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Witness Dr Jonathan Reed
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The entire extract used here is from UFO Casebook Website,

Reed, as many of you may know, claimed to be a Seattle psychologist, who, in October 1996 took his golden retriever Suzy with him on a hike to one of the Cascade Mountains and found a strange alien creature and a hovering, black obelisk.

Reed claims to have killed the alien, brought it back to his house and photographed it, only to eventually have it stolen.

On the day in question, Reed's dog was sniffing around in the brush until something caught her attention. Suzy bolted ahead of Reed who soon heard her barking. In a moment or two, the barking turned even more ominous sounding.

Reed was sure that Suzy was in a fight with a wild animal, maybe a bear. They had spotted one earlier in the day.

Grabbing a large tree branch to ward off some fierce competitor, he finally came close enough to see the cause of the struggle. To his utter shock, he was staring at a being beyond his wildest imagination.

The beast was moving at lighting speed, and vibrating simultaneously. The beast grabbed Suzy and began to tear her to shreds.

Reed yelled, and caught the attention of the beast, who stared at him in a fierce, menacing fashion.

Somehow, Reed managed to crack the beast on the head, supposedly killing it. The creature was about 4-5 feet tall, but had more mature features than its childlike size would indicate.

The creature was wearing a one piece, seamless, black garment, which rejuvenated itself when cut or torn.

Reed, exhausted from the emotional, adrenaline flowing ordeal, rested for a time, contemplating what to do.

After a period of two hours, Reed heard a humming sound in the forest, and followed it until he saw a black obelisk hovering above the ground.

Fighting off heavy, electrostatic laden air, Reed managed to touch the obelisk. Eventually, the humming stopped. He neither saw nor heard anyone... or anything else in the vicinity of the black obelisk.

The doctor was sick, and totally exhausted, but tried to regain his strength. Darkness was drawing near, so Reed wrapped up the alien in a thermo blanket for the long one and a half hour journey back to transportation.

All the while, a thousand thoughts went through his head. Was what he had the discovery of the century? If so, how could he preserve and protect it? Arriving home, he placed the alien in a freezer in his garage. Soon he fell into a deep sleep.

The next day, he went back to the freezer, took out the alien, and all the while manipulating the alien body parts, video taped the creature.

He tried to find some friends to share the experience, but managed only one. He tried to hide his photos and videos with another friend, but the bulk of the evidence was ultimately lost, except for some that he managed to stow away.

Reed claims that he and his friend were followed everywhere they went, their lives threatened, and Reed's house ransacked. The alien, which had miraculously come back to life, was gone. Reed says that he had to live underground for 2 years, and could not get even one UFO group to help him with his story.

He also claims to have been shot during the years following the ordeal. He has spoken before several UFO groups, and written a book on his experience, ''Link--An Extraterrestrial Odyssey''

Just recently, his credibility has suffered greatly. Until Reed can substantiate his claims, he is considered a charlatan and flim flam man. Usually, when you hear a story that is too good to be true, it is. I have been asked many times why my website contains mostly older sightings, and abductions. This is exactly why. See the following letter:


Shawn Atlanti, Founder and former Director of San Diego UFO Society, no longer supports or considers the ''Alien in the Forest Encounter'' or what is known as the Dr. Jonathan Reed story to be real. This story occurred in mid-October 1996 in the Cascade Mtns in Washington state. I became aware of this story on October 21st, 1996, a few weeks later on November 11th, Jonathan Reed and Robert Raith went on the Art Bell Show and told their story, they were both on two later shows in 1998, and I was on another show with them in December of 1999.

There were more allegations against Jonathan Reed that occurred on the Jeff Rense radio program on May 2nd, 2002, in which Royce Myers, Kathleen Anderson, Bill Werner and Denise Charvet appear.

Bill Werner and Denise Charvet knew Jonathan Reed very well before October 1996, Both stated that his real name is Jonathan Bradley Rutter and told about information about his personal history that is contrary to what Jonathan has been stated on radio shows, in public lectures, Websites, etc,

This information is available at the Website, and may be heard in the archive section of the Jeff Rense radio program at This latest information, along with other related problems the last 3 and half years, combined with Jonathan Reed/Rutter unwillingness to have his supposed evidence (video, slides, pictures, etc,) tested at qualified laboratories or facilities and those results made public of the analysis in a printed form. Jonathan Reed/Rutter made a statement just about 3 and half years ago on the first Art Bell show that he would be open to do this. So, I FINALLY made the decision drop my support and belief in the Jonathan Reed story, now really known as Jonathan Bradley Rutter. Shawn Atlanti may reconsider the Jonathan Reed story if all of the following conditions are met:

An investigation of Jonathan Reed/Rutter in what would be termed Police/FBI styled investigation of the following areas.

1. Complete background check of his employment history, education, family, close friends, etc,

2. Proof of the dog known as Suzy in his story through Dog Licenses veterinarian records, etc.

3. The location/address of the house that Jonathan Reed/Rutter claimed he lived in at the time of this Encounter event, and proof that he rented it from the so-called Larry Arthur, now really known as Larry Sieber, and that Larry Sieber really owned it.

4. Full names of two other characters in his story, Dolly and Gary, so that they or their familles can be contacted and interviewed.

5. As stated before; A complete testing of the supposed evidence from his Encounter experience.(videos, slides, pictures, negatives, etc,). The results of that testing and analysis published in a written form from the laboratory or facility, and the address/phone number of that laboratory/facility, so one is able verify the results.

6. A forensic examination of the supposed gunshot wound in Jonathan Reed/Rutter shoulder by a qualified Doctor/Pathologist, and those results made public.

7. There are probably other areas that need investigation, but these are good for a start.

Many have been claiming the Jonathan Reed story to be a hoax/fraud, and I will now have to agree with them, unless Jonathan Reed/Rutter and his associates can prove the above conditions just listed. I probably should have came to this conclusion a long time ago, but either due own my proclivity to procrastinate, my fascination for conspiracy side of the UFO subject matter, or the gullible side of myself, I have waited this long to make this decision.

Hopefully, in the near future, Jonathan Reed/Rutter will be out of the UFO business and he can try something else, and we can bring a little more sanity to the UFO subject.

Regards to all interested and concerned,

written by: Shawn Atlanti

The Reed website has closed down since I first assembled this article, but at the time of this writing, Summer of 2002, the Reed site carried the following message on the front page.

A note from the webmaster;

Recent allegations have come to light that Jonathan created a false identity. I have received communications this week from Jonathan admitting that he, indeed, created a false identity - Dr. Jonathan Reed. He asserts that he did so in an effort to protect family and friends from the ridicule and harassment associated with cases of this nature. He further asserts that, despite claims to the contrary, the encounter did, in fact, happen.

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