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Unacknowledged - Assisting the UFO Cover Up
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Posted 10/12/2017

I have just watched Steven Greer's latest film “Unacknowledged” and here are my opinions at this present time. I watched the film once and the notes here are from my recollections, so there may be slight inaccuracies from what I recall from the content.


There was nothing new in the film. Every speaker and piece of information I had seen before.


It was very broad brush. No technical details. It was emotional with Greer crying at one point. The filmed used highly emotional music throughout.


The moon landings were mentioned as being real on more than one occasion. This is unproven and very likely untrue. Please see Richplanet programme no. 249, “Analysing the Astronauts”.


Edward Snowdon was mentioned as an example of a real whistleblower who has exposed Non USAP (Unacknowledged Special Access Programmes) information. Ie information that is less secret than alleged UFO related projects. Please see Richplanet programmes 240 and 247, which show that Julian Assange is not what he claims to be. One of Wikileaks most prominent “whistleblowers” is Edward Snowden who I believe is a controlled CIA or NSA asset. Therefore making mainstream media aligned claims about Snowden are aiding CIA/NSA operations in my opinion.


There were continual references to “USAPs” throughout the film, but he did not produce detail about any project which is claimed to be a USAP. I suspect the military probably don't use that term any more, as it is being so heavily used in films like this.


There is contradiction in what he claims those running the cover up are doing. On the one hand the film goes to some lengths to show that mainstream media is controlled and ridicules the UFO and ET phenomenon, which is all orchestrated by those running the cover up. I would agree with this. But on the other hand he claims that cattle mutilations and abductions are all being done by the military purely for the purposes of psychological manipulation of the public, to make people think UFOs are hostile. Presumably if they are making people think they are hostile, it means they are making people think they are real. This is a contradiction of his previous argument that their policy is to ridicule the subject to make people think aliens are not real. No evidence is presented for this alleged psychological operation, and no evidence is presented to show that the military are carrying out mutilations or abductions.


Most of the film was regurgitated material, quite old UFO material, eg, Robertson Panel, Condon Report, Blue Book, Paperclip, Nazi research, Ben Rich quotes etc. Much of it was from his original disclosure project witness interviews. Michael Schratt was featured heavily and a new interview with Daniel Sheehan was featured repeating what he has said in previous interviews about Jimmy Carter. Also an old interview with Philip Corso was featured briefly along with a few Roswell interviewees.


In the section on suppressed energy, no actual devices were discussed in any detail. Cold fusion was not mentioned. Stan Meyers was mentioned and Greer stated that the authorities removed a "torroidal object" from Meyers that tapped energy from the zero point. He did not say “coil”. This is very vague, because a torroidal object could mean they confiscated a doughnut. Eugene Malove was shown very briefly, but not talking about cold fusion, just some generic comments. Tom Beardon was also shown, but nothing of any interest, this was taken from one of his old energy video series.


I thought quotes from Mark Mccandlish were taken deliberately out of context. At first he talks about a hanger which contained an alien reproduction vehicle hovering off the ground. The way this is edited, makes you think he saw this himself, but I don't believe this is the case; I believe he was only told about it, and did not witness it himself. Then in the next sentence he talks about craft performing incredible manoeuvres. He is here, I believe, actually talking about his own UFO sighting (either by sight or on radar) NOT about a secretly developed ARV. It looks like they have edited the film to make it look as though Mccandlish actually witnessed an ARV performing incredible turns and manoeuvres etc. This was misleading in my opinion.


There was no mention of the TR3B, no mention of Ed Fouche, even though there was much talk of development of secret craft from back engineered alien craft. This omission is very significant.


Weapons and warfare was mentioned, and development of secret weapons. But no mention of 9/11 was made in this context. There was one shot in the film, very briefly of the building 7 "collapse", but this was not linked to weaponry.

Conclusions & Further Comments

The claim that the mutilation phenomenon is just being done as a psy op is ridiculous in my opinion. I don’t know who is responsible for mutilations. But I do not believe the military would risk getting caught killing horses, cats, sheep, rabbits and foxes in middle England in populated areas, during peace time. These are criminal acts which have been occurring regularly for decades all over the world. The military would risk getting shot at by a farmers or challenged or filmed. I can't say that some mutilations are not carried out by a human group, but Greer's suggested motive for the mutilations is ridiculous, and I would guess there is a reason for his implausible evaluation.

That tells me one of his purposes may be to help confuse the mutilation phenomenon, ie, to stop people looking for a REASON for the mutilations. He is effectively saying there is no physical or medical REASON for the surgical procedures and for the precise removal of organs and blood which are never recovered, and that it's just about creating FEAR. The soft tissue and blood is not being removed for a purpose other than fear. So he is claiming that they take all of the blood without leaving a trace of blood on the ground (which in the case of a horse is 40 litres), and they then dispose of the blood somewhere away from the mutilation site. They have no use for the 40 litres of blood that they take, they just transport the 40 litres of blood away from the site and dispose of it to “create fear”.

If Greer’s reasoning was true, it means we don't need to look for the reason or purpose of the mutilations. I deduce from this that the true purpose of the mutilations is being covered up, and that he is helping this cover up. This lines up with the cases I have looked into with David Cayton, in as much as the autopsy reports have always been kept from the animal owner. If they wanted to just spread fear, why would they need to suppress the autopsy reports? - Surely this would create fear, which he claims is the motive. But again his motive contradicts the ridicule element mentioned earlier. It is my belief that there is a blanket cover up on animal/human mutilations in the mainstream media, probably by a “D” notice, and there is dis-information being put out into the alternative media (by Greer and others) about mutilations, to hide the real purpose.

He is also a 9/11 gatekeeper in my opinion. This was established by his admission (not in this film, but on 21st November 2015) when he was asked about 9/11. In his answer he indicates that he has known about the towers being destroyed by a directed energy type of weapon since it happened, and that he has been told that there was advanced knowledge of 9/11 by certain people in the US government, and that people would be killed if they spoke about it. He mentions development of secret weapons technology in the film, but fails to mentions his previously stated knowledge of energy weapons used on 9/11. I would be very surprised if he is not aware of the work of Dr Judy Wood, but neither she, nor her work is mentioned in the film. If he is discussing covert weaponry he should be referencing this book.

There was zero explanation of how the secret (man made) UFOs work. How their propulsion works. Nor was their any mention of how the energy systems work. You would think by now he would be able to put certain speakers on camera who can talk about the principals of these energy and propulsion devices. As he did not mention the TR3B or Fouche, it looks like he is also a gate keeper for classified propulsion technologies.

It's difficult to know without having some analysis done on his language how much he really knows. It might be the case that the CIA, or his sources are feeding him bogus information, and he is just repeating bogus information that he believes to be true. eg that the mutilations are done to create fear. He seems to accept the fact that the energy technologies have been covered up, because there is NO argument in the film to request for them to be released. Instead he asks that people who are researching their own devices contact him for funding. Why does he not campaign for those people who are in the black world to send him designs for the devices anonymously? - or ask them to post them on public websites? We know from Greer's work on past free energy initiatives that he has actively collected intelligence on people who are working on new energy technologies, but he so far, as far as I can see has nothing to show for it.

When they pitch these films, they are not aimed at a mainstream audience. But also they are not low budget conspiracy films either. They are in between the two. In my opinion they want to capture all those who are asking questions on these issues, so they can be lead down a dead end.

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