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#316 | Posted: 16 Oct 2009 18:57

US airman Milton Torres told to shoot down UFO when based at RAF Manston
Michael Evans, Defence Editor

The order came straight out of the Cold War manual: "Arm all weapons and fire on sight." For Lieutenant Milton Torres, an American jet fighter pilot based in Britain, it was the first and last time that he had received such a chilling instruction.

As soon as he scrambled his Sabre jet from RAF Manston in Kent and headed eastwards, he saw the blip on his radar, indicating the presence of an aircraft the size of a B52 about 15 miles away, and he prepared to close in for the kill with a salvo of rockets. But the "aircraft", judged to be hostile and probably Russian, simply vanished. The blip on the radar disappeared.

The 24-year-old American pilot's extraordinary experience on the night of May 20, 1957, which he was officially ordered never to reveal to anyone, has come to light after the declassification of another batch of Ministry of Defence files relating to reported incidents of unidentified flying objects appearing in British airspace — in this case the only known example of a jet fighter pilot being ordered to shoot down a UFO.

Mr Torres, now 77 and a retired professor of civil engineering living in Miami, told The Times that the day after he was scrambled from RAF Manston he received a visit from an American in a trenchcoat who waved a National Security Agency identity card at him and warned him that, if he ever revealed what had happened, he would never fly again.
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He took the warning to heart and said nothing until 1988 when, through a solicitor with an interest in ufology, he sent the Ministry of Defence a report giving a full account of the incident. Today his narrative is released by the National Archives.

"I shall never forget it, and for the last 50 years I have been waiting for an explanation, but I've never had one. On that night I was ordered to open fire even before I had taken off. That had never happened before," Mr Torres said. "I was ready to hit the target with all 24 rockets: it would have been like buckshot out of a shotgun. I asked for authentication of the order to fire and I received it."

Neither Lieutenant Torres nor his wingman, flying another Sabre behind him, actually saw what was making the strong blip on their radars. In the years since he has become more convinced that the object, travelling at speed and performing manoeuvres beyond the capability of any known aircraft at that time, was an alien UFO.

The airman climbed to 32,000ft and then flattened out, travelling at Mach 0.92, about as fast as the F86D Sabre could go. "The blip was burning a hole in the radar with its incredible intensity. It was similar to a blip I had received from B52s and seemed to be a magnet of light. It had the proportions of a flying aircraft carrier," he wrote.

The only possible explanation, according to David Clarke, a UFO expert and lecturer in journalism at Sheffield Hallam University, is that in the 1960s it emerged that the CIA had been engaged in a secret project codenamed Palladium, in which advanced equipment was used to create simulated radar blips close to Soviet airspace.

Dr Clarke said that he thought it was linked to clandestine flights over the Soviet Union of the American U2 spy plane. "But this doesn't explain why Milton Torres was scrambled and ordered to open fire," he said.

Thinking space

The 19 files made available online by the National Archives and covering sightings between 1986 and 1992 include:

— A passenger jet coming in to land at Heathrow nearly colliding with a UFO. The captain of the Alitalia airliner reported seeing a brown missile-shaped object pass overhead near Lydd in Kent in 1991. The MoD ruled out the object being a missile, weather balloon or space rocket and closed an inquiry by the Civil Aviation Authority and the military

— An MoD request that Army and Navy helicopters should not take photographs of crop circles, for fear of undermining the official line that the military did not investigate unexplained phenomena

— A letter from a woman claiming to be from the Sirius system who said her spacecraft — containing two "Spectrans", pictured below — crashed in Britain during the Second World War
#317 | Posted: 21 Oct 2009 14:29
verry intresing story u got there seems to me they are hidding a few things there ..... would'nt you say????
anyway i heard that the vatican church was preparing for discloser as it says .........
if live on another planet excites it would'nt dampen our faith 'cause there is no stop the the capupilaty of gods power
#318 | Posted: 23 Oct 2009 18:55
latest foiaa releases

1. National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Directives List Index Released in 2000 [13 Pages, 2.37mb] -

2. Prisoner of War Negotiations - Korea and Vietnam (Master Thesis) [93 Pages, 12.68mb] -

3. Investigation of a Micro-Fighter/Airborne AircraftCarrier Concept. Volume 1 [78 Pages, 10.2mb] -

4. Summary, Volume 3 - Psychological Operations - 75 , Special Warfare - 75 , Basic Derivative Study (BDS) -

5. 2006 and 2007 Weekly FOIA Reports for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) [18 mb]

6. Astrophysical Aspects of CosmicRay Research (First 75 Years and Prospects for the Future) [95 Pages, 13.7mb] -

7. Status of Chemistry and Chemical Technology In Communist China, Part 1 (1966) [41 Pages, 5.45mb] -

8. Phenomena Become [sic] Explainable [16 Pages, 2.66mb] -

9. Problem of Ball Lightning [352 Pages, 9mb] -

10. Chemical Weapons at the Turn of the Century [343 Pages, 12.68mb] -

11. Why Must We Know The Chemical Weapons of the Enemy (Bulgarian Intelligence) [14 Pages, 2.05mb] -

12. Oral History Interview with Maj. Gen. William C. Garland. Check out pages 182 - 185 for a discussion on UFOs -

13. Oral History Interview with Lt. Col. William Miller [72 Pages, 6.99mb] -

14. Status of AID Project - Document listing different periodicals and reference aids from the Soviet Union.

15. Space Race and the 1930s [33 Pages, 4.9mb .pdf] -
#319 | Posted: 24 Oct 2009 14:42

24 October 2009

Brazil military leaks amazing UFO event

By A.J Gevaerd

The Brazilian Government declassified a few weeks ago a new set of previously secret UFO documents, covering the 80s. I also informed you that we already had disclosures covering the 50s, 60s and 70s. They have been doing the releases by decade. So far over 4,000 pages and 300 photos have been disclosed. This time declassification, the 80s, is composed of some 800 pages and is very powerful.

Among the documents released are the reports of UFOs on May 19, 1986, considered the 'Official UFO Night in Brazil', when 21 spherical objects, estimated 100 meters in diameter - according to military sources - literally jammed air traffic over the major Braziian Airports, when several Mirage and F5 jets were scrambled to pursue them for ours.

As most of you already know, at that time the Air Force minister Octavio Moreira Lima went public on national TV networks about it the other morning. The pilots and their commanders also spoke freely about the pursuits, which occurred over several hours. This was a major thing in Brazil.

Now, when on TV to the whole Nation, the Moreira Lima promised that a full report would be issued about the events, considering the air-air and air-land radar detections and the pilot pursuing, and it would be available in 30 days. And as most of the things that happen in my country, when governmental promises are involved, this so expected document was never known.

Now we know why!

Among the important files just released in the 80s package, there it is a certain 'Occurrence Report', dated June 02, 1986, just a few days after the 'invasion' by 21 UFOs of the most developed areas in the country. It has 8 pages and is signed by Air Brigadier Jose Pessoa Cavalcanti de Albuquerque, acting commander of the Brazilian Air Command of Air Defense (COMDA). Now, what this report contains is very interesting, and I quote its Final Considerations part:

1. Based on the analysis of above-reported events, it is this Command's opinion that, according to the information from the controllers, pilots and previously elaborated reports from I Cindacta (Air Traffic Control and Aerial Defense Center), that there are some points of coincidence regarding radar echoes, accelerations, illumination, velocities and behavior, either by technical detection or by visual contact.

2. Some of those coinciding points that we can name are those phenomena which exhibited certain constant characteristics, as follows:

a. Produced radar echoes, not only on the Air Defense System, but also on the intercepting airplanes simultaneously, with visual comparisons by the pilots.

b. Change in velocity, from subsonic to supersonic, besides hovering capability.

c. Varied altitude, from below FL-050 to altitudes above FL-400.

d. Occasionally seen as white, green and yellow lights, and sometimes no luminous indication.

e. Sudden acceleration and deceleration

And there is more. In the Item 3 of the Final Considerations part, the Occurrence Report says clearly that 'the phenomenon (UFOs) is solid and reflects intelligence'. See it in full:

3. As a conclusion of the observed constant facts in almost all presentations, it is the opinion of this Command that the phenomenon is solid and reflects intelligence by its capacity to follow and sustain distance from the observers, as well as to fly in formation, and are not necessarily manned craft.

I have asked our volunteers Edison Hashida, Simon Levy and Marcos Malvezzi to translate the material and I have it for you for download. You can have both the full original document, in Portuguese, as well as the English version, both in PDF format at:

Occurrence Report - Original.pdf
Occurrence Report - Translated.pdf

I believe that this is one of the most powerful existing documents revealing the reality of the UFO phenomena, now fully admitted by our military authorities. We are now working to have more than 600 pages translated, and next Sunday I will interview the former Air Force minister Socrates Monteiro, another authority and officer in Brazil that decided to come public about what he knows and accept to receive me. He was the commander of the Air Traffic Control and Aerial Defense Center (Cindacta).

This is all a direct result of the campaign UFOs: Freedom Of Information Now, promoted since 2004 by the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers. All thousands of pages and hundreds of photos since the 50s given to the Committee are available for download in the Brazilian UFO Magazine website as well as physically at the National Archives, in Brasilia.

In late July, hundreds of papers from the Brazilian Air Force's official System for the Investigation of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (SIOANI) have demonstrated how the nation's military authorities dealt with the UFO Phenomena in the 60s and 70s.

The Brazilian UFO Magazine website - - has over 1,600 pages of documents, 200 photos for download of SIOANI's activities and Operation Saucer, carried out in the Amazonian region in 1977. Along with documents received by the Committee from other military sources.

Included in the recently revealed documents are the detailed research proceedings carried out in dozens of UFO-related incidents which had not been made public previously. Some of the colored sketches of UFO incidents investigated by SIOANI are here:
#320 | Posted: 24 Oct 2009 14:50

24 October 2009

Declassified UFO files reveal Canada feared alien arrival

Victor Viggiani

Few know that the Canadian government chose to release its UFO files in 2005 and 2007. Over 9500 files were released with no public consultation or notification. Amidst these thousands of highly tedious sighting reports and rambling administrative memoranda, the Canadian government hid sensitive documents that clearly demonstrate officials took the UFO matter very seriously. Measures were discussed to play-down reports of UFOs by using similar tactics employed by the United States Air Force. The ultimate indictment - a Canadian Director of Scientific Intelligence suggested that Canada put in place a plan in the event of a landing of a UFO.

In making available 9500 files on its web site entitled 'Canada's UFOs - Search for the Unknown', the Canadian government has opened an international controversy on unidentified flying objects.

This controversy is fueled by the clear admission that Canadian officials in the Ministry of National Defense regularly discussed tactics and policies on how to 'play-down' the UFO phenomenon as far back as 1950. It is even more instructive that Canada, in 2005 and 2007, chose to resurrect these controversial policy letters and hide them among thousands of mundane UFO sighting reports.

By hiding these files in plain sight, did the Canadian government attempt to deceive its citizens by proving it can be a master of misdirection, or was it a simple case of bureaucratic pragmatism?

Unlike the British Ministry of Defense and the French, Brazilian and Danish governments' releases of their UFO files in 2007, 2008 and 2009 amidst widespread international press coverage, the Canadian government chose to make their UFO files release a virtual non-event.

As demonstrated by the total absence of media coverage or public consultation – Canadian officials were quite successful in concealing its UFO involvement. No one, outside of a handful of UFO research experts, was aware that Canada had even set up the archived UFO data base.

Released initially in August 2005, then more files in December 2007 – no international, national or local announcement, notification or press coverage accompanied Canada's mass data-dump of UFO information.

Some highlights from the released files:

The Letters:

1. Canadian Officials Develop Policy Similar to The United States Air Force to "Play-Down" Reports of UFOs.

Canadian Joint Intelligence Committee Memorandum - G.S. Austin, Director of Air Intelligence August 4, 1950:

"The present USAF policy is to play down the subject, investigating only when considered necessary by the area commander without any special arrangements for reporting or investigation. It seems that a similar policy on our part would be wise and that it would be undesirable to produce a special questionnaire or make any arrangements for investigation since this would tend to give publicity to the matter. It is suggested therefore that sighting reports should not be solicited..."

2. Letter from the Minister of National Defense

In contrast, Ministers of National Defense sent contradictory letters to inquisitive Canadian citizens informing them that no department within the government had instructions or a desire to withhold information about objects that may be of extraterrestrial origin despite the fact the files were designated "restricted" or "secret" since the 1950s and, that Canadian policy was to "play-down" UFO reports. One ministerial letter states; "I can assure you that there is no department of the government that desires or has instructions to withhold information on objects that might be of extraterrestrial origin." Minister of National Defense Douglas Harkness March 1962.

Clearly this statement of policy by a Minister of Defense is inconsistent with, and contradicts the practice of suppressing publicity on UFOs as suggested by the Director of Air Intelligence.

3. Official Plan - In The Event of a UFO Landing
No other letter, yet uncovered, more pointedly indicts the Canadian government as does the suggestion made by a sitting Director of Scientific Intelligence concerning the development of a plan in the event of a UFO landing on Canadian soil. He states to the Director of Air Intelligence, "You might also consider it advisable to add that should the Flying Saucer actually make a landing on Canadian territory, the nearest RCAF Command should be advised immediately by telegram... Maybe we had better talk over this when you have thought it over." A.J.G. Langley, Defense Research Board Director of Scientific Intelligence - April 19, 1950.

It is worthy of note that Mr. Langley does not use the word "crash" but uses the word "landing" to describe a flying saucer's controlled descent to alight on Canadian territory. To any trained observer or student of language this statement indicates Canadian officials seriously considered the possibility of a successful landing by a vehicle of unknown origin that might be under some type of intelligent control. One can only conclude that UFOs were of operative and imminent concern to Canadian officials.

Despite the less than fluid undertow of the media's obsession with militarism and its incessant fixation on the global economic down-turn, the movement towards Disclosure of the UFO/ET reality is steadily accelerating. The recognition that governments have concealed and repressed open discourse on this matter is now a matter of record and is receiving unprecedented acknowledgment by more and more mainstream press.

The acknowledged prospect of newly established relationships with or diplomatic overtures to off-world civilizations willing to positively engage the human race would re-focus humanity's gaze. To reject or suppress the portent of such a possibility is the height of human hubris that denies the expansive capacity of our species to look beyond who we are, towards what we can become.



Editors note: This is an excerpt from a much longer essay which may be obtained by emailing Victor at or going to The Canadian UFO News website at:
#321 | Posted: 24 Oct 2009 15:20

UFO, New Photographic Evidence Shows 1968 Russian Crashed Disk?
by Ronald Nussbeck and Ron S. Stewart

Posted: 16:55 October 23, 2009

On November 29, 1968 the newspaper Sverdlovsk reported, "Berezovsky Dreams" with the account of Flying Lightning Balls, one of which crashed near Berezovsky. This Opinion article may well be the most important UFO research piece ever written, it reveals never before seen images of a UFO Crashed Disk. I would also like to thank Ron Stewart for the many long hours of research and development of the images, without people like Ron this would never make the light of day.

The Soviet Defense Ministry wrote in March 1969, Order No. 481 addressed to the Commander of the Air Defense Forces in the Sverdlosvsk Military Region Lieutenant General A.G. Ponomarenko. He was ordered to assist in every way the local KGB authorities in the operation "Sverdlovsk Midget" (small aliens), signed by the Deputy Commander in Chief of the USSR Air Defense Forces, Colonel General S.D. Lebedey, Seal stated, General Staff of the USSR Defense Ministry.

In a second letter from November 3, 1969 on the KGB letterhead addressed to Deputy Chief of the Scientific Research Department KGB USSR, Colonel Grigoriev. The letter stated that on March 5, 1969 information was received about discovery of the unidentified object wreckage, 3 meter high and 5 meter in diameter with remains of small unknown human like creature, Operation called "Sverdlovsk Midget".

Ron S. Stewart using APEP (Advanced Photographic Extraction Process), a Microscopic Digital Imaging system. APEP uses X-Ray, Thermo, Infrared and high magnification along with increased DPI (dots per inch) to extract images. The articles photos reveal the Russian's may have in there possession a crashed Disk from another planet.

For more information on how you may have your UFO images processed a new web site has been set up by Ron S. Stewart. In addition to the images in this article there are more than 25 additional photos that can be purchased of the Russian Disk Crash 1968 in an e-book.

Below is the image and documents smuggled out of Russia from Berezovsky crash, in the region of Sverdlovsk in 1968. The image is a third generation photo but the details extracted are shocking to the human mind.


Death Certificates signed by Doctors Kamyshoy, Savitsky and Gordeenko were issued in Moscow region on March 24, 1969. Certificates in the USSR are printed by Gosznak, the documents are only some of the damning evidence found. Large volumes of information are available on the web including autopsy photos and expert testimony to the veracity of the crash.


The image below shows the far left side of the UFO that was damaged during the crash, the yellow box shows a close up image with and enlargement below. The craft also had extensive damage, one area is where the third KGB agent from the left is pointing while others look closely.


The image below shows the interior of the craft, damage to the craft also occurred on the interior of the craft. In the image with the yellow arrow points the first ever images of what a UFO looks like inside. There are several holes and cracks in the Hull of the Alien craft, we have included more images in our e-book at

#322 | Posted: 25 Oct 2009 13:22
WOW. Music sounds like their version of Paranoid eh Telecaster?
#323 | Posted: 26 Oct 2009 15:59


by Jan Aldrich,
Project 1947 Coordinator.

[This article has been slightly revised and enlarged since its original
publication in the April, 2000 issue of the MUFON Journal.]

On the 4th of November 1948, U. S. Air Force, Europe (USAFE), Intelligence (A-2) sent a long Telecon (telephone conversation) Transcript (TT) to Headquarters, Air Force Director of Intelligence (DI) at the Pentagon. The cable contained a number of various items on Top Secret subjects. After the TT was delivered to the USAF Directorate of Intelligence, each item in the message was retyped as a separate file.

Item #14 of the TT #1524 concerned flying saucers in Europe and contained three different aspects of the phenomenon that came to USAFE's attention. The usual formal military language contained in such communications was not present here, in this almost casual report. [1] First, USAFE Intelligence stated that they received recurring reports of flying saucers. Newspapers throughout Europe had reported on the Neubiberg Air Base incident referred to in the cable:

On October 29, 1948, newspapers throughout Europe reported this sighting near Munich:

"Five U. S. Air Force pilots observed a mysterious, silvery object similar in appearance to a so-called flying saucer hanging high over Neubiberg Air Base in Bavaria. The object disappeared at a terrific speed after having remained over the air base more than 30 minutes. A similar object had been seen days before by another group of American pilots."

These reports touched off a chain of speculative comments among astronomers and scientists on the continent, who variously claimed that the objects were from Russia or from outer space. Few seemed to regard them as products of the United States. [2]

While the Neubiberg object may have been a research balloon, Europe was now talking about flying saucers seen over that continent.

During this time frame, Project SIGN, the UFO program at the Intelligence Department (TID) of the Air Materiel Command at Wright Field, Ohio, had already sent its Top Secret Estimate of the Situation (EOTS) to Air Force headquarters. Also, The Top Secret Air Intelligence Report 203 (AIR 203),"Flying Objects Incidents over the US" produced by the Air Intelligence Division, Directorate of Intelligence (DI) was also in its final form [3]. These two documents were in conflict.

Project SIGN's EOTS raised the possibility that UFOs were interplanetary in nature while AIR 203 entitled "Flying Objects Incidents over the US" speculated that US or foreign research might account for the UFO reports. Into this mix came the second news item from USAFE's TT informing DI that their counterparts in Swedish air intelligence also considered that UFOs might be interplanetary. We can only imagine what happened next because records of discussion at the Pentagon are not available to us. We do know, however, the outcome of these conflicting ideas: Project SIGN's EOTS was rejected, and while AIR 203 was presented to the Joint Intelligence Committee in April 1949 as the Air Force Intelligence's position, it too was soon scrapped. [4]. Both positions were out of favor. The idea that UFOs were just misidentifications of natural or man-made objects increasingly gained ground in intelligence circles and would, with few notable exceptions, be the Air Force's public stance on UFOs from 1949 onward.

USAFE saved the block-buster for the last part of the message. An object had crashed into a Swedish lake. "A technical expert near his home on the edge of the lake" was the witness. USAFE informed DI that the Swedes had recovery operations for the crashed object under way. Anyone familiar with the 1946 "Ghost Rockets" knows that a number of the these earlier reports claimed objects had allegedly come down in Scandinavian lakes. A 1946 Secret letter from the Commander US, Naval Forces, Europe, commented on an earlier 1946 recovery attempt from a lake in Norway. The Navy was very much interested in what might be found. While they were willing to render assistance, there were two problems: the lack of Naval equipment and experts for that type of work in Europe at the time, and the lack of an invitation to assist from the Norwegian government. The Commander, US Naval Force Europe, felt that the matter required authorization from US political authority to proceed. [5]. Nothing further officially is known about the Norwegian lake crash, but the "technical expert" in the USAFE Swedish lake report was identified in another Top Secret DI 1948 document now at Maxwell AFB [6].:



24 August 1948



SUBJECT: SUPPLEMENT to Daily Activity 24 Aug 1948

1. It has been noted in cable brief that Sweden Armed Force C in C, General Jung, saw an aerial explosion considered to be some form of guided missile originating from Estonian islands, possible Dago or Osel. A point of interest lies in the fact that recent word has been received from out attache in Stockholm of a reconnaissance sortie accomplished over Osel and the stated intention of further aerial reconnaissance there. The Swedish reports have mentioned civilian evacuation on the western coast of the above islands.

2. The Swedish aerial reconnaissance stems from an arrangement which was made with the Directorate of Intelligence for the loan of long focal length cameras to the Swedes.

3. General Jung has a keen interest in the products of reconnaissance in a personal as well as an official way. He has as a personal friend the head of the section of the General Staff of Defense which is charged with covert reconnaissance; General Jung's sister-in-law holds a key position in that section.

4. It is believed that photographs of the area will be received in the near future. (Lt Col Fuller 2376)

/s/ J. E. Mallory
Colonel, USAF
Chief, Reconnaissance Branch
Air Intelligence Requirements Div.
Directorate of Intelligence


General Helge Jung and a number of others were witnesses to the crash, and there are some references to the incident in General Jung's papers. Clas Svahn, of UFO-Sweden is continuing investigations into the matter in Sweden. It should be noted that General Jung thought the missile was of Soviet origin.

Another Top Secret Air Force Intelligence document, a memorandum for record, concerning cables exchanged between the US Air Attache in Sweden and DI revealed that a number of messages had been exchanged on the subject. [7]. DI asked if current reconnaissance photography could confirm any missile activity in the Baltic area. The Air Attache answered that the Swedes had no positive proof that indicated any missile activity in the area. Also, the Swedes had no radar capable of tracking such missiles. (Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests have been submitted to a number of agencies on the Jung incident.)

Nothing further is known about the Jung object, but the Swedish recovery effort did find a depression on the floor of the lake that was not on previous hydrographic charts of the lake bed.

Copies of the USAFE cable were sent to the CIA and AMC at Wright Field. This is highly significant. While Ruppelt, Hynek and Fournet all said that the 1948 Top Secret Estimate of the Situation existed, no official confirmation has been found to support this claim. The USAFE cable indicates that Top Secret documents about UFOs did, in fact, exist at Wright Field and are not part of the current Project Blue Book files at the National Archives.

When Sydney Shallet was writing his two-part article on flying saucers for the Saturday Evening Post, he received permission from the Air Force to visit Wright Field to gather material. Prior to his arrival, Mr. Stephen Leo, of the Secretary of the Air Force Public Information Office, sent a letter to Wright Field requesting that Shallet be given access only to SECRET information on flying saucers. Shallet was not to be permitted to see any Top Secret material on the subject. [8]. One could say this was just the standard admonishment that security matters require, but now it takes on new meaning in light of the discovery of the Top Secret USAFE cable. There was, indeed, Top Secret information concerning UFOs at Wright Field.

[1] Records Group 341, Entry 214, General Files, Top Secret Control # 2-5317, National Archives II, College Park, Maryland

On the Internet see:

Return to article

[2] "Flying Saucers Invade Europe, Strange Flying Objects Are Appearing in Large Numbers Over the Continent. Are they Secret Weapons of the USSR or....?" [This compilation of foreign newspaper stories appeared during the European sighting waves of 1950-54 and was printed at the peak of the sightings in a small English-language magazine published by Charles Harnett at Kaiserslautern, Germany]

On the Internet see:

Return to article

[3] USAF Directorate of Intelligence-U. S. Navy Office of Naval Intelligence, "Flying Object Incidents over the U. S.," Air Intelligence Report #100-203-79.

On the Internet see:

Return to article

[4] "New Top Secret Document Revealed,"

On the Internet see:
#324 | Posted: 26 Oct 2009 22:08
tomorrow US day for Disclosure by BO. I wonder if he does?? D
#325 | Posted: 27 Oct 2009 03:55
Absolutely comprehensive, but which I have read years ago. I do not wish to compare you with the GREAT LEE EVANS ,however his dad left WALES for special work and took his valley's comedy and music , which you will know all about 'butty boy / bach! .
Its very good to have some backing ( financial or close support group's ).
Regardless of the above, your info. and insight has enabled me to root out my literature and give my estranged wife a " good kick up the arse " .
Cotterill was the auther of the original 2012 / end of 5 the south american calenders.
As stated previously ( above somewhere in the forum ) , and also described and scientifically establishsd ( not proven, but quantatvely regarded! ) , earths procession, suns cycle,outer arm galactic twisel , all recognised by our ancesters. What else could they do ?
They could not philosify on climate change,North pole ice melting ? Forgive me if I make a stupid observation,_ AN ICEBERGE IS 8 TENTHS BELOW WATER. THERE IS NO NORTH POLE !
I am sure ARCIMEIDIES WOULD APPROVE !!!!!! regards mike.
#326 | Posted: 30 Oct 2009 16:09

The former Brazil's Air Force minister Sócrates Monteiro was interviewed by the Brazilian UFO Magazine and made astonishing statements about the action of extraterrestrial
by A. J. Gevaerd

Posted: 11:52 October 28, 2009

Another distinguished officer supports the campaign UFOs: Freedom of Information Now!

Last Sunday, October 25th, Brazilian UFO Magazine interviewed the former minister of Air Force during the government of Fernando Collor, from 1990-1992, lieutenant-brigadier Sócrates da Costa Monteiro. The interview was conducted in his residence in Rio de Janeiro and was performed by this editor.

A. J. Gevaerd, with the cooperation of the co-editor Marco Antonio Petit and the consultants Francisco Pires de Campos and Arthur Ferreira Neto. It was more than two hours of extremely interesting and fruitful conversation, in which the military felt comfortable to talk about Ufology, like some other officials who also gave their statements to Brazilian UFO Magazine.

Monteiro is retired from the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) for a number of years, but keeps his bounds with active militaries from various sectors of the Brazilian military. He has an extremely lucid memory of the major facts of his activities in the Air Force and – of special interest to the Ufology – about how the country handled with the matter during the time when he was on active duty. Like other ministers, before and after him, Monteiro also had access to sensitive information on the interaction of other cosmic species in our country, reporting a few cases. He was pilot of many airplane types, including fighters, gathering more than 5 thousand flight hours in them.

The brigadier gives his interview to A. J. Gevaerd and exams released official documents given to him


"Technology far more advanced than ours"

The officer was the commander of I Integrated Air Defense and Air Traffic Control Centre (Cindacta), in Brasilia, at the time when he was ahead of registering the ufological occurrences all over the country, especially in the area of the Federal District and Southeast region. He revealed that the observations of unidentified flying objects were regular on the radar screens of the institution, well before he assumed its command, and that all the cases were carefully registered, with some of them being further investigated by the Air Force. In that occasion the expression "Traffic Hotel" was not yet used to designate UFOs. Monteiro described a situation when the radar station of Cindacta in Gama (DF) was overflown at low altitude by a disk type object of great proportions, and that its staff, without knowing what to do, opened fire against the "intruder". When he got to know it, Monteiro gave them express orders to stop the gun fire immediately. "They have a technology far more advanced than ours and we don't know how they would react to our action".

The interviewee also was the commander of IV Regional Air Command (COMAR), in São Paulo, institution that controls the air space of the Southeast region, during the famous "UFO Official Night in Brazil", on May 19th 1986, when the area was flooded by the appearance of more than 20 flying spheres of more than 100 m diameter each, which were chased by 7 FAB's fighters F-5E and Mirage, sent from the air bases of Santa Cruz (RJ) and Anápolis (GO). This is one of the most important ufological cases in the country, which counted on the participation of the Embraer's president at that time colonel Ozires Silva, on board of a Xingu airplane heading from Brasilia to Sao José dos Campos. Ozires spotted an object and even chased it over Sao Paulo state. As it is known, the Air Force Minister at that time Octavio Moreira Lima went to TV in national broadcast, the next day, to admit the "invasion" of Brazilian air space by UFOs. Both, Ozires and Moreira Lima, are friends of Monteiro and the first told him details of his sighting. Ozires is at this moment being contacted by Brazilian UFO Magazine for new statements.

UFO Official Night in Brazil

As it's known, the government just released a very important document about the mentioned "UFO Official Night in Brazil", in which it is admitted that the observed objects were "solid and reflected somehow intelligence", additional to the fact that made amazing maneuvers. The document can be downloaded at: . With this disclosure, the main matter of the interview, naturally, was the occurrence on May 19th 1986, which was confirmed in different ways by Monteiro, including details unknown until the moment. It is attributed to him some strong statements about the facts, given at that time. For example, the officer said that "for many years these cases have been registered by the Air Force" and that the UFOs "went from 250 to 1.500 km/h in seconds". Monteiro also said that "FAB recorded the entire event on tape". These facts are now complemented by him.


Always referring to the term "electronic abnormalities", "with the lack of a better explanation to what those object were", according to Monteiro, the interviewee said the speed of the UFOs was really astonishing and that the fighters could get closer to them only for a few moments, because the artifacts would escape away at extremely high speed. "There was no way for us to get closer, so we abandoned the search, which last for many hours in that night".

Monteiro describes de UFO scenario in the Amazon, where He helped to implement a special air traffic control system

There is a reference stating the UFOs achieved the speed of Mach 15, and about it Monteiro said it is possible, although the instruments measured only near to 3.500 km/h, "because beyond that, there could be natural reading distortions". About FAB recording the facts on videotape, he said that, actually, the institution – especially Cindacta – always registered what happened on the radar screens, and everything was registered in appropriate recordings done from those instruments. But pointed out that every 30 days the tapes are deleted and reused.

Visited by other cosmic species

The interviewee was cautious during the whole time. But, initially closed, was giving up to the pressure of the interviewers and making clear that, as other graduated officers of the country, also he had the clear notion that we are being visited by other cosmic species. Although at the beginning referred to the UFOs as "electronic abnormalities", gradually started talking about "they", to refer to its crew members, and "ships" in order to effectively describe what their vehicles were, mentioning also its "technology". Also referred openly to the intelligence behind the phenomenon, giving clear notion that we are before superior civilizations.

This was the most striking statement given during the interview, at the end of the session, when he again mentioned the case in which his men were shooting at the flying saucer in Gama, and he had to immediately intervene because "the reaction could be tragic to us". For that, he used as analogy the Mantell Case, occurred in USA in 1948, in which a pilot was found death and his plane was destroyed after a pursuit to an UFO. "For that, the fighters, when chasing those "electronic abnormalities", did it with caution". By the end of the conversation, when feeling more comfortable with the interviewers, he was referring to the abnormalities almost laughing of his own interpretation of the phenomenon and admitting the use of the expression "only because of the lack of an UFO on hands to say what they exactly are".

Support to the freedom of information campaign

Finally, the lieutenant-brigadier Sócrates da Costa Monteiro is one additional person from the Brazilian military circle who, recognizing the serious mission of the ufologists of Brazilian UFO Magazine on the pursue of these questions, supports the campaign UFOs: Freedom of Information Now, conducted by the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU). He, like his colleagues previously interviewed, among them the brigadier José Carlos Pereira and the colonels Uyrangê Hollanda and Antonio Celente Videira, admitted the seriousness of the ufological manifestation and the need of treating it in a straight way. And declared: "The files must be opened and you must keep your action with the government, in order to ensure it happens".

The full content of this interview will soon be published by Brazilian UFO Magazine, .

Photos can be downloaded here: .

Translation thanks to Wander Alcaraz, volunteer.

A. J. Gevaerd,

Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine
Coordinator, Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU)
National Director, Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)

The former minister says that the files must be released
#327 | Posted: 30 Oct 2009 18:09

28-10-2009 16:44 Ukraine releases UFO national archive
The Ukrainian Ufologic Club (UFODOS) has released and placed on the Internet ( a national archive of UFO evidences.

It was complied based on people's evidences about strange flying objects over Ukraine. The 'secret files' comprise about 500 eyewitnesses' testimonies who saw UFO in Ukraine starting from the 17th century. According to UFODOS chief Yaroslav Sochka, the materials were collected from various sources, basically, Hydrometeorological Center of Ukraine Air Force and public ufological organizations. In August 2009, the UK National Archives released new UFO files containing a wide range of UFO-related documents covering the years 1981-1996 and describing more than 800 UFO cases.
#328 | Posted: 30 Oct 2009 18:15 | Edited by: monkeyboy
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#329 | Posted: 31 Oct 2009 21:22

Do You Believe That UFO/ET Disclosure Is Imminent?
by Ed Komarek

Posted: 13:00 October 30, 2009

I have entered into a conversation with a person that claims to have close ties to a member of Congress well informed on UFO/ET. I am working with this person because I believe we need to develop a broad consensus with both politicians on both the left and the right on exopolitical issues as disclosure progresses. At present this individual wishes to remain anonymous because this individual wants to keep separate his-her personal ET related activities from the other political activities that he-she is involved in.

I have been communicating by phone and by email and this person tells me that this member of Congress is well informed on UFO/ET related matters and also that he is well connected to President Obama and meets with him frequently. This person asked me to suggest what this member of Congress might be able to do, to be helpful to myself and others pushing for disclosure. I sent the material in the following link as a letter to this member of Congress as part of my own very limited disclosure effort to show the middle ground between the left and the right.

Last night I had a further phone conversation with my source and this source confirmed to me that indeed it may be a short time line to disclosure as Dr. Michael Salla has indicated in a recent communication linked further on in this article. My source says that they have real concerns that a disclosure announcement could torpedo the heath care bill if it happens sooner than later by distracting the public from this issue.

This source also told me that the UFO community should be aware that because of tight security in Washington, mail and briefing packages should be sent to offices of members of Congress in their home districts. This source says mail and packages are not getting through to member offices in Washington.

This political jockeying for position is beginning to remind me of typical herd behavior. When a herd of migrating wildebeest in Africa come to a river full of deadly crocodiles the leaders line up at the edge of the river reluctant to go into the crocodile infested river. What happens is that the rest of the herd pushes the leaders up against the river until the leaders either get pushed in or have to jump. Once this happens the leaders out of self preservation head to the other side as quickly as possible with the rest of the herd following close behind. :-)

I am aware of six different sustained civilian-government high level disclosure efforts lobbying for UFO/ET disclosure and would appreciate if any of my readers know of others to let me know. Here are the efforts I know about. 1. Steven Greer's Disclosure Project, Clay and Shawn Pickering's Ad Hock Military UFO Working Group, Steven Basset's UFO/ET Lobbying, Dan Smith's CIA R&D Disclosure Operation, Gordon Novel's Project RAM disclosure effort and now this.

What I seem to be hearing from the operations that I have some familiarity with is that there are positive developments and movement toward rapid disclosure at the highest levels with President Obama, Congress and the UN. I have no real argument with Dr. Michael Salla on his perspective but I think the time line might be overly optimistic but my new sources seems to refute that. Obviously there is a lot going on behind the scenes as can be seen not only from Michael's and Greer's contacts but many other sources as well, including mine.

I stand to be corrected, but what seems to be holding things up a bit is that nobody wants to be blamed for igniting a truth conflagration that could rapidly get out of government and CIA control here in the United States and then extend to the rest of the world. Steven Greer and the Disclosure Project just made another big push to brief Obama.

I think the chances are good that the situation when ignited might well begin to spiral out of control at some point and then government officials and bureaucrats can and will become involved openly in an attempt to maintain order and stability in society. The indications seem to be that world governments really have no choice in this matter but to disclose rapidly once the cat is out of the bag, so to speak. Furthermore various extraterrestrial groups seem to be losing patience with government intransigence and broken promises the past sixty years and seem to be applying increasing pressure until something breaks loose.

Indications are that all parties both extraterrestrial and terrestrial agree that it is preferable that humanity handle the actual disclosure process even as the extraterrestrials increase the pressure on governments to disclose. Extraterrestrial groups seem to be doing this by increasing overt global public sighting activity even as they increase their covert disclosure lobbying efforts directed toward world governments.

My contention is that politicians and bureaucrats are going to need some cover in the initial ignition process and that is where we civilians are being a big help. It's up to us to push our leaders forward to cross the Rubicon into a post disclosure world. I and other pro-disclosure civilians don't have a problem with igniting and being blamed for a possible truth conflagration because we don't have political reputations to consider and we feel that continuing along the present destructive evolutionary path is not a option.

It may be that governments can mitigate and regulate the process unless and until their credibility on this issue is so debased that they can no longer regulate the disclosure process. Still, important politicians are beginning to take a stand worldwide and are even willing to risk their reputations pushing for disclosure. The latest courageous individual to speak out is Councilor Hicks. This British politician discusses a six minute encounter with a human extraterrestrial on the streets of London.

Already Senator McCain and Dennis Kucinich have courageously made positive comments on UFOs to the press. We can assume that these politicians know much more about this subject than they are willing to publicly acknowledge and may even be covertly lobbying for disclosure in Congress.

Governments may be forced, "heaven forbid". to trust their respective public to exercise self restraint and thus allow the public to take back responsibility over their own affairs in this and other matters that has been denied them by their government and business elites. After all it was not the public that got us into this devolutionary predicament in the first place but it may have to be the public that has to clean up the mess post disclosure.
#330 | Posted: 1 Nov 2009 19:42
Reply ity-shocked-eceti-ranch-and-paranormal-investigator-quits-their-world&catid=80:news-1 &Itemid=299

World News
UFO community shocked - ECETI ranch and paranormal investigator quits their world.

James Gilliland In an email sent to his followers announcing his dissatisfaction with media reports, James Gilliland said "I believe the majority of the UFO community has become convoluted and riddled with disinformation" ( see full text below. )

The ECETI ranch is a UFO hotspot regularly visited by UFO enthusiasts and investigators who expect to see UFO's, orbs and light trails. UFO's have been reportedly been pursued by US Government aircraft above Gilliland's ranch.

Gilliland is a famous UFO researcher who seeks publicity and self promotes his property to UFO groups and reporters but who now wants to pursue investigations without UFO and paranormal groups getting in the way.

In a few weeks Gilliland is due to hold a $199.00 per head "Self Mastery / Inner Sensitivity Series Workshops in Kauai Hawaii which he promoted in these terms : " "Description: The earth and all who reside upon her are going through an awakening and healing process some refer to as "the quickening" the veils between worlds are lifting yet most are mentally, emotionally and spiritually unprepared for this process. come learn powerful tools, techniques and experience initiations of the highest consciousness and energy. Topics will include: Planes, Dimensions and the Vibrational Continuum; Healing Unseen Negative Influences; Safeguards for Clear Guidance; Ancient Tibetan Meditation Techniques; The Power to Manifest, Ancient Wisdom & What "The Secret" Forgot to Tell You; Tools for Divination; Techniques for Working with Higer Beings & Guides; Who's Who in The Universe - Experiencing Highest Planes & Dimensions; Expanded Teachings on Self Mastery I Topics; Rising To the Occasion; Discernment & Healing Unseen Negative Influences; SafeGuards for Working with The Benevolent Ones; Initiating Contact & Experiencing The Multi-Dimensional Shift."


Here is the full text of Gilliland's explanation as to why he is withdrawing from UFO and paranormal groups.

"Before we begin I would like to express this letter is not to the people of integrity which are far and few between in the UFO community. They will understand and completely agree with what I am about to say. This letter is to all the conference boards, talk show hosts and others within the community who continue to deal with half truths and perpetuate the dark threatening agendas concerning our off world visitors totally ignoring the fact that the majority of off worlders are very spiritually and technologically advanced as well as benevolent.

The fear and suspense along with other hidden agendas via disinformation agents has so infiltrated ufology that the higher truth has been virtually pushed out. The UFO community has become the very conspiracy and censors of truth they set out in the beginning to expose. It has become a plethora of disinformation, misinformation, and massive egos wanting to be messiahs each thinking they have the big picture when all they have is a small piece of the pie. The field has become so corrupted, convoluted, and whacked out the real contactees and the bigger picture with positive contacts really have little or no forum to express. They are eventually squeezed out especially when it comes to women. Women who do not agree with the dark foreboding agendas of many exmilitary or top government officials who either see everything as a threat due to preprogramming or are there to support the war industry which needs a new threat to continue its massive budget.

The vast majority of off worlders which includes those coming from the higher dimensions are benevolent so why is the vast majority of the conferences and radio show programming focused on the negative regenerate side? Why is the negative, regenerate side given all the air and podium time which is completely disproportionate to reality? Personally I believe the majority of the UFO community has become so convoluted and riddled with disinformation along with those sitting on boards who perpetuate the mis and disinformation with NWO connections not to mention the material driven circus there is no way any off world visitor would have anything to do with it. As a venue for truth it is unsalvageable.

This is why I have no more desire to operate or involve myself further with these groups. I will continue as a spokesman for contact with benevolent off world visitors through other venues. I will also continue to hold our own conferences and invite those on the cutting edge who are working towards the advancement or awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. The Self Mastery and Kunlun classes will continue as well. With the regular appearances of the UFOs here at ECETI and the appearances of grand masters which have been photographed one would think there would be a strong interest and desire to promote the ongoing outrageous events happening at the ECETI Ranch. One would think with UFOs buzzing TV reporters and thousands of eyewitnesses with PHDs in every field, pilots, air traffic controllers etc. there would be a strong interest in the ranch yet in fact it is entirely the opposite going as far as suppressing or ignoring the events altogether by major conference organizers and talk show hosts.

The number one question when people come here and see the ships, experience the higher consciousness and energy experiencing spontaneous healings and incredible awakenings is why is this not getting out to others. Why is the spiritual and UFO community not jumping all over this. My only answer is ask them what they are afraid of. Why do they have so much resistance to the truth and what is it in them that is threatened? They have become wrong they set out to right. Twenty three million people watched the trailer to the movie Contact Has Begun, His Story with James Gilliland and now it is on Net Flicks. Robbie Williams the UK pop star and other UK stars have come to the ranch. The Latin countries are blasting the contacts and sightings here all over their media and four ships came in all at once at the last Science,
Spirit and World Transformation conference filmed by the speakers along with a field full of people. It is blasted all over youtube. Fox News just did a real positive piece and this Thursday Koin 6 will air their report where a UFO buzzed the reporter at ECETI and powered up right over his head. Despite the UFO community the truth is flowing like a river but not through their venue. It is time for people to do their own research and look into those in the UFO community who have maintained their integrity in a search for truth. Those that continue to keep you looking in the past, painting dark foreboding fearful agendas without addressing the benevolent side of contact are doing a grave injustice to the people, the off worlders, and the possibility of a quantum leap in evolution. To me this is not a service to humanity but in some cases an extreme disservice which is why I will no longer seek these venues to serve humanity or the greater family of man.

You have my permission to copy and send this far and wide.

James Gilliland
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