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MI5 Exposed
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John Lundberg
We revealed in the television documentary “Crop Circles: The Hidden Truth” that Lundberg was probably recruited by MI5 in 1992. Since then he has been paid by British Intelligence continually. We believe that due to the anomalies about the property where he lives, MI5 have also been providing him with free lodgings in London since around 1995.

As many people know, Lundberg’s activities have been in making crop circles throughout the UK, and sometimes travel to foreign countries such as Italy, to trample down fields there too. We believe MI5 has funded these activities for almost 2 decades and have been giving him money to pay the rest of the crop circle team. There would typically be 5 or 6 in a team.

We believe MI5 made a big mistake in 2004 by paying for Lundberg to re-train as a film maker. This we believe was a gross miscalculation on their part and provides even more evidence that MI5 disinformation is what Lundberg is part of. If Lundberg was a true “artist” as he claims, why would he be interested in the “UFO” subject for his film making? His latest film “Mirage Men”, promises to be a superb piece of disinformation. He has managed to interview some of the top names in Ufology; namely Bill Ryan and Richard Dolan. These individuals may well regret taking part in this programme as MI5 and Lundberg seem to have set out to debunk them.

Mark Pilkington
Pilkington has worked for the MI5 infiltrated “Fortean Times” and more recently has teamed up with John Lundberg to make the disinformation film “Mirage Men”. The two of them travelled to parts of America preying on un-suspecting Ufologists who unwittingly agreed to be debunked on camera. The close association of Pilkington and Lundberg along with Pilkingtons association with Fortean Times tells us that he is very likely on the MI5 payroll too.

Jon Ronson
Ronson is another close associate of John Lundberg who runs Jon Ronsons website. Ronson is the author of “The Men Who Stare at Goats” and producer of many UK television programmes which have essentially debunked people like David Icke and Alex Jones. If there is going to be a mainstream documentary about an “alternative view”, it is often given to Ronson because he’ll make sure that truth and objectivity are the last things on the agenda. His recent book “The Men Who Stare at Goats” is quoted by Colonel John Alexander, who the book is about, as being “based on about 5% reality and 95% hokum”, yet this hokum was made into a Hollywood film which therefore makes the film another piece of disinformation. Ronsons close association with John Lundberg, along with the complete lack of truth seeking in both his writing and programme making makes us believe that Ronson is part of the MI5 psy-ops operation.

Matt Glubb
Matt Glubb is another associate of John Lundberg. Glubb was a partner in two companies that Lundberg set up in 1999. He is a web designer and worked on John Lundbergs crop circles website. He also states on his own website that he “occasionally makes crop circles”. MI5 must have thought that the site needed a facelift and that Lundberg was not capable of doing this by himself, so they recruited web designer Matt Glubb. We believe that Glubb is in the MI5 loop, otherwise would not have been given an equal share in Lundbergs businesses.

Andy Roberts
Andy Roberts ambition in life has been to try and explain away all UFO cases as anything but extra terrestrial in nature. Why would somebody, without the sponsorship or backing of a funding organisation do nothing except try and criticise and pour cold water on other researchers work? Why not just leave them alone and let them get on with it if there is nothing to it? It’s one hell of a negative way to live your life. One case in particular that Roberts has gone to great lengths to debunk is the 1974 Berwyn Mountains UFO incident. We have made a film about this case, during which time we met witnesses who had never been on camera nor spoken publicly about what they saw. The witnesses we interviewed are highly reliable as you will see if you watch the film. The testimony shows that Andy Roberts has not investigated this case with the intention of portraying the events accurately as described by the witnesses. Roberts has been vigorously attempting to show that nothing significant happened, which I can assure you is not the case. We also know that serious researchers of this case have been prevented from talking about it on BBC radio programmes. They were told specifically by BBC producers not to talk about the Berwyn case, but could talk about other cases. One researcher had his total contribution cut from a TV documentary at the last minute; this order allegedly came from a higher authority. In the past there has been disinformation put out about the Berwyn case, probably by government (MI5). Because of these incidences we know that the authorities are paranoid about what happened at Berwyn in 1974. If one couples this fact, with the fact that Roberts has spent more effort trying to debunk this case than any other. You are left with the realisation that he must be being supported by the same people that have been preventing BBC and others from talking about the case. We believe Roberts is being steered by the MI5 disinformation program.

Dr. David Clarke
Another government sponsored UFO debunker. His close association with Andy Roberts coupled with his ties with government (National Archives) makes us believe that he too is a psy-ops operative. When so called “secret” government UFO files have been released, the only UFO commentator allowed into our tightly controlled media is Dr. David Clarke. If you don’t believe this, try doing the following: when the next release of UFO files come out, buy a copy of every national newspaper and you will see that he is quoted in every single one of them, no other UFO researchers get a look in. Somebody once critiscised this observation by stating that Nick Pope was also regularly quoted in the media. It goes without saying that he is likely to be an operative too. Anyone who cannot see this must be either blind or simple. I thought Popes involvement was so obvious that listing him on this page wasn't necessary. Pope is the MOD's unofficial spokesperson on the subject. They need a voice, but they can't be seen to have a voice. An official voice would legitimise the subject so they put their hand up Nick Popes arse and operate him like a puppet. The pattern extends to TV and radio where Clarke (and Pope) hog the air waves. We believe the only way such puppets can dominate the media in this way is if they are connected to the psy-ops operation.

These men appear to have neither charisma nor passion and I almost feel sorry for them by pointing out what they are most likely part of. Perhaps the intelligence agencies are trying to genetically engineer a new type of shill who will say the right things, but also seem like he/she means it. Fortunately for us, it doesn't appear that they do really ''mean it'' and are simply obeying their pay masters. How do they sleep at night. It is rather amusing to watch BBC shows where Clarke or Pope are interviewed by skeptical news anchors, then have to defend the evidence for UFO reality and are then shot down or countered by the all knowing news people. It is an utter pantomime each time this happens, with the shill playing the role of a UFO researcher, when in fact they are merely a form of controlled opposition ... it is laughable every time. A bit like when a journalist interviews a journalist on Newsnight - hmm we learn a lot there. If only the public knew what is really at work when they watch such TV shows.

Gemma Charles
During our research into MI5 operative John Lundberg we identified 4 neighbouring MI5 safe houses. In one of the properties, lives journalist and NUJ activist Gemma Charles. Charles works for the Michael Heseltine owned “Brand Republic”, a news and marketing website. She is also very active within the National Union of Journalists, sitting on the Black Members Council. From her twitter site it is clear that she is very politically motivated. We believe she may be working for MI5 although we do not know what her role is. If she gets elected to parliament in the future, you heard it here first.

We feel justified in giving their names because there is no justification in a democracy for the intelligence agencies to fund the psychological manipulation of honest people, in order to keep us in the dark about some of the most important subjects on our planet.

We feel it is necessary to name these individuals and show to the public that this tac-tic has been going on for decades.

MI5 have an active peace time psy ops programme aimed at altering the perceptions of everyday people. THIS IS A CRIME ON THE SCALE OF WATERGATE AND THEY KNOW IT.

… stay tuned for more MI5 psy-ops agents to come. If you are one, watch out.

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