent beings who are thousands, if not millions of years in advance of us technologically might have found a practical means of interstellar travel?

If they are far advanced from us, is it not possible that they have moved beyond the need for war and domination? Could it be that advanced extra-terrestrial civilizations don't want us to destroy ourselves and are quietly monitoring without wanting to interfere? In the end, we each must draw our own conclusions.
Now it's your turn to play a key role in spreading the word. As ever increasing numbers of people learn about UFOs and the potential for transformation that they bring, the time draws ever closer when we can usher in a new epoch in human relations with our surrounding galaxy and universe. What an exciting time to be alive!

For a detailed essay with reliable information (follow the links provided) on the deeper meaning of UFOs and their involvement with our planet, click here. The box below also provides several ideas on what you can do to educate yourself further and spread the news. And finally, we invite you to comment below the box and let us know about your own experiences. Have you ever had an encounter with a UFO or ET? We welcome your stories.

What you can do:

* Read other powerful, reliable articles on UFOs and alien abductions at this link.
* Inform your media and political representatives of this important information. To contact those close to you, click here. Urge them to seriously investigate the topic of UFOs and to listen to the many government and military witnesses now willing to talk.
* Read concise summaries of revealing major media reports on UFOs available here.
* Learn more about UFOs and their implications for our future in this powerful lesson from the free Insight Course.
* Visit our UFO Information Center at
* Spread this news to your friends and colleagues, and bookmark this article on key news websites using the "Share This" icon on this page, so that we can fill the role at which the major media is sadly failing. Together, we can make a difference.

Fred Burks served as personal language interpreter to Clinton, Bush, Cheney, Gore, and other top dignitaries in secret meetings. As part of an international network of researchers and news analysts, Fred obtains and disseminates key, reliable information about powerful, yet little-known forces which shape our world. For more, see articles and links in the right column of this page.
#358 | Posted: 15 Nov 2009 20:43 | Edited by: monkeyboy

Hundreds of official UFO reports released in Finland

For decades, Finnish Defence Forces have been interested in the unusual incidences within our air space, things that people usually call as UFOs. Recently published book reveals official UFO studies in Finland from 1933 to 1979. It is based on three hundred official documents, which has been released for researchers – until the last year, when the public military archives was closed down and after that only a part of this material has been released under the National Archives of Finland.

First cases in the book are from years 1933-1937 when hundreds of citizens in the Finland saw mysterious phantom aircrafts or ghost fliers. It was probably a second wave of unusual mass sightings in the World, which was officially studied. Although some private investigators have found and published much of Finnish UFO folklore regarding to incidents before Second World War, including even more than couple hundred years old events, it is not sure if any other than phantom planes were really investigated or even known by the military at the time.


Ghost rockets after WWII are part of early UFO historyOfficial explanation for the phantom plane incidents was that most of them were in fact astronomical objects, meteorites, electrical phenomena or even hoaxes, but still some cases remained unexplained. However, because of the public hysteria, late in the 1937 military concluded that planes are product of overactive imagination and country had no evidence for the Soviet spy-plane regularly breaking into our air space, which was main concern back then. This was the last time when Finnish Defence Forces was publicly interested in unidentified flying objects, although the truth behind the scenes was quite different. Soviet hysteria even increased before the war, which led Illegal executions and things like that (as has been revealed in the case of "Petsamon vakoilujuttu").


Now released modern UFO reports covers mainly period from 1965 to 1973. After the present UFO era began in 1947, first years were apparently quite silent time in the Finland, because only few documents is released from the official records regarding to flying saucers as they were called at this time. Interest in UFOs among the civilian population was also very low at the time, since first private UFO research organization in Finland was founded as late as 1960. Probably one reason was the war recover and political atmosphere. However, even the Finnish prime minister and later president Urho Kekkonen promoted publicly early UFO research. Yet many of the relevant reports after year 1972 are still waiting for releasing and some are even burned. Because of so strict classification procedures in the Finnish Defence Forces, any of the possible UFO related documents after year 1980 is not yet officially released – except for leaked infrared UFO-film, which famously led to internal investigation at Finnish Border Guard Service in the summer 2007.


Frame from infrared filmFinland's most prominent official UFO incidents include case where Finnish Air Force was trying to chase seven bright UFOs over Pori airport, Western Finland. In April 12, 1969 about twenty pilot and ground staff of the Air Force witnessed the objects, which were 2000-3000 meters above the ground, as the same time they were tracked by the radar. When the fighters were getting close to the unidentified flying objects, objects climbed above the nearest fighter while its pilot was taking a closer look. After the short dogfight, objects started to move very fast towards the north and only minute later they were picked up on the radar about two hundred kilometers away from Pori, where objects disappeared towards Northern Sweden as the same time their altitude was increased more than double. The Pori UFO incident has been part of public knowledge for years before this current release, because of the testimonials by brave pilots, who played part in the famous UFO chase. In the 1993 Air Force officially released the incident. After that also Rauno Meriö, the former head of the Finnish Air Force finally openly confirmed the existence of this case, although it has been now revealed that as a commander, he has also tried to cover it up, which was kind of conflict with his well-known civilian interest in UFOs.

Another interesting reported sighting happened in the Suomussalmi near Soviet border where local people saw a saucer-like object flying just above the ground. Device was brownish, it had diameter not more than 80 cm and it caused little hum. After first witness tried to get close to the object, he sensed weak electrical shock in his body after the object started to move and three antennas arose from it. He wasn't able to get much closer as the device was moving and his hat, which he threw towards the UFO, fled almost 15 meters away from it because of the strong whirlwind as the device was moving. Couple weeks after the first occurrence in the summer of 1967, the same UFO was seen again, not far away from first spot. Incidents caused governmental investigations, which ended up to the official conclusion that this particular flying saucer was indeed real, but instead of extraterrestrial origin it was probably man-made!


In the case of the military UFO reports, this new book studies also other sources than official documents, like affidavits of inside sources, retired officers or even lucky civilians. For some independently reported military UFO sightings at the end of sixties and more in the seventies, even if they have more or less plausible explanations, lack of released official documents became soon clear – it means that either reliability of original sources is questionable in such cases or then documents are not yet fully released, they are missing, or even destroyed. There are strong indications for still classified UFO evidence even before 1980 while in Finland, automatic declassification happens after 25 years. There are even some officially confirmed older cases (like the Pori UFO chase in 1969) where documentation is not released. It is also known for sure that in 1968 Finnish Air Force ordered their personnel in various units to officially report any unusual aerial sighting they've made, even in the free time and holidays, which indicates that there should be much more the yet unreleased material.

Interesting example for such independently reported case is recently revealed 1974 incident in the Air Force base near Rovaniemi in the Northern Finland. Main source of this incident came to top of the hill when he was guarding the area – there was large storage facility beneath of him, with second guard inside. Soon he noticed that a strange metallic device with blue glow around it was landed near the facility and finally he fired his machine gun towards the unidentified object when he was only about 30 meters away from it. Shooting caused that the UFO immediately started to glide away and it disappeared behind the ramparts. Afterwards he suffered severe burn marks in his skin and it was told that during the confrontation, a large electromagnetic disturbance was detected in the area. Before this bizarre shooting there was also rare accident with Draken fighter where its generator burst to fire spontaneously, which put driver's life at risk until almost miraculous landing – evidently there was also radar contact with unidentified target following the damaged fighter. Hoaxes, rumors and merely coincidences or something more, nobody really knows without availability of the official documents. Unfortunately it has been revealed that the Intelligence Office of Finnish Air Force has burned all the relevant documents it had, which leaves researchers with quite empty hands, at least until the release of survived documents from the other units.

In spite of many really unexplained reports, large majority of the released sightings has been explained with quite general causes. Still some of suggested explanations are more surprising, as the nuclear explosions in the atmosphere, U-2 spy plane or conjunction of three bright planets. Regarding to some rare Finnish cases, military also has got the opportunity to study physical evidence like landing traces, radar data and photographs. Majority of this material is still classified and some are even burned. Besides the burning of important data, published book exposes also other questionable actions within military forces.
Introduction in finnish: Puolustusvoimien ufohavainnot 1933-1979
Finnish analysis and discussions regarding the release: Salaako puolustusvoimat ufotapauksia
Presentation of private investigator Atso Haapanen in UFO debate: Ratkeaako ufojen arvoitus
Military Command of Northern Finland: Ensimmäinen raportti ns. salaperäisiä lentäjiä koskevista tutkimuksista
Finnish UFO Association sighting database: Tapaus n:o 91 (Case number 91)

Finland National Arc

#359 | Posted: 23 Nov 2009 22:11
Hagbard Celine
#360 | Posted: 25 Nov 2009 00:04
Interesting article on temid=51

Plus lots more in side panel.


I'll believe it when I see it.

To be honest I can't see how we can ever have willing discolsure. I saw Steve Bassett live a couple of months ago where he bravely claimed that Disclosure would happen "this year". But what would happen if we came to the knowledge that the governments knew that UFO's existed? Well, it would be the first in a long line of dominoes that would all inevitably fall; and the last one is the fact that UFO's have crashed on Earth and that the governments have secretly salvaged them and back-engineered their power sources and propulsion systems. This means Free Energy. Fossil fuels have been obsolete for many decades, maybe longer. The authorities will not only have to deal with the liberating effect Free Energy will have on society, possibly catastrophically liberating from their point of view; but they'll also have to admit that they could have declassified it 100 or more years ago, but didn't for their own selfish reasons. This means that they'll be faced with a very angry population! Maybe that's an understatement! Every penny we've ever paid on gas and electricity bills, all the environmental destruction, all the poverty, all the people who've died of hunger in poor countries, all the wars for oil, ... it's all been for nothing! It was all preventable! We'd never trust them again and the Illuminati would have to kiss the New World Order goodbye, something that they'd never do.

There's also the effect that the acceptance of intelligent extraterrestrial life would have on us culturally and sociologically. The Illuminati-occupied governments use top psychologists to suss out our collective mindset and devise ways of keeping their control over us, and the Brookings Report told NASA that if they ever found traces of intelligent extraterrestrial life it would be best not to shout it from the rooftops

I mean, honestly! What's going to happen?
"And in other news tonight: the government has revealled that aliens and UFO's are real. What's more they've known about it for 50 to 100 years and decided not to tell us... And now here's Michael Fish with the weather."
I don't think so.
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