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#1 | Posted: 17 Jun 2008 18:25
Have you a story to tell about your own UFO sighting?
#2 | Posted: 27 Jun 2008 19:36
Always like to be open minded regarding UFO etc, when i was a child we where playing out it was a sunny warm clear day the kind of days in the summer that we used to get in the 70s! there where about 8 other children with us and we saw a orange cigar shaped object in the distance, we where only kids so we didnt have any sort of distance away we were or anything but none of us had seen anything like it before. We where totally amazed and i still think to this day it was a UFO. This happened in the Litherland area of merseyside.
#3 | Posted: 21 Jul 2008 15:22
Richplanet had an interesting call today from a Hartlepool witness who wished to remain anonamous. He has seen UFOs in the Hartlepool region on many occasions and described them as towers of orange lights, 4,000 feet high! The most common time of the sightings has been in the early hours of the morning. The gentleman claims to have video footage of these UFOs. He also claims to have seen them land on the ground.
#4 | Posted: 29 Jul 2008 09:52
Event ocurred in Kansas 1966

I do have a story to share and I aplogize if this is not the correct place to be telling it. This event happened several years ago in October 1966 when my brother, mother and I were passing through the small rural town of Clearwater, Kansas about 8 p.m. on our way home close to Wichita, Ks. We were traveling east on our way out of the town and as we approached the railroad tracks we noticed a very dark object hovering over the powerline which was located alongside the railroad track.

We all asked at the same time, "What is that"? My brother slowed the car down to get a closer look. The object began traveling in our direction and passed over our car. It was completely silent and flew slowly and smoothly over our car. I was 18 years old then and at this point was still thinking it was some sort of plane. The object flew in front of our car more toward the passenger side and positioned itself in mid-air over the fields and shot a bright yellow beam of light into our car.! It lit up the entire inside of our car. My brother and mother just stared at this object and I too sat very still and felt extremely frightened. I finally said to my brother, "Don't stare, just go". About that time this object turned the beam of light off, dim interior lights lit up, and underneath this craft I could see an opening that had a light in it. This craft ascended vertically into the atmosphere at a very fast speed and had disappeared in a matter of seconds. I remember my mother made the comment, "That was fast".

The object was very dark, about the size of a small aircraft and was either oval or egg shaped. We couldn't see it well enough to get a real good description and after it directed the yellow beam of light into our car we couldn't see anything until it turned the beam of light out at which time I could see an opening in the bottom which had a light in it. We lived very close to Boeing and McConnell Air Force base where my father worked in Civil Service. We were used to seeing planes and various aircraft but this was more different than anything I have ever seen or experienced and have never again experienced anything even remotely similar to this. I have spent many years trying to get an explanation of what it was that we observed that night and hope to someday have an answer. I am now a 62 year old woman who still works full time as a medical professional.

Joe Jean
#5 | Posted: 16 Aug 2008 10:36
During march 1996 or 97 I was driving north on the A19 when I saw a silver disc fly from west to east in a graceful motion, rather like fish through water at speed of about 200 mph. To my amazement it stopped at the snap of a finger above the ICI chemical complex. I myself sopped at a layby a few miles along the road. I stood and watched it for about five minutes.
#6 | Posted: 25 Aug 2008 15:25 | Edited by: Lee
This sighting is from either 1979 or 1980, I cannot be certain, being 7 or 8 at the time but more likely 1980. My mother witnessed this too.

Living in Croydon on the Whitehorse estate, ourtop floor flat overlooked an indoor parking garage with an upper level, and lower street level(called the underground level)

I saw what at first I thought was a fire engine, or Ambulance on the upper level. I could not make out its shape as the lights were so dazzling, there was no noise or sirens, I called my mother who thought it was a helicopter, but there was no noise so this was not possible. We both could not make out this strange object, and it quickly disappeared. Taking off with no noise and flying off within seconds.

The next day, neighbours reported the upper level of 10 garages, all five on one side had scorch marks along them. People assumed vandals had try to start fires.

We've rarely spoke of this incident, but are both convinced we witnessed some kind of UFO that night.

I'd certainly be intrigued if anyone else witnessed this.
#7 | Posted: 26 Aug 2008 08:43
About 4 years ago I saw a small silver object flying at high speed about 100 feet up. It appeared to have an ariel on it it has allways puzzled me .

#8 | Posted: 14 Oct 2008 14:36
#9 | Posted: 16 Oct 2008 13:20
What do you think of this "video"? I did not know optic telescopes can see out that far!
#10 | Posted: 16 Oct 2008 13:27
Seth Haniel
#11 | Posted: 22 Nov 2008 17:12
I was travelling from Hartlepool to Edinburgh on the Morning of 14th February, 1998, as I approached Easington service station travelling north on the A19 (which on the car 'trip' is 13 miles from Hartlepool)I noticed a bright green light come into my vision from behind left, through the front windscreen. It resembled a meteor (it was uniform in size, the head the same as the tail) the path it travelled across the sky - with a long green streak behind it - though it was not falling, it was at a height of 35 degree in my vision and rose to about 40 degree as it shot forward finally disappearing to my right front horizon in the time of about 1 & 1/2 seconds - as it passed there seemed to be an after flash behind to my left side where it had first appeared but just behind its tail- the green light resembled a firework rocket or Maroon but for its speed and distance travelled -the time was 6.20am

About five minutes later as I approached the A1231 I noticed a small aircraft high up travelling from west to east with red, green and white lights visible which was clearly visible at about 75 degree very high and very slow travelling. Weather was clear, clouds very high. The car has a green sun visor tint but object was seen below this level in my vision, and trying to view street lamps etc, through this visor did not get the green colour of object - the closest thing to it was the observation of a railway traffic light on green at the distance of between 1/4 & 1/2 miles. (Though there are no railway signals in this area)

I have been involved in the UFO scene for over thirty years and have had a few sightings, and can tell the difference between planets, stars, and meteors or shooting stars and satellites
Seth Haniel
#12 | Posted: 29 Nov 2008 12:05 | Edited by: Seth Haniel
#13 | Posted: 29 Nov 2008 21:06
Very intersting story. The Hartlepool Mail describes you as Graham and you use the name Seth, can I ask why is this?

Have you had your implant examined by medical people or X-Rayed?

Would you consider having it removed?, do you have any photographs?

I recently made a documentary about a man from Gateshead who saw aliens in 1940. This documentary is being screened on EMTV (Sky 200) as part of the series which goes out on Saturdays at 7:30pm.

Are there any other significant details you have not yet mentioned?

Look forward to your reply,

Many Thanks
Richard D. Hall
Seth Haniel
#14 | Posted: 30 Nov 2008 16:39
Seth is a part of my 'I Am' name
Havn't had any examination of my implant or strange bump

Back in November 2005 I took part in a project with a student film crew from Teeside University - the result a fifteen minute film on 'UFOs & Alien Abduction' which involved a local UFO researcher Glen Richards, and besides me it also included Nick Pope (ex MOD), Martin Lunn MBE (York Astronomer), and Dr John Dent (psychologist) .asx

regards Seth (Graham)
#15 | Posted: 6 Dec 2008 23:11
Hi all,
I just thought i would tell of what me and a couple of friends saw about 10 years ago.
We were in a place called Wardle, which is a couple of miles from the pennines, it was a september night and the sky was clear of clouds, we were making our way across some fields when the whole sky was lit up by a very fast succession of 3 bright flashes, it was as though lightning had gone off but it was a clear night with no clouds.
Then one of my friends drew our attention to the sky, in the sky was a bright perfect line of blue /white light, it was about as long as a Bic pen held at arms length and had rounded ends.(looked like a strip light bulb)
It was horizontal to the horizon, and just hung in the sky for about 5 seconds, then both ends in unison started to bend down as though it was going to form a horse shoe shape, but as it was doing this it started to disapear.
The only way i can decribe how it disapeared, is like seeing indervisual pixels on a computer screen fadeing out in differnt places along the line, the whole experience lasted about 10 seconds.
This past week i have come across a couple of peolpe commenting to ufo vids on youtube, who have also seen this flash and the glowing line in the sky in the past few months.
So has any one else seen or heard of this before???

Thanks Des
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