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#91 | Posted: 8 Feb 2009 10:16
RICHPLANET.NET received this today ...

At the age of 11 (1956) I stood in my back garden (St.Pauls road, Thornton heath Surrey england) and about 10.30 am on a saturday morning I observed a black disc moving N.E. towards Crystal Palace where it did a 90 degree turn to starboard disappearing into cloud! Alt? 5000 feet? Could not ascertain the size of the vehicle!It remained in view for at least two minutes!As a child I thought what was that funny looking hole doing in the sky? And I tried to shoot it down with my air rifle-some hope!
Dave Hall
#92 | Posted: 10 Feb 2009 15:02 | Edited by: Dave Hall
Sorry wrong board
Dave Derrrrrrrr!!!
#93 | Posted: 10 Feb 2009 19:04
#94 | Posted: 11 Feb 2009 22:01
There are quite a few reports regarding ufos collecting water, I wonder
why ? Loads of possibilities so I won`t speculate for a change lol.
The report is out today about the outcome from the windfarm incident.
"Bolt fatigue".
Brain fatigue more like.
Perhaps it collided with the planet Venus that all these pilots keep saying
they`ve seen.
Perhaps it was a lighthouse that witness` saw heading for the blades !
Weather balloons are quite strong and numerous these days !
Or a group of hedgehogs running around in a circle !
Sorry, I`m not being very funny.
But I am serious about seeing the latest movie out called "Moon Rising".
Made by the same guy who brought us the "rods", I`ve seen some
clips and it`s all about NASA/conspiracy/artists building the moon surface
and the faked moon pics. Not mentioning the thousands who work for
NASA who are paid/made to keep quiet. It`s a must see !
Dinsdale Fender
#95 | Posted: 12 Feb 2009 09:35
Everyone have a look at the latest ufo at Wichita 10/02/09.
You can see report and pic at
It`s the weirdest I`ve seen !!!!!
Doug Fender
#96 | Posted: 12 Feb 2009 09:36 | Edited by: CTRILEY
"Bolt fatigue".

I heard it was caused by a collision with a weather ballon that was reflecting the light from Venus. LOL

Had a look at that ufo at Wichita and it is weird. But what if its not a new design of ufo, but rather a ufo from a new species of alien visiting earth?
#97 | Posted: 12 Feb 2009 22:33
I`ve been checking out John Lear on YouTube and
This is getting bigger and bigger to the point of .........???????????
U.S. mining on the moon since 1962 !
Three doctors hold mineral rights for our solar system !
Gary McKinnon finding out about the shadow moon missions !
Planets are hollow !
Flights to the moon from Antarctica taking one hour !
The supplies to Antarctica support this !
Moon and Mars mining photos pre-airbrush (pre-1972) !
The list gets bigger and my mind is struggling to cope !
Where and when is this going to stop ?
When I stop researching.......that`s when !!!!!
Dave Hall
#98 | Posted: 13 Feb 2009 15:28 | Edited by: Dave Hall
Heres the Wichita Sightings that I have inhanced.
It does look like a stuctured craft to me
Click on image to enlarge
Puzzled no more
#99 | Posted: 14 Feb 2009 00:15
Ehhh, it's only one of those witches on a broomstick.
#100 | Posted: 17 Feb 2009 22:01
The person who took the shot said that it`s a fighter aircraft banking left to meet
an airborne tanker. I can see what he means but what a coincedence that they
look almost touching and the chances of taking a shot like that where 2 aircraft
look like they are one. You would have to be very quick or psychic !
He might have had a call from the MIB to change his story !!!!!
Mr T
#101 | Posted: 18 Feb 2009 19:48
I finished watching Richard Hoagland`s three hour interview with Project Camelot today and I`m glad I`ve found a researcher who only deals with facts or "the physics" as he calls them.
It was a quite informative interview with nary a hint of anything alien but my attention was dimmed toward the end when he started talking about 2012 and "if we all band together" group conciousness to save the planet. But most was factual and interesting.
Especially the reference to the Eygyptian relief in the temple of Abydos that appears to show some American tanks and Apache helicopters ! The reference to pyrimids on Earth, the moon and Mars that are all on the same place on the three spheres. I wasn`t surprised to hear him tell of NASA being a cover for a REAL space program that`s run by the Nazis, Masons and Magicians. Lots more info on the video which point to alien civilisations that were wiped out on Mars and the moon.
Here is a man who deals with facts and doesn`t like to speculate even if goaded.
And you`re right Richard, He can talk !
Right, who`s next ?
Stanton Friedman ? No, he`s in it for the money !
I`ll have to have a look who`s out there...........
T (just been divorced)
#102 | Posted: 19 Feb 2009 14:32
James Gilliland, weird name, doing weird things with water, genuine guy and getting some good shots of ufo`s. Check him out on
I think there`s a general consensus that we were planted here by the Annunaki, everybody
seems to mention it so there might be some truth in there somewhere !
#103 | Posted: 27 Feb 2009 14:46
I watched the latest vid on Jim Sparks last night and his story is different again
to other researchers !!!!!
How many versions of the whole picture is there ?????
I`ve come to the conclusion that I will not find the answer on the internet, TV or
from books as everyone is telling different stories.
The only way to find out the truth is in person.
And that may or may not come in this lifetime but I`m not wasting time waiting
around for it to happen.
It`s not a case of being spoonfed the answer, I just can`t see how I can find the
answer through different media like this and I`m not the kind of spiritual buffoon
who says meditation is the answer either.
If there was some kind of cohesion of facts I would keep looking but I just don`t
see any ! The more I research, the more different the facts become.
Sooooooo frustrating !!!!!
I`m probably not the only one saying this......
#104 | Posted: 27 Feb 2009 14:51
I just typed about 4 pages of rant and pressed enter for it to disappear !!!!!
Someone is trying to tell me something I think.
4 pages condensed to 1......Everyone is giving me different info regarding the
whole picture of ufology, so that`s it, I`m done.
I feel better now !
#105 | Posted: 28 Feb 2009 18:21
Why is ufology so infuriatingly addictive ?????
The SERPO website is just a U.S. government disinformation outlet.
I`m starting to see which info is BS now and what is real.
The thing with disinformation is that some of it is true.
But which some ?
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