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Dave Hall
#31 | Posted: 6 Jan 2009 21:53
You didn`t mention if you had been interested in ufo`s before the experience

Yes I did Simon. I have related my experience on this site.
Richard is right, the Disclosure Project, should, and must be brought to the attention of the public.
And do you know I have NEVER seen a weather baloon !!!!!!
Therefore in my mind they do NOT exist!!!!
#32 | Posted: 8 Jan 2009 23:25
To Dave Hall
This sounds to me like a classic description of Ball Lightning, not an extra terrestrial phenomenon but one that is nonetheless spooky and little known or understood.
It doesn't always require a full blown Thunderstorm to appear and can be generated by stressed rocks.
Dave Hall
#33 | Posted: 8 Jan 2009 23:49
Sorry Graeme,
Ball lightning does not sit in the corner of you bedroom and revolve slowly.
I know what I saw, and it definatly was not that.
#34 | Posted: 13 Jan 2009 20:00
Does anybody really think that there will be disclosure ?
With future I.D. cards and the dumbing down of the population
it sounds like the elite want us where we are now....Sheep !
How can we make people realise what`s going on ?
With the latest news from the Lincolnshire wind farm and the M.O.D.
saying there was no threat to take any action, what chance have we got ?
I`m trying not to be pessimistic but is there anything we can do other than what we are
doing already to force disclosure ?
In the past, people had the get up and go to change things but now, the
vast majority aren`t bothered to stand up and make a difference.
I hope that something will happen in 2012 to change the mind set of the majority
but I hope this involves nobody getting hurt in some calamity !
And I don`t mean the Olympics lol.
Anybody agree with the above ?
Thanks Richard for a brilliant website and T.V. show.
#35 | Posted: 13 Jan 2009 20:51
I watched a recent interview with Clifford Stone the other day. Stone is one of the original Disclosure witnesses who worked for the US army. His job involved communicating with E.T.s when they were recovered from downed UFOs. Watch the interview here :-

Clifford Stone Interview

At the end of this interview he states that disclosure will have to come "soon", because even amateur astronomers will report something that the authorities will not be able to deny and will therefore have to come clean.
#36 | Posted: 14 Jan 2009 14:06
RICHPLANET.NET recieved this email today ...

I am from Liverpool, England. I went on holiday to Egypt in august 2007. Whilst travelling home on the plane I was looking out of the window. Seven bright white balls of light stayed with me throughout the entire journey. They did not remain in a static position but moved about as though they were dancing, so to speak. They gave me a overwhelming feeling of love and peace. I did not mention this to anybody on the plane for fear of being thought of as a weirdo! I have not mentioned this to anybody before. Also approximatley one week ago here in Liverpool. I was driving home at night, when my partner and I looked up and saw two bright red/orange balls of light in the sky. They appeared stationary for a moment and then suddenly dissapeared. I have witnessed many floating silver balls of light in the sky at various times. My ten year old son has been with me when many of these objects have appeared also. They seem to appear then dissapear within seconds.
#37 | Posted: 15 Jan 2009 01:02
Dave Hall
Dave, have you also seen what you know for certain to be ball lightning so that you can compare it with what you saw in your bedroom to make an objective comparison.


A typical ball is 4 to 9 inches in diameter (with a maximum range between about half an inch and three feet) and glows most commonly red, orange, or yellow in color, though occasionally blue or white, with about the brightness of a domestic electric light. It may have a halo around it, emit sparks or rays, and survive for anything up to several minutes before disappearing, either suddenly in an explosion or by gradually fading away. Odors resembling ozone, burning sulfur, or nitrogen oxide are sometimes referred to, occasionally with the presence of a faint mist or residue. Rarely do the objects cause significant damage.

The movement of the balls is one of their most interesting and puzzling features. Typically, it's horizontal with a speed that seems completely independent of local air currents. Many balls are described as spinning. A curious ability to navigate around obstacles is another characteristic, although some balls show an affinity for metal objects and may move along conductors such as wires or metal fences as if they were rails. Others appear to be able to pass, ghost-like, through closed doors and windows with ease. Among their favorite reported haunts are chimneys, fireplaces, and stoves.

It's all to easy to see something strange and ascribe an extra terrestrial explanation to it by default. In your original post you made no reference to the physical appearance of the object other than it was giving off a glow. Did it have a solid or metallic look to it?
Dave Hall
#38 | Posted: 15 Jan 2009 16:09
Hi Graeme,
I did not give a full discription last time, so here it is now.
Although not east to discribe.
As I said it was aprox 30ins in diameter, and perhaps, 12ins deep.
It tapered towards its outer edge, and the edge would have been about 6ins. And disc shaped.
Now heres the weird bit.
Going back to my childhood, and I hope perhaps yours, can you remember those Xmas decorations that were made out of a kind of tin foil, and the ball would be made of waves of the foil.
Well the edge of the "Thing" looked like that, a bit like and old fashioned RUFF, if you know what I mean, only metalic.
I glowed with a yellowish light, no very bright, but enough to light up the corner of the room, and the door.
It was about 12ins off the floor, so it also lit up the carpet below it, and was rotating fairly slowly.
As I stated before, I only go a quick look at it, as I fell back onto the bed,shocked.
But to this day I can still see it in my minds eye, as if it were yesterday.
I am open to any sugestions as to what it was.
I am not claiming it was E.T., or anything like that. I just know what I saw, and that I had never seen anything like it before, or since.
And I am willing to testfy ...............................etc.
#39 | Posted: 15 Jan 2009 19:45
Last night I finished watching the 2 hour Alex Collier interview from this site.
If you haven`t seen it, watch it a.s.a.p.
What he is basically saying in my opinion is that unconquerable reptiles live
on earth (underground ) who eat humans and control the greys, who control
the powers that be on earth who sold out for some technology. Phew !
Also he said that the Pleiadians have given up trying to help us and the
Andromedans are still twiddling their thumbs to know what to do with us.
There is so much more on the video so watch it.
The bit about the Turin Shroud makes sense, as the rest of it does.
The more I study ufology, the more I`m convinced that there will be no
disclosure save a miracle.
We need irrefutable evidence or for the Andromedan Council has to act.
This is not our planet, we don`t belong here and now the races who put
us here have abandoned us.
I think we have gone too far to change as Alex wants us to !
What does everyone else think ?
#40 | Posted: 16 Jan 2009 01:05
I am sure that World Governments are holding many secrets about UAP's (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) or UFOs, call them what you will. I think some may be black terrestrial technology, some extra terrestrial too, but I am sceptical about the reality of existence of all these races that come from human conceived constellations, especially from Collier. The names of races described sound like those created by Science Fiction writers for an episode of Star Trek. Possibly there are races who wish to observe at close quarters but I think much of this is misinformation designed to create confusion and throw investigators off the real scent as it were - much of the alien activity described seems to be illogical. For example, if aliens were so technologically advanced, as to be able to travel Light years in no time at all why would they need anything from earth? Why couldn't they fix any genetic shortcomings in their own people, or develop any resources in short supply with their own technology? If they abduct humans for medical experiments, why do they make such a poor job of erasing memories of abductees if they want this activity to remain covert? If they want our DNA and posses metaphysical powers, why not materialise in a morgue late at night and help themselves to a wealth of DNA.
On thought has occurred to me for many years - Supposing time travel has actually been achieved - would not humans from the future possess technology that would appear alien to us were they to travel back and observe us? They may wish to observe and even interact with us in a limited way but wouldn't want to get too involved to avoid creating time paradoxes.
#41 | Posted: 16 Jan 2009 11:32
I agree, I too am suspicious about Collier. I just cannot bring myself to believe him 100%.

However, I do believe Clifford Stone. Many of your questions about E.T.s are answered in this video from Clifford Stone. He explains how they get here and many other things.

Clifford Stone Interview

With regards to the DNA question, just because they have the technology to get here, doesn't mean they can fix their DNA problems. It may be that there is no actual solution to their DNA short coming. They are not just after any DNA, they are after DNA which resuts in the right "traits" in the being. They probably do not know which humans have the right DNA until they grow up. What I am saying is they cannot tell by looking at the DNA code under the microscope, whether a persons DNA has the right traits. They need to monitor the growth of subjects in order to know whether their DNA is what they are looking for. They need many many subjects, over many generations in order to find the right stuff so to speak. (kind of artificially simulating evolution). If you think how evolution works, lifeforms gradually get more advanced or develop better bodies over many generations. This is possibly what they are doing, steering an evolutionary process with a group of abductees to get the right DNA. The phenomena has been going on for many decades, and the phoenoman runs in families too.
#42 | Posted: 16 Jan 2009 20:04
Hi Graeme, thanks for your reply.
I believe Alex is right. For me it rings true.
The human race is in so much mud that we are past the point of
no return. The lie is so big only a few of us can see it and some
can only glimpse parts of it. We are so brainwashed about money
and democracy that we think that`s the norm. Money is imaginary
and democracy doesn`t exist as we`d like to think. Everything is
smoke and mirrors concerning anything that rocks the boat.
i.e. flying saucers
If disclosure did happen, the people who control everything would
obviously lose their control over us. They only exist for power and
greed. Not enough of "us" out there in the real world.
What can we do ?
It`s David and Goliath but David won`t win this one !
#43 | Posted: 16 Jan 2009 20:31 | Edited by: RICHPLANET.NET
Yes, which is probably why, over the years, Disclosure has not been forthoming. The only thing I think we can do is continue to use the internet to spread the information. 15 years ago we all got our information from 1 or 2 sources, TV and newspapers, which are controlled by a few people. Now things are different mainly because of the internet. Most older people still get their information from the TV, but younger people increasingly use youtube and other non centralised methods of communication. The "controllers" must hate the internet. All we can do is continue to try and spread the word and use intelligent persuasion backed up with witness testimony and facts. It is in early stages now, but I think when enough people "know", the bastards will crumble.
#44 | Posted: 16 Jan 2009 20:56
Yes I agree !
What really got me the other day was the media coverage of the wind farm incident
and yesterday/today the Sun`s story on NASA implying there are microbes on Mars.
There probably is but that`s not all that`s there !!!!!
Everyone has to spread the word, look at the evidence and draw their own conclusions.
I was happy to hear the response at Hartlepool was good and that people were asking the
right questions. Any chance of coming down south(west) at all ?
Let`s go and do some crumbling !
Puzzled no more
#45 | Posted: 16 Jan 2009 21:36
Hey Dave Hall, have just registered to share my experience with you.

It has already been told on a couple of other forums but will relate it afresh rather than copy and paste, where my memory is hazy will point this out as I believe it is time that distorts memory and not lies and stories.

The date was 18 April 2005, middle of the night, was asleep in bed lying on my right side facing a large window that had the curtains drawn across it. I woke up, not slowly but instantly, eyes wide open. About 2/3 of the way up the curtain was a small ball, registered size as being in between a gof ball and tennis ball, just hanging in mid air, not a light but white and it looked solid. Suddenly the ball shot across the room, moving horizontally leaving behind a trail of smoke, two lines that curled inwards in a strange fashion.

What the hell was that, sit up, my body must have moved as I tried to follow the movement as placing both hands on the bed I pushed my body up and swung my head to the left not knowing what to expect. The sphere was still visible against the wardrobe on the opposite side of the room to the original position. The only other change was that it was lower down, probably by about two and a half feet (due to the time lapse can not remember if I saw the ball drop in height or if when I turned my head to the left it was already in that position). Either way the ball was now on level with my head.

Then the bloody thing flew straight at me. Instinctivly I quickly turned my face away, self protection needing no thought, my eyes closed and I shrieked loudly.

The ball must have stopped at temple level because opening my yes I saw the ball whiz around my face on level with my eyes, maybe about a couple of inches away trailing a mist/haze. My eyes followed the ball and it just disappeared seemingly passing through the curtains.

One impression I had was that this ball had travelled so quickly that when it flew across the room it became invisible but without checking my original write up can not remember the exact point that this imprssion formed.

There is another strange twist as my partner was sleeping beside me but did not seem to wake up as he normaly did on the few occasions I had nightmares. Anyway I lay back down too afraid to go see the time, too afraid to move, just wrapped myself in a cocoon of quilt/blankets with only my eyes peeping out. Did not go to sleep till what seemed like hours later and probably at the first sign of light.

Partner got up for work and I stired and said "Remind me to tell you what hapened last night" and fell asleep again. Sometime later, I awoke with no memory of anything strange. Got on the bus to travel to university and got a terrible migrane, really bad eye disturbances with pain. Was troubled by migranes for good few months afterwards.

The day passed, the evening passed and bedtime arrived, still no recollection. Got in to bed and said to my little Jack Russell dog "come here my little guardian angel" not a usual thing to have said but immediatly my partner said "Oh, what did you have to tell me about last night".

My God, both my hands flew to my mouth, I was in total shock as the memory returned and I realised the implication that I had seen something impossible with current technology.

Anyway I related the incident to partner who informed me he had heard me scream and then felt me lie down, had not disturbed me as he thought I was dreaming.

Going on four years later and still 100% certain this was no dream.

Also figured out that the ball had some type of intelligence or how could it have dropped exactly to my temple/eye level.

Have given over looking for similar experiences but remember at the time reading a newspaper article, think it was in 'India Daily' that some white spheres had been observed floating along a street in a town/city, never have managed to find this article since. The only other reference to something which could possibly sound similar is the mention of the probe spheres/orbs belonging to the ummites but think this is now generaly regarded as a detailed hoax.

Have seen definate UFOs in the sky previously along with partner but this is the only time one visited with me at home.
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