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Researcher John Lear
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John Lear (b. 1942) is an accomplished former pilot and well-known UFOlogist. He is the son of aviation pioneer and inventor Bill Lear.

John Lear, now retired from flying, amassed over 19,000 hours of flight time, and has flown in over 100 different types of airplanes in 60 different countries around the world. He flew both commercially and in missions worldwide for the CIA. John Lear is the only pilot to hold every airman certificate issued by the FAA, and has held many world records.

Lear claims to have always had a slight interest in UFOs. Sometime in the mid-1980s, he read the book Missing Time by Budd Hopkins, a book on alien abduction. This was to become a turning point. From then on John began heavily researching the subject, including tracking down and interviewing many witnesses and individuals involved in the phenomenon. Soon after, in about 1987 or 1988, John Lear began writing and lecturing on the subject.

In the summer of 1988, John met a self-styled nuclear physicist named Bob Lazar, and soon became intimately involved in the Area 51/S-4 story. It is claimed that Lazar worked at the S-4 test site (approx. 10 miles south of Area 51) from December 1988 to March 1989, where he took part in the back engineering of extraterrestrial craft. During this time Lazar relayed information to Lear about his alleged activities and experiences there.

During this time both Lear and Lazar claim that they were able to acquire a piece of the fuel that powered the craft, Element 115, conducting several experiments that proved the high gravitational attraction and heaviness of the element, among other things. Though, apparently, this evidence was ''stolen'' back.

Around March 1989 Bob Lazar, John Lear, Gene Huff and others organized several trips into the desert to view test flights from a distance. On one of these excursions, Lear claims to have witnessed a glowing yellow-orange, disc-shaped object that rose above the mountains at Groom Lake while looking through a Celestron telescope. On one of these trips, the group was eventually caught, and shortly thereafter, Bob Lazar ceased working at the test site.

In late 1989 KLAS-TV reporter George Knapp interviewed John Lear, which resulted in Knapp interviewing Bob Lazar and breaking the Area 51/S-4 story to the public.

In the mid to late '90s, John Lear had a break from ''digging''. In November 2003 Lear appeared on the popular Coast to Coast AM radio show to give an interview (first time in a decade) with Art Bell, where he shared his views on UFO Disclosure, among other topics. In March 2004 he appeared in another interview discussing revelations and theories about the moon. Most recently John Lear has become a regular posting member on several conspiracy based discussion forums.

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